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Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!
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    1. Killing Bites is based off of the manga of the same name. People have created human-animal hybrids called jujin, and powerful businesses bet on the outcome of their duels.

      The show wastes no time explaining things and I could wrap up the first half of the episode pretty fast. Hitomi Uzaki, while walking down a street late at night, is forced into a car so that the passengers can have their way with her, but she kills everyone but the driver, Yuuya Nomoto, who didn't know that this was what his friends wanted him to do. He is then told to drive her to a place that turns out to be a graveyard of human bodies, which causes him to flee in terror but he accidentally stumbles upon a open arena for the Killing Bites death matches, here he meets a man by the name of Leo and doesn't question what he might be doing here, but tells him what happened as he pleas for help. Leo tells him that Hitomi is likely a jujin and explains what that is.
      After Yuuya calls him stupid, he transforms into one himself, but Hitomi comes to his rescue and transform himself. The thing about jujin is that male ones are fully covered in fur while female ones only have their limbs and ears change, another thing to note is that she only has her bra and underwear on at this point. In other words, fanservice.

      Now the fight itself is pretty well animated, but apparently their bodies are made out of steel since they can withstand being thrown into cars multiple times but still rip off eachother's appendages with ease. Yuuya is grateful of Hitomi and wants to take her to a hospital so as to get her wounds treated, but she tells him that she can't go there and ends up treating her wounds himself.
      The next day, they go out for pancakes because she wanted some and that is where we are properly introduced to Reiichi Shidoh, who Hitomi has been calling since after they arrived at the graveyard because he wanted her to protect Yuuya, and now says to be his bodyguard. He recites all the information he has about Yuuya, I wonder if he how long it took for him to get it memorized? So Reiichi is the director of Killing Bites and tells him that there are four zaibatsu that still have dominion over japan's economy and they use this death match as a proxy war with each having their own representative, and he further states that he wants him to be the investor for Hitomi and that's why she has to protect him, otherwise she won't be able to participate in any more matches.

      Hitomi acts pretty moe and not like herself at all around Reiichi, she adores him pretty much. After getting into his limo, Reiichi's secretary states how it doesn't make any sense to entrust some random guy with their money and I agree, can't these type of shows come up with better reasons for a character's harem existing?
      When they get back and Yuuya counts the money he received until night falls, Hitomi tells him to go out and buy her some stuff. I'm not sure why she told him to do this when she's supposed to be protecting him, but maybe she realized this and that is why she appeared later.
      On his way back, another jujin appears and flashes him in order to gain the upper hand and force him to talk, do you really expect this show to give a reason why she would need to do this when he didn't even notice her before? And do you expect it to give a reason why she didn't notice Hitomi even though she was right not to her the whole time she was lying in wait to ambush him?

      All in all, this show doesn't have a very good plot, it might not even have very good characters. The action is well animated, but will simply be fast paced and not contain too much logic. This anime is clearly geared towards people who like adult content though, so it won't be enjoyable by people who don't. That's it for now, please be sure to check out my look at Beatless. I will return in a week on february the 4th for my last two impressions, I promised to do Clear Card-hen but unless I can find it somewhere online, I'll likely have to give my impressions on the manga instead unfortunately. Thank you for reading, and have yourself a wonderful day.

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      Hej, allesammans!

      It's been awhile, I was hoping to be on here more consistently than I have been, but my health has had other ideas. Despite winter being my favorite time of the year my illnesses just aren't handling it well. It didn't help that I got both terrible bronchitis and a cold. My asthma has significantly worsened and I'm spending many nights unable to sleep due to constant wheezing. However, it's given me plenty of anime time, at least! Along with rewatching favorites I also watched several for the first time:

      • Code Geass
      • Days
      • Log Horizon
      • Denki-Gai
      • Princess Principal
      • Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero: Washio Sumi Chapter, A Sunny Place, and The Hero Chapter
      • Death Note

      I also finished the autumn season anime I was following, started the winter season, finished my rewatch with my sister of Naruto, and started rewatching Boruto with the same sister (INTJ).

      Speaking of my sisters, today is a snow day and to make it more special I begged my sisters to watch Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) with me. They've been hesitant for a while, especially because we have a list of shows we're trying to watch together. But, the snow put them in a good mood and they agreed! They loved it just as much as I hoped they would, which made me so happy! It quickly became my favorite movie and I've now seen it so many times, I'm happy to finally share it with them.

      Yesterday I started Sound of the Sky, and while I've not had a lot of time to watch it today I have watched a few more episodes and will probably finish it tonight. I'm finding it enchanting! I just loved the first episode and the magical feel of exploring a new village during a festival. The show just gives me good feelings. 

      Anyways, I hope you all are doing well, I look forward to catching up!