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    1. Okay so sorry been away so long. My work keeps me super busy. I have this week off so trying to catch up on stuff I watch and watch new stuff. Okay so I started watching a Netflix original called Sword Gai pretty good has 2 season each 12 episodes long. Cursed weapons give you powers at a cost they can take you over and the weapon basically takes over your body.  Anyway it has some good action and it has it's sad moments. I haven't finished second season yet so I'm not sure how it's going to end. 

      New show called Double Decker super funny kind got the feel of like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Coyote Rag Time Show.  Its super funny but action packed.

      Finished Free! Dive into the Future super upset that it totally ended at a good part and now have to wait 2 freaking yrs for next season.  It says see you in 2020. What kind of bullshit is that!!!!

      Finally I started Darling in the Franxx what a show very interesting. I wanna see where it goes if Hiro survives that crazy girl.


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    • KeilynLocke -
      Mobile Fighter G Gundam

      To be honest, not the greatest gundam ever, but is a very solid mech anime overall. I honestly love the central plot theme that lay outside the Gundam fights, but the character diversity was what drew me in. I love the sheer spectrum of characters throughout, and have to admit, the plot twist were pulled off really well. Good mech anime, a decent casual anime to watch.
    • KeilynLocke -
      Knight's & Magic

      If you like the idea of fusing technology with magic, you'll love this anime. I am saddened by the lack of a second season so far. I loved the characters and the world of this anime. Not perfectly flushed out, but rounded out enough to be highly enjoyable. I love the idea that the Mechs are manufactured using condensed magic and fueled by pure magical energy, so it has that great idea built in. Honestly, it's a very solid and entertaining anime.
    • KeilynLocke -
      Black Clover

      I honestly grinded through the first ten episodes because I liked the feeling that I was getting from some of the characters. Asta, the protag, was honestly grating on my nerves for a while (omg his yells, *shudder*). After I got past that, it's a wonderfully developed world, and the dynamics of the relationships between characters is honestly the best part of this anime. In truth, it kinda feels like a little brother to Fairy Tail. The whole thing just has the same vibe, but is less in your face about the fact that the Magic Knights Squad that Asta joins is more like a family. I found myself drawn in by the bonds Asta forged with everyone, and again felt envious that those friends had total faith and stood behind him like that. But all in all, highly recommended anime.
    • Chanatell -
      Ao Haru Ride

      This anime isn't too bad, it can be repetitive at some points, but well worth the watch. 
    • Chanatell -
      Akatsuki no Yona

      I really like this anime. It has many good qualities, like romance, action, perseverance, and supernatural. My only issue is that Yona at the beginning is very annoying. She's going through a lot at the time, but still. I would definitely read the manga after you've watched the short anime series.  
    • Wedgy -
      First Love Monster

