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    1. Hello everyone! 

      Wow, well, I think this blog entry is very much overdue, I apologise greatly for not making a post sooner or ever making that post about the gear or training (if you're interested, feel free to DM me)

      So firstly thank you to everyone for the support! The goal was reached, and all the money was given to MRF!!!! (huge thank you to @Animedragonfor the donations) 

      As for the journey, well,  I'll do my best to talk about it while also keeping it short. 

      I'm afraid I don't remember the dates or times, but I'll do my best!

      So firstly me and my fiancee did this together along with a group of around 25 other students from Ireland.

      We arrived at Dublin airport early, where we met the whole group for the first time (some of us had met at fundraisers but didn't  get to know each other until that moment)

      From there we flew to Doha and then flew into Dar Es Salaam. After a 7-hour bus trip through Tanzania, we arrived at Moshi (a small town near the base of Kilimanjaro), where we would stay the night.

      Waking up early, we headed for Kili, this was a beautiful trip, and honestly, seeing Africa was just honestly one of the most beautiful things in the world, a real eye-opener. 

      Arriving at Kili, we were greeted by some really adorable monkeys at the gate and had to wait a couple of hours for our gear to be unloaded and sorted among the porters. 

      we took the Machame route which is a total of 7 days, 5 up, 2 down.

      We started day 1 through the rainforest which was definitely a very difficult day, we arrived at camp much later than expected and had to use our head torches (Machame Camp)

      Within the first day my fiancee became very sick but managed to push through day 2 towards Shira Camp, which I found quite a pleasant and beautiful walk. Shira Camp was definitely breathtaking. 

      The next day was when the altitude started to get to me, we went up to the Lava Tower for lunch and back down to the Barranco Camp where we would stay the night before tackling the amazing Barranco wall.

      At this point I was getting sick and suffering from some crazy migraines. 

      We woke up nice and early and did the Barranco wall which was for sure the best way to start the day, absolutely love climbing and scrambling up the wall! but I didn't expect the very long walk after towards Barafu camp.

      At Barafu camp we prepared to summit and left at around 1am at night if I remember correctly, this was the most painful and exhausting day of my life, our noses were pumping blood and our brains were foggy, I swear I sleep walked half of it, at every break you just wanted to close your eyes and give up, every step was heavy and painful and it just never ended, there was a sea of headlamps slowly making their way up the mountain and it was dreadful, but finally at around 7am we made it to the top!, at that moment all the pain just vanished, it was a fresh of life, we got our pictures and within 15 minutes were heading down.

      Now if you thought getting up there was hard, coming down was just as bad, it was like a slip and slide of ash! absolutely dreadful experience, me and my fiancee swore to each other that we wouldn't do something like it again (that's a lie now) but we did it, and we were exhausted.

      the two days down was dreadful but we were all looking forward to a shower and a cold Coca-Cola at the bottom, it kept our spirits up. 

      And that's it in summary!

      Now I know there is so much more detail and trust me I will give it, so many stories to tell and so many pictures to share, but I will save that for the next blog post! I just felt I needed to share that it was completed.

      So next post I will share some photos (at least one from each day) and then also some stories and what happened after we got down!

      Buuuut I wanted to make this post because 

      What's next? Well 

      We are thinking either Machu Picchu or Mont Blanc!!!!!!!

      And this time I will do a way better job documenting them with videos!!! 


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      The plans have been set! I'm going to spend two weeks going around Tokyo, Hiroshima, Chiba, and Osaka with my class. I will doing a homestay with four different families as well! I'm super excited! All of the hours I've spent working have paid off, and now my dad only has to chip in 300$ out of the near 4000$ I've saved for this trip! 

      I am a tad bit worried however because the third week I'll be going to Nagoya and staying with my best friend, but I've had trouble getting in contact with her mom. It is confirmed that I'll be staying with them, but I still have to work out the details before I pay my travel agent...

      The last thing is that I've gotten in contact with my manga sensei! Nao Yazawa, the artist of Wedding Peach! I spent two weeks studying under her last time I was in Japan! And before I leave Tokyo on my last day, I've scheduled a lesson with her! Which I'm super excited about because she's an absolute genius in her craft. I've been able to see and touch the physical pages from Wedding Peach and it's insane how talented she is! 

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    • efaardvark

      Oh no!  Ed Stone just died!  Dr. Ed Stone was a former Jet Propulsion Lab director and chief scientist for the Voyager mission.  He was the only scientist to have worked on both the spacecraft that flew closest to the sun and the spacecraft that is furthest from it.  (The Parker Solar Probe occasionally flies so close to the sun that it flies through the upper part of the Sun's "atmosphere".  The Voyager 2 spacecraft, one of two that the mission launched in the 1970s, has left the solar system and is now over 24 billion km / 15B mi from the Sun in interstellar space.)
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    • Tefutakato

      With the release of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest soon, I probably will invest a lot of time in watching it. I love Fairy Tail. I should also mention that I am meeting Natsu’s English voice actor at a convention in July. I’m excited!
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    • efaardvark

      Been super busy this week but I finally got enough of a sit to watch the entire Starship reentry.  Quite a show!  But the vehicle held together and accomplished the mission perfectly.  I'm sure they got plenty of extremely valuable data from the intense reentry portion of the flight envelope, which was pretty much the entire point of the test flight.  Booster did it's thing quite well too.  SpaceX says they might have up to 7 test flights this year, including a ~70-80% chance of an attempted booster catch with the "chopsticks" back at the launch tower!
      I have to add that I am also (almost) equally amazed at the quality and continuity of the real-time video feed.  I am old enough to remember the live video of the Apollo flights.  4k HD all the way through (well, most of the way.. it did cut out for a bit here and there) reentry was amazing.

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