5 Reasons Why Living In Sword Art Online Would Be Amazing

If you’ve watched Sword Art Online or even heard of it, you most certainly have taken long hours contemplating what life would be like if you lived in Aincrad and how great(or bad) it would be! Well in this list, I decided what would be the five best parts of living in this amazing world!


1. A Better Sense of Purpose

In SAO, everyone has a sense of purpose. Whether that’d be becoming a master chef, a bloodthirsty monster hunter, or just a regular towns-person. Everyone is contributing to pushing those prestigious adventurers through the higher floors while also enjoying life. In the real world we are tasked with many responsibilities that drag us down with how we feel about our lives. In Sword Art Online, many of those responsibilities would be eliminated and would ease our minds. There are so many things you can do in this world, and more importantly, so many more EPIC things you can do! This would spice up life tremendously and motivate us to keep going so we can experience more of the beautiful world.


2. Meeting New Friends Would Be Easier

Let’s face it, it’s difficult making new friends. It’s a hard thing to do that a lot of people underestimate. But in Sword Art Online, this would hardly be an issue! A lot of us probably wouldn’t be as good as Kirito right away and would be forced to make some friends to slay a boss or kill monsters for money. And even if you aren’t that kind of person, you’d be part of amazing small communities in the towns and you’d certainly meet many new people on your way to your job or just out taking a walk! As we know in the world, killing a floor boss gets increasingly difficult the higher the floor level and so do the monsters covering that floor. Forming parties in the world would be essential to keep everyone safe! Guilds would provide great communities that would grow and evolve together. Even the most antisocial person would meet people they’d get along with.


3. A Fresh Start

We all have things in life we wish we could undo. And the worst of those regretful moments were the ones when it changed other people’s perceptions of you in a negative way. You grew as a human being because you’ve learned from that experience but the damage was done. In Sword Art Online, everyone would come with a clean slate. Nobody knows anyone and they have no positive or negative perception of you. They wouldn’t know about your mess ups, only the result of what was learned from them which would be standing right in front of them. You could be whoever you wanted to be without any prejudices. It’s a perfect chance to reinvent yourself!


4. The Skills System

So many of us host skills that we just wish we could see how much we are progressing through a bar or a level or anything besides taking a guess! The great thing about living in SAO would be we could all see noticeable progression in our talents and skills! You would be able to train your skills by just practicing and having fun! You’d be able to learn new skills as you progress to a higher level in that talent! Want to be a chef? Well the more you cook, the higher your level will become and the more easily you’ll be able to cook certain foods! But also it’d be a great system because you get to learn new in-game techniques as well automatically! If you want to become a sword master like Kirito, just practice by killing monsters outside of town and you’ll automatically learn new skills the higher you level that talent! This system is in place for a near countless amount of skills so there would be plenty to do and master while you are in the world and would make progression feel fun!


5. The Little Things

The world of Sword Art Online is a gigantic and beautiful one, filled to the brim with new and exciting things! All of us are equipped with an innate sense of curiosity, so why not explore the vast world and all of its hidden treasures? Or why not explore the ability to taste ingame meals and try out all of the local restaurants’ exotic foods! Or go to festivals and experience a whole new culture! And without a doubt, we’d all get a little lonely so it’d be a great time to pursue that love life we are all after! And just maybe be like Kirito & Asuna and get a home together out in a nice secluded area.



Hello! My name is Geno and I love to write! I usually watch concluded or shorter anime(1-3 seasons) and not much of the 100+ episode ones! I decided to try and combine my two favorite things and write a few pieces here!

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    you could say that about almost anything cause were from earth and were human, so curiosity is a thing, sometimes i wish i was an samurai in middle earth . so yea? lol