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      This is actually a few months old now. The reason I posted this here is because only the most dedicated among us would be willing to listen to over two hours of talk about one particular graphic artist. I actually listened to this one twice to make sure I didn't miss anything.

      Topics Discussed include:

      *Hand-Drawn Animation

      *Pre-2000s Cinema

      *How Gun Culture Influenced Saturday Morning Cartoons During the 80s & 90s

      *Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers

      And More...

      I had never heard of this guy until just recently. He kept extraordinary company though. This guy was personal friends with the best that the synthwave scene has to offer. The guys that were interviewed are right up there with Mitch talentwise. Honestly, I can see a lot of myself in the backstory of this great savant. I highly doubt that I will ever be able to live up to Blood + Chrome but, I will do my part to help carry on his legacy! I will be seeking to make my own AMVs, custom graphics and logos in the future. His loss will not be in vain. Rest in power, great one.


      Blood + Chrome's Stuff:

      Official Website

      youtube channel



    2. Actually pretty annoyed at the moment. My guitar is my pride and joy, and when I was 13 I wrote on it in permanent marker, so of course I began cleaning it, and tried making it look fresh...the marker faded, but hasn't come off. That's the 1st issue...the 2nd issue is that, for over 2 years now I've been wondering why my guitar won't tune right and always sounds a little...off when you play it. Spoiler alert, the strings are rusted..ever since my house fire back in 2020, my family lost a lot, but lucky me, my guitar came out safe...so I thought. 

      The body of the guitar is perfectly fine, no damages other than a few scratches that are barely noticeable, and the DAMN permanent marker...but the strings are a different story. So now me and my family have to invest in some new strings (which cost a pretty penny tbh) and a new will to live. 

      Side Rant
      Did I tell you guys that I lost my amp too? After the fire, it worked perfectly fine. Until one day I was up in my room, I plugged it in, getting ready to see how it sounded with my janky stringed guitar, and then...it started to smoke. Yes, my amp was practically burning itself up on the inside, and I was confused as hell...so it's been sitting outside for over 5 months, destroyed by now from weather damage I suppose...not like it wasn't already broken...

      So not only did I lose my amp, my guitar strings, but my will to live as well. If you don't already know, my guitar is like my child, and to see it damaged like this actually makes me frustrated and disappointed. 
      All I know is that...it's gonna cost some money to get this stuff figured out. 

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