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    1. Welcome back to confirmation biases. Last time, I explained that to avoid confirmation bias, you'd have to view a perspective on both sides. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do.
      So, what did I mean by viewing a perspective on both sides?

      Well, simply put, I meant what I said. You find both proving and disproving evidence of a topic. Well, how do you do this?
      Think of it this way - "Does this evidence give clear evidence that this might be right? If not, is there any counter evidence?"
      If the answer to this is yes, congratulations - You've found sound evidence that does not confirm that your belief is 100% right. At the most, you've most likely only confirmed a very small portion of your claim.

      If the answer to this is no, however, you then look for counter evidence. Counter evidence to see if your not-clear evidence is incorrect.
      Let's use an example, again.

      You're investigating a murder. You have solid evidence that the murderer is a 15-year old child from... I don't know, Kentucky. However, you know that this one piece of evidence doesn't confirm it, and therefore, look for counter-evidence.
      Then, you do find counter-evidence. You find counter-evidence that they're not from Kentucky, and that they're actually from New Jersey. So, you put both of these aside and begin battling out which seems more likely.
      If, however, you can't find a conclusion, then set them aside for later until you find more evidence/counter-evidence. Once you have enough, argue with yourself, then make your case.

      This has been Week One of Logic Lessons with L, stay tuned for Week Two, which we'll be discussing about planning and unplanned executions of... anything.

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      Naruto is know for it's large cast of lovable characters but as of episode 112 of the original series I can definitively say that Rock Lee is easily my favourite character in the series.

      Everything from his positive demeanor, to his underdog background is so very beautifully shounen, he's so very cheesy with his background of fighting back against those who didn't believe in him, finding comfort in Might Guy and rising to become a splendid ninja. But what I think makes him special is just how genuinely sympathetic, yet still endearingly passionate in the face of absolute failure and misfortune he can be.

      An example of what I've expressed comes from his legendary fight against Gaara in the preliminaries before the finals of the Chunin Exams. When he is defeated by Gaara we learn that he will never be able to return to being a shinobi due to the severity of his injuries, this causes Lee to question his future and everything up until this point becuase of his ethos being to never give up and that with hard work even he can become a splendid ninja but in spite of it all he keeps a positive outlook and whole heartedly believes he will one day recover with perseverance.

      Eventually Naruto finds the legendary healer Sanin Tsunade who is famous for her healing capabilities, however she urges Lee to quit being a shinobi due to his only option being life threatening surgery, at this point, desperate for an answer he asks Might Guy what to do, in a highly emotional climax both Lee and Might Guy decide that in order to coninue his dream he must never give up as that is his nindo, his ninja way.

      In the end he displays something so beautifully simple, that passion and perseverance will always pay off and that even in the worst of times we can continue to be better for ourselves and for those we love. Rock Lee is my favourite because he's corny and goofy and simple and so emblematic of what I love about shounen anime.

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    • LonelyPoet

      Help I'm in college and I can't get up!
      th (1).jfif
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    • XII360

      finished drawing that "i swear this isnt a sexual drawing" moment
      ...and it isn't, SEE >.>....

      next up is...
      lets see, i drew Kou, i drew Erik, i can redraw, but i dont have to for Aina
      and i also have art for Sora-chi 
      guess im done drawing one of the main casts
      now i need to re-draw Fei (the pixie leader/fairy god mother)
      i say "re-draw" because...

      i already have a character design of her i did before
      and same as when i did Mimi re-draw, ima do it on her too
      besides, i need her for game im making, sooooo
      after playing a bit on eratohoK
      idk i just feel like playing around a bit there >.<
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    • Lelouch

      Another busy day...
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    • EnviousEnvy

      Had to go to Urgent Care the other day due to my mouth suddenly swelling (and not because of a tooth) and my ears itching really bad. Doctor is guessing it's from a swollen salivary gland. So I'm on meds for that and my ears. On it for 7 days but if it doesn't clear up I have to go back in.
      I hope all it is is the salivary gland and not anything serious...
      · 1 reply
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    • By T-sHz91 · Posted
      Before I start getting into the show, I have not read the webtoons the anime is based on.  Animation's pretty awesome with fast-moving fight scenes and a distinct bold art style. Will be honest: to me, Bam was so bland and uninteresting due to his lack of personality, but Khun and Rak I think made up for that. Soundtrack is decent and the finale (last couple of episodes) was by far the best part of the series: it left the story on such an open/cliffhanger note, it made me want a s
    • By General Chaos · Posted
      It leaves me hungry for more. Definitely funny moments throughout the series. I actually skipped the first 6 episodes at random because I just wanted to see some fancy cooking right away "anime style." Then I never went back to re-watch them 😄. Definitely got hungry all the way through this one, my recommendation, don't watch on an empty stomach. Downside to this show is it takes awhile to get going in between cook-offs, or I'm just impatient 🤔 Overall, would watch again for orgasmic d
    • By kamomesan · Posted
      Adorable little mini-series made to promote conservation efforts at Dо̄go onsen. Hi no Tori characters, redrawn in a modern style, felt at home wiith the mythic history of the hotsprings. Stories went by incredibly quickly, so it felt like a lot of information was glossed over.
    • By kamomesan · Posted
      IN BRIEF: Hi no Tori, or in English, Phoenix is an adaptation of famed mangaka Osamu Tezuka's unfinished work. The series is a collection of 5 short story arcs who are united by brief appearances by the titular Phoenix, and a focus on humanity's progress through difficult transitions. Each arc is 1 - 4 episodes in length, and it is better to watch and absorb a single arc at a time than binge the entire series. The art style and narrative elements can feel a bit dated to the contemporary anime
    • By L Lawliet · Posted
      Alright, let's get this review done. 8 out of 10 stars for me. Let's get more in depth. In the beginning, the show is brilliant. A normal yet brilliant student named Yagami Light finds a "notebook of death" to kill people with. Simple, right? However... He doesn't use it for evil (depending on your views). He does it for the betterment of the world. He starts using the notebook to kill criminals left and right, all across the globe, seemingly by supernatural means. Soon enough, cul
    • By LeiXieSapphire · Posted
      Even though I'm not done watching this, I still adore the friendship of Bam and Khun💙 or maybe cuz i m a fujoshi??..... 
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