      Hatsukoi Monster is a shoujo rom-com with a quirky twist. The story revolves around a first year high school student, Kaho Nikaido, a wealthy girl who moves into a dormitory away from home to attend school. When the handsome Kanade Takahashi saves her life, she falls head over heels for him and asks him to be her boyfriend. Kanade accepts, under one condition- that she sees him for who he really is, first. The cheese slides off the cracker when she discovers that Kanade is the landlord’s son, and is in grade five. Okay… I can explain. The premise grabbed my attention simply because I could relate (sort of,) as an individual romantically involved with someone with a five-year age gap in between. I was bored, it was a quick watch at only twelve episodes, and I was frankly curious. There wasn’t a single episode I didn’t shout WTF at my screen (some, more than once.) Weird obsession with wieners notwithstanding, its astounding self-awareness and occasional serious moments work to balance out the anime’s remarkably bizarre sense of humour. There was a lot I liked, and a lot I didn’t like about this anime. If you’re the type of person who can loosen up and not overthink things too much, you’d probably enjoy this one. The often clever writing and hilarious antics the characters get into never allow for a dull moment. Despite Kanade and his friends being ridiculously over-developed for their ages (bar for Kazuo, the only normal one,) their personalities and actions are exactly what you would expect from eleven-year old boys. I especially found Ginjiro to be hysterical, as he shamelessly will tell anybody who will listen about his dream of becoming a gynaecologist. The anime cashes in on putting the kids centre-stage by making their misunderstandings go too far. They’re honestly a breath of fresh air to the genre, and though I never got used to it, their teenage appearances tied it all together surprisingly well. Everyone who lives in the dormitory has distinctive traits, some of which are greatly concerning. Kouta, one of her classmates, has a stupefying crush on Kaho which is obvious to everybody but her. Mafuyu is a busty girl who lusts after Kanade’s dad (Shuugo) and has an unhealthy love for smelling his underpants. Arashi is a grad student with no shame in admitting he’s obsessed with cross-dressing little boys. His girlfriend Chiaki, a bold high school girl, somehow tolerates this. The only member of the household who might be somewhat normal is Atsushi Taga, a cold-shouldered college student who turns out to be a bit of a sadist. While all of the above are presented in humorous ways, anybody pausing to think about them as anything more than a gag is going to find themselves feeling awful for laughing about it. Although it can be blamed on the very premise of oversized kids, the anime’s casual usage of paedophilia for sake of comedy and the heavy bag of tropes present were more disturbing to me than funny. Once again, it was the anime’s willingness to acknowledge just how stupid it was that kept me going to the end. The anime doesn’t begin with much of a goal in mind to work toward other than Kaho and Kanade getting to know one another and learning how to make their relationship work. This is because, unlike most romantically inclined anime, they are established as a couple from the very first episode. That doesn’t mean the challenges aren’t there; Kanade is immature and can be very oblivious to what is acceptable and what isn’t, and Kaho struggles not only with how the world will perceive her dating a primary school student, but with her own tendency to just… go along with things. It seems the anime’s goal is to tackle the subject of age gaps, which it does so with notable hyperbole. Some of the messages are well-meant but are delivered in the worst possible way and end up losing their merits. For example, the anime insists that Mafuyu’s addiction to Shuugo’s crotch should be supported ‘because she loves him.’ The same logic is applied to Arashi’s hobby of carrying an expensive camera everywhere with him for the sole intent to snap photos of children. In the real world, that’s the sort of hobby which can land you in prison, and I can’t say I was a fan of how the anime ignored just how wrong that was. What I found most disappointing about this anime was Kaho’s unfortunate lack of personality. From the beginning, we know only that she is a wealthy girl who moved away from home to attend high school. Beyond that, she is not shown to have any likes or dislikes, ambitions, quirks, or hobbies. We never meet her friends and the only family we see is her twenty-nine year-old brother with an unnerving little sister complex. There is the ever-present and boringly typical inner monologue present whenever she has her doubts about something, but it was frustrating to watch her being unable to voice her concerns. I will admit, she did have a couple of moments where she was able to express how she felt to Kanade, often involving how she disapproved of something he did (which, unsurprisingly, was a result of him being too immature to know better.) Otherwise, she spends most of the series just being a follower, doing whatever Kanade wants to do and never telling him what she wants or expects. She is constantly treated poorly by her housemates (especially Taga, who even goes so far as to body shame her in one episode,) but she never stands up for herself and just waits for Kanade to defend her honour, which he isn’t always around to do. Hatsukoi Monster was enormously entertaining, but I felt it could have been so much more. Like Kaho’s severely underdeveloped character, there was a lot missing to this anime which never was touched on, such as Daikoku (her brother,) returning home for unexplained reasons, or a certain encounter between Kazuo and Kouta which never gets resolved. Joji, another oversized kid and Kanade’s cousin, gave the impression that he had a story to tell, but we never got to see it once he was introduced. I won’t hold my breath, but I would welcome a second season if it expanded on the characters more and answered some of the questions left by the end of episode twelve. I would especially like to see Kaho being given some proper development because even though she is the central character, she’s often treated as a mannequin for Kanade and Taga to steal the show.  If you want something funny and different, aren’t looking for a serious story, and can get past the creepy factor, you may enjoy this anime. However, if you’re in the mood for a tasteful shoujo with well-rounded characters and which has a conclusion, don’t expect Hatsukoi Monster to leave you satisfied. 
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    • brycec

      Well, this is annoying. While I was watching a show, my display cut out, and would not turn on, when forcing it to go off by unplugging it.
      Bright side is that I found a good television to replace the display, so I should be back in business soon.
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    • KeyDee

