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    1. So, I've been listening to a lot of music lately . . . and I've been pretty invested in this one group called, FAKE TYPE. These guys are legit, and their music is actually pretty good . . . no, its freaking epic! I highly reccommend anyone that enjoys J-Pop and wants something to get addicted to to listened to the on Youtube: CLICK THIS FOR THEIR PAGE

      Related image

      Fake Type even has some lore behind their characters, and trust me when I tell you that the Lore between Topham Hatt Kyo and Iwasaki Dyes is beautiful and mischievious, I ain't calling no bull bull! 

      I also reccommend Yoh Kamiyama's Yellow and Mafumafu's cover of "Snobbism" . . . those two are pretty epic too!

      Mafumafu -Snobbism Cover

      Yoh Kamiyama - Yellow

    2. I wanted to write a entry this early morning ( 4 AM ish )  to say that it's been quite a mini roller coaster or kiddy ride for me the start of the year. I've lost a member in my family to cancer ( a dog ) and it's been a bit tough for my family and I. However I've been taking it well I think best I can to keep smiling and remembering the good times I had with him and not his last few weeks of being sick.  I feel sad then I don't so much since we all grieve in different ways. I will miss him a lot but I will remember death is yet another journey for us humans and animal we must take someday. So really it's not the end but another beginning again someday. ( how I see it anyway and my opinion )  So it's  been hard in a way for me to remain optimistic working on my mental and physical health lately. I've gotten better more after his passing since it's all I can do, so that's good at least. Some things I've been wanting to get back into as well is happening for me slow also as well. However I am glad I am getting back into them and have been since they always been a passion of mine and something I enjoyed and loved to do. Lastly since I'm not sure what else to share is I hope everyone is doing well lately and it's nice to finally see this place a lot different than it used to be. I'm glad to be back after taking time to take care of myself more. Much love to you all ❤️

      Hobbies of mine I like to get back into or are now:

      ✿ Drawing

      ✿ Animation

      ✿ Pixel making

      ✿ Gaming ( a few games )

      ✿ Studying / Learning more

      ✿ Reading

  • Community Anime Reviews

    • Muco -
      Violet Evergarden

      What do you think about a mannequin wanting to understand love? Let's take aside my biased rate for a moment and dive into this miraculous world. It's great graphics and story telling are certainly out of the ordinary. High Budget = High Quality All of my expectations have been fully satisfied. The story takes place in the early 20th century. Precisely in the aftermath of a war where the main character has been a part of. Unfortunately, the anime ended with a cliffhanger. What happened to the Major was what I asked myself throughout the whole series. Don't google it if you don't want to be spoiled. Violet Evergarden is a bunch of unique stories from people who Violet meets during her journey as an Auto Memories Doll.
    • EnviousEnvy -
      Soul Eater

      Soul Eater is one of my top ten favorite anime and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a series that has action mixed with tons of comedy. Every character has their own quirks and personality. The comedy doesn't take away from the action and the series pretty much sticks to the story instead of running all over the place like a lot of newer anime tends to do. The graphics are done quite well and again it's definitely a unique style of artwork that I don't see in a lot of anime. I will say however, if you watch the anime in the English language (let's face it, there are anime that have been dubbed in multiple languages. Not a lot but there are a few; thus I cannot speak for them), there are some minor mistakes. One noticeably is during an episode later in the series (can't remember which one that it was in but it was quite a bit later in the series) where the female doctor and Dr. Stein are having a conversation on the correct way to make coffee however what they were making was tea, not coffee (the box they were using was clearly labeled "Tea"). So if small things like that don't bother you then you'll definitely like this anime. Anyway, if I would have to choose one thing that makes this anime stand out from the others, it would have to be the artwork, definitely. The characters would be a close second.
    • Ohiotaku -
      Zombieland Saga

      Having finished this series earlier today,  I'm left asking the question "Is the glass half empty or half full?"  The premiere episode made me laugh out loud, but also made it seem likely that it's gimmicky sense of parody wouldn't stay funny through the entire season. In that sense the decision to explore the girls' backstories and personalities was definitely the right decision to extend the life of the series and led to some truly emotional moments (Lily's is the best example but Ai & Junko's as well). Unfortunately, there were too many missed opportunities to develop the characters and story further while there was only one other episode that matched the premiere episode's comedy. Then there's the fact that despite music being a major part of the show, I really didn't care for the songs (with the exception of the truly angelic harmonies of Hikari e While the finale turned out better than I thought it would, it's emphasis on still unanswered questions, when there is no official confirmation of any sort of follow up left me feeling unsatisfied. So  in the end, while it was definitely entertaining and better than the concept behind it led me to believe, it unfortunately felt like it could'a/should'a been even better  
    • Yanushi-Chan -
      Banana Fish

      I haven't fully watched the entire series, but I am in love with Ash x Eiji already! Ash is funny, he's trigger happy, selfless, and at times he's bratty and stubborn. But he's a cute blonde that knows what he wants . . . and clearly that's Eiji! Even the way the two have developed compared to when they first met to later in the series, their development truly pulled away at my heartstrings. Nevertheless, I still need to watch more of it so that I can better grasp the story itself. IRL keeps me from watching episodes completely. Once I watch it completely, I shall return and rate this again.
    • Mysteria -
      Tokyo Ghoul

      It's a neat anime, right up anyone's ally if you like this genre.
    • Mysteria -
      Date A Live

      I can't express how much I enjoyed watching this.
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    • ArchieKun  »  HanaApril

      Hay there how are you doing hope things are going well. 
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    • EnviousEnvy

      Another fricking snowstorm. Dude, I am not answering my phone for anyone this weekend. I'm keeping my butt home where it's safe. Y'all better walk to work or shut it down. This is one of the reasons I want out of this dang state.
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    • XII360

      holy crap
      am i bored
      i got nothing to do
      i mean i could study
      but i also wanna be lazy
      but i dont wanna be lazy...
      and my head is somewhat hurting from all the sh*t im thinking
      ahhhhhhhhhhhhh why do i have to think so much
      why cant i just turn my brain off and be dumb ?! jesus f*ck, just, stop, logic.exe or something ryu-kun ;_;
      obligatory song post tho'
      ...wonder when illusion will make a AAC3, AAC2 was hella fun, soooo (its a r18 eroge-game, so kids, dont ask what it is, couse i aint saying ^_^)
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    • efaardvark

      It is snowing at Goldstone (California desert)!

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    • XII360

      god damn i missed this song, surprised i forgot about it, its a hella neat song
      also, started playing a new gacha game and its called: EPIC 7!

      playing on global server, and got ravi as my first 5 star unit on the selective summon, including achilles (arach healer girl, that i for some reason, call achilles)
      and other guys that are not important enough to mention

      i also, recently got luna, aka "one of the best bae characters in the game, or the "scathatch of epic 7, which, i wont lie
      i kinda like her hair character design, and breasts damage output and speed

      but my main heroine is gonna be ravi, couse
      ravioli ravioli i like my ravi loli

      ...i guess thats all i wanted to say
      aside from what happened today in work, was wierd af to be with girl i confessed, couse she didn't talk to me at all, and seemed pissed at me even, ah, i remember her going to blood bank, and i had to make her go back out couse, of incorrect data, and she seemed pissed at me for doing that
      man, i wanna take that in, but, i cant, work is different from love laif, dont mix those two together boi's, work is work, love is love, shiz different~
      edit: did i forget to mention, that tank is the main hero of my party ?, good now you know, screw the real MC, that tanks the MC now
      tank need his harem too, lmao
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