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    • Soramee_  »  deaaath

      Just seen that you have OniGiri in your favorite games. it was my first MMO RPG ever and one that I really liked. I'm surprised that there is also somebody that has played it on this forum.
      · 0 replies
    • deaaath

      Updated my waifu pic, watchu guys think? Top tier!!
      · 2 replies
    • Soramee_

      Finally... I finally have internet...
      · 0 replies
    • deaaath

      Currently on my last week of school before summer break! This year was a fun rodeo, but I have another year to go before things get SERIOUS 🥳!! The seniors graduated this year, which was a fun thing to witness, can't wait to see myself up on that stage in the year to come! Still debating whether or not I should go to college..
      · 1 reply
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    • By Metro · Posted
      Spirited Away, what can I honestly say to give this justice, one of the many masterpieces of our world and a definite watch for all movie lovers out there, with a heartwarming story and beautiful music this is one of Studio Ghibli's bests. 
    • By Metro · Posted
      Toradora was one of my first introductions into the romantic side of anime, and I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better! The fun loving, innocent and playful love that is depicted in the world full of teens trying to discover their own puppy like crushes is a fun and heart warming watch.  As someone who has come back to watch this anime 3 times now, I always leave with a smile on my face and warm heart.  The only con I could give is that its slow pace can be frustrating
    • By skyCreation · Posted
      One Piece is one of the BIG 3 of anime world for a reason. The versatile characters with their mind-blowing power levels, balanced power system like Haki and devil fruits. Best Shonen world representation. You will find it to versatile to watch as it shows many aspects of real world. To much for you to amaze and main thing is it's still going on. Even after 1000+ episodes you will wish this anime never end. All credits goes to it's writer the GOD ODA.💫 If you want to check where this anime
    • By PROTOTYPE · Posted
      guys this anime is dope I have read yesterday if you really wanna know if I am lying or not try this site https://oke.io/aAvGy
    • By bobwong12345 · Posted
      still my favourite anime and i made a vid so if u like the vid u shoud watch the anime   https://shrinke.me/BhLFV
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