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Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!


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    1. Good day to everyone, in this entry I'll be focusing on the behaviour of characters in anime, and how I portrait them, then ask the following question, would people in the real world, having their own lives at risk, do the same? Without further ado, here's the text:


      A popular anime character behaviour is what I call the 'hyperactive lad/lass', and you know what kind of character I'm talking about, this one is always either playing dirty jokes on his/her fellows (with no bad intentions, just for the fun) or always yelling out loud to express any feeling, and that's very common, however I'm not sure if this gets so deep inside a viewer's mind that they reflect this behaviour, have you ever seen someone act like this constantly in real life? I personally haven't, but that's just probably because you know... I prefer to be alone at school and don't pay too much attention to the jerks I see.

      Another popular type of anime character is the jerk (which coincidentaly I just named before), this is the character who's always trying to be the coolest, and superior to the rest, sometimes even the protagonist is a jerk, and though it's hard to admit, it makes the evolution of the character's personality more interesting. So in the end I like how a mean protagonist gets new points of view from its adventures and starts seeing the world in new ways, making them more likely to change for better. *However*! I have never seen this in real life, not in my lifespan so far at least, from my experience, a buttface (because the only insult I use, I'm not used to swear) will remain behaving like the buttface they are for a pretty extended period of time, more than I'd like to admit. This shows that people in real life are mostly just careless about getting into interesting life-trips and trying to empathize with others, why would they after all? All they care for is themself and staying 'trendy and cool' like I said on my entry nº2. In the end, I wish more people were like this for real, and actually evolved mentally into someone respectable.

      I have noticed that in many animes, there's always that *one* character who shows common sense, leadership, generosity and bravery, and in some stories, this is a character who decides to sacrifice themself in order for others (the protagonist in particular) to continue their quest, giving their life in a memorable moment which usually marks an important place in the timeline. This type of character is my favourite, a benevolent in its pure form who would risk anything in order to repel a calamity, or sometimes even to prevent the death of a loved one, but I wonder however, do many people in real life act like this, even if this type of behaviour is supposed to encourage viewers to do follow their steps? Sure, many would say "Yeah of course, I'd do anything for my friends." But that's just talking, the important part of it is actually doing it when the situation arrives, would a friend get in the way of a bullet shot from a gunner in order to absorb the bullet, preventing it to get to the friend behind?

      If I had to answer this last question myself, I wouldn't be sure about it, it would obviously depend on who's the victim, how close I really am to him/her, and if I really deserve to take my own life instead of theirs. I will answer yes however, if the person in question is either X (not giving the real name, but it's someone I consider worthy of living and a very good friend) I would, I'd be willing to give my life, or at least be badly hurt in the place of X. This of course is the case supposing that X did not change into someone I would dislike, in that case of course I wouldn't.


      Since I feel like this is incomplete, I might extend into a second part, but if the readers are satisfied with this, I'll just focus on something else.

    2. I wrote a entry about myself before about who I am as a person now because of the things I've been through, as well chose to live a better life and leave all that negativity behind me. I'm much happier now as a person since I overcame so much and now on the road to recovery to live a somewhat "normal" life like everyone else. It's not easy I will admit and some days I feel low and doubt myself more and more. "Will I ever have a purpose more to society?" "Will I ever be accepted by others?" These questions I ask myself all the time. I'm really not sure what the future holds for me but I know right now at this very moment I have to take my time and focus on one thing at a time, baby steps my father would say. I'm not the most patient person in the world either even though sometimes I can be but more stubborn like my mother and father so it's hard to just wait for things to get better and myself wishing I could get things more accomplished right now. I have a long way to go for somethings in my life to go as planed and just live my life more better. Or better enough to seem somewhat "normal" like everyone else in today's world. Though who the heck is normal anyway? *sighs* Maybe I just meant like "regular" or something like it. I'm not perfect and my life is different from everyone else's, since everyone is different. I wish it was like others though; a person who can go to collage then finish it and do there dream job, a person who can drive and live on there own, a person who has a social life friends and maybe a significant other. Stuff like I wish I had or could do. But my life is different from everyone's ( always has been ) and I only achieved some of that now. I would really like to get m anxiety under control more and me managing it much better so I could work again and also socialize and meet others. But for now its at a slow start again due to two past months of things going on in my life to make it much harder to remain positive and optimistic. But I never gave up and still fighting and pushing through all of it. I do have support from my family and close friends so that's still a good thing in my life.

