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      "...Ya know, it's kinda strange to think how they change like we do, sat up there, doing whatever stars do... Kinda poetic, dont'cha think?"

      Silence answered him, accompanied solely by the gentle sway of the wind and the drab tones of the crickets he had grown accustomed to during the long nights of restlessness.

      "Heh, you never were one for talkin. Nor where ya ever really one for ramblin...But I can't help myself, not now. How did ya do it, all these years? Go through all-o-that with nothin but a grunt and the odd evil-eye? Heck, I remember when we faced that big-ass bear when I was little, and it took a massive chunk outa your arm, yet ya still managed to scare it off without so-much as a tear on ya face or a curseword or nu'ing..."

      Trailing off, he gently brushed the short, mangled hair beneath his heavily brimmed hat, leaning back against the wasteland floor to stare up into the night sky.

      "...maybe you were just doin it for oll ma. Maybe for me. Heck if I know...."

      Turning his head, he faced the shallow grave beside him, it's loose dirt darker then the rest of the surrounding landscape. The gentle outline of stones surrounding it's borders only disrupted by a small pistol and hat placed beside it, Allong with a bundle of wild-flowers picked that morning.

      With wet eyes and a small, meek smile, he sighed.

      "...I'ma miss you, Pa..."

    1. Recently, I got approval from my security advisors to begin writing on a 1960s era weapons platform.  It will comprise of a single component of what will eventually be my dissertation.  It isn't so much that the platform is sensitive material, rather than I'm just getting in the habit of working with my security guys.  After all, my career is young, and there may be times down the road when I need a more rapid response to an inquiry than "in a few weeks."  

      This past weekend, I wrote up a short writeup on the project for my other blog.  It's pretty standard for me to want to put out as much information as I can on any subject, and this other blog entry was to be an exercise in the examination of research material that was already out there at large.  However, with any kind of research comes the classic problem: narrowing your search.  Lo and behold, two and a half minutes into this exercise, I have several other search queries with several other search terms input in the fields.  

      "We can't talk about X, without talking about Y, and talking about Y doesn't make sense if you don't know about C, and C is part of project D that was designed to replace platform A which predates project M."  But it gets worse: "Project M has three sister projects that were referenced in X, which didn't make it to production and were instead used in project Z which then went on to be O."


      We all like to joke about how this is a meme.  However, in the world of research it is an absolute fact of life.  A coherent thought is what begins here, though you wouldn't notice it if you aren't accustomed to the process.  Why?  Well, it looks like this.  Which is fine and all to a researcher, but the real world isn't interested in X, Y, C, D, A, M, Z, or O.  They want to know A, B, C and/or X, Y, Z.  How they get there is inconsequential to them and the responsibility of the author or presenter.

      So what is a rabbit hole exactly?

      A rabbit hole is the terminology we use to define the path that leads to a "hairball."  A hairball is essentially what that well known meme is depicting - a bunch of lines connecting topics, thoughts, books, papers, research, theses, and commentaries.  You could think of a rabbit hole as a first-draft, or an early stage annotated bibliography, where the hairball is the collection of the topics assembled into a muddled up mess on paper.

      What is the real world practice of this?

      The project that I am working on is on a key-note weapons platform that eventually did go on and get used in the first stage of a modern-day system.  None of those systems are used anymore, which is why the topic was approved.  However, within that line of thought there are over 35,000 independent systems that went into the project, 14,000 contracts, and over 60 different projects that grew from it encompassing over 150,000 systems and contracts combined.  And no, a security review wasn't done over the rest of those.  Sadly that means that while I have the approval for the one, I still don't have the freedom to move around like I should be able to in order to conduct the research as necessary.  So goes the plight of a researcher.

      So too goes the definition of a rabbit hole.  Lucky you, you just read a blog entry on research (of an ambiguous weapons system) on an anime forum.  Sorry tinfoil hatters, there's nothing groundbreaking that will be in here.

  • Community Anime Reviews

    • RyePotatoes -
      Akatsuki no Yona

      Akatsuki no Yona is a Reverse Harem anime that features love, betrayal, and revenge. Three common points that everyone can surely relate to. Right of the bat, the plot is REALLY emphasized so the viewers can pretty much have a number of predictions on what's going to happen next.  It gives you the proper grasp of the anime and surprisingly enough it isn't boring to watch. I could compare it to a vacation wherein you would much enjoy the travel rather than the destination because the destination
    • RyePotatoes -
      Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes

      I tried to watch this anime since I have an interest in Mysteries. Of course it's already taken into account that this anime won't be the typical Detective Conan kind of Mystery genre that carries heavy and ingenious cases. Animation-wise the anime is good. Characters have a well put up background story. The plot was there and it obviously screams slice of life with a dash of mystery. This anime is light-hearted and may be enjoyable for some people that are fond of subtle mystery genres. Th
    • KeilynLocke -
      Zombieland Saga

      When I started this anime, I had already seen a few trailers and clips, so I came in knowing that I already thought of it as oddly cute. I have honestly attempted to watch nearly all of the girls Idol Group anime I've heard about, so I wanted to look into this one as well. I wasn't disappointed initially. I was a little sad when they went down the typical type of path musically, but the show was adorable overall, and the music wasn't bad. I honestly wish that more of the music had followed their
    • Muco -
      Violet Evergarden

      What do you think about a mannequin wanting to understand love? Let's take aside my biased rate for a moment and dive into this miraculous world. It's great graphics and story telling are certainly out of the ordinary. High Budget = High Quality All of my expectations have been fully satisfied. The story takes place in the early 20th century. Precisely in the aftermath of a war where the main character has been a part of. Unfortunately, the anime ended with a cliffhanger. What happened
    • EnviousEnvy -
      Soul Eater

      Soul Eater is one of my top ten favorite anime and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a series that has action mixed with tons of comedy. Every character has their own quirks and personality. The comedy doesn't take away from the action and the series pretty much sticks to the story instead of running all over the place like a lot of newer anime tends to do. The graphics are done quite well and again it's definitely a unique style of artwork that I don't see in a lot of anime. I will sa
    • Ohiotaku -
      Zombieland Saga

      Having finished this series earlier today,  I'm left asking the question "Is the glass half empty or half full?"  The premiere episode made me laugh out loud, but also made it seem likely that it's gimmicky sense of parody wouldn't stay funny through the entire season. In that sense the decision to explore the girls' backstories and personalities was definitely the right decision to extend the life of the series and led to some truly emotional moments (Lily's is the best example but Ai & Jun

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