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    1. There is a much memed anime clip going around. You may recognize it below.


      Toho Studio. WIT Studio. (2023). 【荒木哲郎×SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Hata Motohiro】『COLORs』/TOHO animation ミュージックフィルムズ. Youtube.


      If you’ve looked beyond the memes, you might know that this is actually not from an anime series, but a music video for the song COLORs by Sawano Hiroyuki and Hato Motohiro. The anime stylings from the video are recognizable as the work of Toho Studios (Your Name, Jujutsu Kaisen) and WIT Studio (Attack on Titan, Spy x Family).

      If you have not seen the original music video, it is worth a watch and a listen. What I do understand from three and a half minute animation is the dark haired protagonist’s fascination with the iconic pink-haired individual, and some sort of military situation that seems like a mix of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Extinction (2018). I don’t know enough to comment about the exploration of gender that occurs in the music video, but it is another prominent point, and element that many of the memes using the clip focus on. The translated lyrics do not do much more to elucidate the plot of the video, speaking only appreciating a unreachable and transient sense of beauty in another person.


      If you have your own theories on the meaning of the animation and song, I’d love to hear them and I’m sure folks around these parts would too.

    2. Ok, so, I've decided to start a new game of Final Fantasy X before playing X-2. Luckily there's YouTube if I get stuck at all, but since I've got the official HD Remastered strategy guide I might not need to rely on YouTube. Right now I've progressed to the point of the Al Bhed ship that Tidus helps in exchange for a place to stay after Sin transported him to the middle of nowhere. Or seemingly the middle of nowhere at first. I've never actually beaten X or X-2, so I'm hoping to cross that off my bucket list. Tragic story though. I still need to see the end, and I've forgotten a lot of it. That's why I'm restarting it. I'll keep posting my progress as I go trough the story though. Funny thing is I've got 99 Potions already. You just dive until you reach the next screen (underwater above the chain) then swim back up the chain and go back to the ship and the Al Bhed that gives you 3 Potions will give you 3 more. It's probably a glitch, but it'll save a lot of Gil if I just do it that way.

      Right now I'm trying to unlock the Warrior and Slayer Overdrive Modes for Rikku and Tidus, getting Blitz Ace for Tidus, and the sphere levels along the way won't hurt.

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