      But for now I have to not rush things and still continue to work hard to achieve my dreams and living a life I'm proud of and happy with. True, right now I am happy with my life since well I'm alive and still have people in my life that helps me and supports me. Plus I also have made a lot of progress over time and most of all this year, so things are really looking up for me still. Only time will tell now and I just have to keep going and doing my best at it all and keep working hard. I wanted to share this since this is a part of who I am as a person and you shouldn't be ashamed of your self as well even if your life is different for you. Since really everyone has different lives and no one is the same. So just know your not alone in this if you think like myself and you do have a purpose. Everyone will always be different for how the live there life. Be proud your alive and you do have time to achieve what you want to do and don't be sad even if it's a slow process since you will get there. Don't rush things just take it slow and things will work out good for you. Take care everyone and thank you for those who read this or liked it.

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      Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale

      10/10. This movie was amazing, it shattered my expectations and went beyond what I expected; It explained everything very well and it didn't butcher RL-VR, which is what I was afraid it might do. It gave us even more loveable and adorable Kirito X Asuna scenes and it showed us how Sword art itself is still impacting the world in negative ways. I loved this because it shows how truly great Akihiko Kayaba's technology is, his legacy will live on forever. It developed as a film very steadily and very well; I didn't feel like I was missing something or lost while watching the movie. I loved the finale and the battle against the final floor 100 boss of Aincrad, this although did mess with me just a little bit. Kayaba is SAO season 1 said "I was to be the boss that awaited you on floor 100" but then of course Kirito killed him and only his consciousness lived on, but that would mean there would be no boss on floor 100 right? Unless of course Kayaba's mind was still creating things in the game which I suppose would not be impossible and which is a really cool thing to think about. Amazing movie.
    • LegalLoliNobu -
      The Fruit of Grisaia

      Three words.  Read. The. VN.    Actually lemme make that 4.  Read. The. VN. Please.   its an example of a good VN that was animated, then the studio tried to fit all the arcs into a 13 episode clusterfuck, which meant that none of the characters ever got enough screen time, and their developments and attachments that they make in the VN are thrown out the window. Season 2 is worse, so don't even bother. It's a good series, just executed like they wanted it to fail.    Please read the VN. It's really good
    • LegalLoliNobu -
      5 Centimeters Per Second

      Well, if you're coming in blind, then you might not like it. It's a slice of life anime that is literally taking slices of a young boy's life and viewing it. That being said, it isn't the most eventful. If you're a Makoto Shinkai fan like me, you know you're in for some amazing visuals/background, an ending that makes you want to punch a wall, an some bittersweet "life has these kinds of stories too don't they Shinkai?" Moments. I liked it a lot as it's a classic Shinkai-esque story with his amazing graphics and music, and how sound was used to bring out the mood.    For People watching after Your name/Kimi no na wa, it might seem slow and boring. But that's what makes it different and gives it a unique property and quality. I liked a lot. 
    • Hamsloth -
      Golden Time

      This Anime was really memorable..i don't think I'll ever forget watching this <br> so many lessons learned here ~  <br> 1st of all..as an Anime..it tuggles ur Heartstrings of the Romance Atmosphere..by trying to win over a girl that is already in love with someone..in hopes that she'll just forget about the other guy.. The Main Character ( Tada Banri ) goes to College in tokyo ~ in hopes for a fresh new start since losing his memories at an accident  waiting for his Love interest/High School Classmate ( Linda ) to answer his long awaited feelings .. Tada Banri gets bumped/hit by a passing Motorbike and falls off the bridge..barely alive but memory has been erased..or is it ? on his way to college, he meets a school mate ( Yanagisawa Mitsuo ) who is also lost on the way to school..they ended up going together there ~  <br> on the way. stops by Mitsuo's Childhood friend ( Kaga Koko ) who is obsessed with Mitsuo and even followed him there to study too despite not telling her that he was even going there.  <br> After Koko slaps Mitsuo with a Rose.. somehow Tada Banri got dazzled by Koko's beauty which probably is the trigger of how he fell in love with her.. <br> meanwhile while showing how persistent she is at following Mitsuo..with no avail Mitsuo avoiding her.. Tada became sympathetic towards her and approached her hoping they could be friends. although he doesn't help her stalk Mitsuo.  ( Thats pretty much Episode 1 )  <br>   anyway..its pretty good ... i recommend it 9/10  
    • lucifer -
      Attack on Titan Season 2

      It was really an awesome addition but the fact that Levi was not present for most of it SUCKED.
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