                      In a rather simple high school was where a boy’s story would begin. One day he was walking through the corridors when he bumped into a cute girl with glasses which was his fetish, the only problem was that it was his junior or rather that wasn’t a problem. For the next few months they were hanging out together, even chatting in social media sites such as Fesbook and other platforms. The two grew close and eventually led into a confession made by the girl, the boy was shocked thinking it was just him who felt love towards the girl, and everything went rather awkward the days that had passed, but it seemed like their love would last.
                      One day, they met in a convenience store to stop by for some drinks, the boy then started a conversation.
                      “ Uhh, Maika-chan,” The boy said.
                      “ Ye... yes?” The girl replied.
                      “ I want to tell you something, something I’ve been longing to say for the past few months, I just... didn’t have enough courage to say it until now.” The boy said.
                      “ What is it?” asked the girl.
                      “ It’s just uhh, can you be my girlfrie-“ the boy said.
                      Before the boy could even finish his sentence, the girl was in total shock, she never thought it would come to this, and at this early of a time. The girl couldn’t deny her feelings, she felt the same way and wanted what the same.
                      “ Yes!” the girl answered.           
                      “ Really!? That’s awesome! I have a girlfriend!” the boy said, jumping around the convenience store like some child who was given a Christmas gift. “ Umm, Kitaru-kun, don’t be so loud, you’re embarrassing me..” said the girl eventually blushing in the process.
                      “ I’m sorry Maika-chan,” said the boy. “ I’m just really happy right now, I can’t stop myself.”
                      “ Umm...,” said the girl in a rather shy manner.
                      “ What is it?” asked the boy.
                      “ Uhh.... are you free this Saturday?” asked the girl.
                      “ Oh ho ho, why do you want to know?” said the boy.
                      “ I’m just wondering if you could come with me to the cinemas, like I have a movie I’d like to watch and I mistakenly bought two tickets, and no one else in the family would come with me.” Said the girl.
                      “  Sure! That sounds like fun, and I wouldn’t let go the opportunity to spend with you would I?” the boy replied.
                      The following day, after the alarm went off, Kitaru quickly stood on his two feet and prepared himself for his date with Maika. He ran down the stairs rapidly as if his life was depending on it and caught his mother’s attention.
                      “ Kitaru? What’s the hurry?” asked the mother.
                      “ It’s rather important,” said Kitaru, picking up a bread from the refrigerator and ran towards the door. “ I’m off mom,” said Kitaru.
                      “ Take care!” reminded his mom.
                      When he reached the mall, there Maika chan sat on a bench patiently waiting for Kitaru. Kitaru successfully made it and she was still there though he late.
                      “ You’re late Kitaru-kun!” said Maika then pulling Kitaru’s shoulders into the mall proceeding to the cinema.
                      What Maika wanted to watch was a rom-com about couples who were heir of a ‘prestigious’ mafia group and the traditional Japanese yakuza who were arranged to marry each other on behalf of both organizations’ relationship.
                      “ Oh, it’s that movie!” said Kitaru.
                      They watched the cinema and Kitaru enjoyed the movie which made Maika happy. She leaned her head over to Kitaru’s shoulder and enjoyed the movie alongside him. They were the only people who were watching that movie, so they were alone and Maika was scared of the dark but Kitaru being with her made her feel comfortable.
                       As the movie ended, they both left the cinema room with their hands intertwined. Not long from the cinema Kitaru was attacked and he was bleeding on the floor deliberately holding on to his life as some crazy person devoured his parts starting from his neck.
                      “ Kitaru.... kun?” said Maika.
                      While watching the bloody scene in playing in front of her, she shouted in terror and caused a group of zombies to run towards her and biting her in the process. She continued to shout Kitaru’s name but to no avail, his body was stone cold.
                      “ What?” said a voice and footsteps grew near while the grunts of zombies followed by a gunshot, and bodies falling to the ground.
                      “ Did I just heard those two speaking in Japanese?” said the guy who was carrying a Mosin-Nagant rifle. “ I can’t believe I would find a pair of weebs here in the mall, and worse; a couple.”
                      Andrei Drake, is the main character of this story in this apocalyptic dystopia, he’s stuck in the city and he needs to survive, with only a Mosin-Nagant rifle in his hand.
      Prologue END
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    • Ohiotaku

      I am so sick of hearing how ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ is supposed to be everyone’s favorite Christmas Song 
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    • HAN

      TWITTER - https://twitter.com/TheRater5
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