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    1. It's been a long time since I've written here in my blog. I really write writing and somehow it's my way of venting out my feelings, emotions and especially my frustrations. Speaking of frustrations let's talk about my frustration about cooking. So if you knew me for like quite some time maybe way back December 18 or something I've written this blog about living on my own in college and so here I am today still unable to cook a single grain of rice for dinner. We all have that feeling heroic moments when you just suddenly woke up from an 8-hour slumber induced by no sleep late last night due to a long quiz that never happened caused by your teacher feeling like, "Oh, I'm not gonna give a quiz today just cause I don't want to." and think that you could do everything you want to do cause you think you're the most capable being on earth. So here you were, washing some rice, readying for your first ever cooking show and humming to yourself while putting it over your rice cooker.  You take out your phone taking the most epic picture possible just cause it's your first time cooking rice and its expected in your country to know how to cook rice at the age of 10 and you're already 18 and ambitious enough. You take this little stroll in insta until you smell something burning and this time it's not your hair. It's your nonexistent work of art. You forgot to add in some water and all you had to do was wait for that rice cooker to just say keep warm! 

      So College life is going well for me aside from the fact that I had to buy my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from the Cafeteria. Good job self! You're going to survive it all so come at me life! *notice the potato sarcasm* So if you're having a bad day out there cause you're crush can't notice you, or your being bullied by someone who doesn't really know your true self at school, or you're bored all the time just cause you have all the time in the world and time is your slave or you're just plain frustrated with life's problems and hurdles remember there's a girl out there that is supposedly  expected to capable of cooking rice at the age of 10 and is now 18 but still can't have dinner due to her own clumsiness, negligence plain old stupidity. Don't be too harsh on yourself. We learn from mistakes but for me I think I'm going to learn from youtube since Mum's not here. 😛 

      Keep Breathing~ 

    2. Good day! (It's 22:42, but what gives...)

      Fate tells me today to expose myself. The reason is... well... I've taken strong conscience of some truths, and now I am here to accept everything (at least part of it until I fall asleep).
      Let's see, where to start... How about something light, eh? 

      • First revelation -> This year's Halloween is coming soon, and my costume is so close to be complete, I am ready to announce here with much pride and excitement that I am in fact going to cosplay as none other than Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Koumajou Densetsu.
        Yeh... I'm going to be crossdressing for the first time, and since this appearance (to me) reflects well enough my way of being (just my weird way of thinking, aye?) it's the most special costume to date, for me at least.
      • Remember my last entry where I stated I was growing a second identity? That did not turn out to be an issue. After long hours of introspection, I decided to accept this side of me (which had slightly awoken last year, curiously...) and embrace every bit of it. I am *nearly complete* again, since I'm still on it.
        So, this new part of me is really none other than my dark consciousness. It has all of my dark emotions in it; sadism, vengefulness, hate, and ruthlesness.
        I find it similar to poetry. It's beautiful, isn't it? A duality, light and dark in balance, that's how I want to be, and that's my road from now on.
      • This is something I only talked about with my closest friends. Loyal readers will remember that at some point I talked about how I lost trust in my ex-best friend. Well, it's inevitable to have those memories come back, eh? I do not feel any regret, but what does worry me a bit is that our common friends really see me differently now, and they used to be my best friends too. I have gladly found replacements.

      Lastly, I'll finish with this ( ′~‵) :

      • My friends mean everything to me. They are fascinating, and extraordinary, and deserve much more than they have. One thing I will not tolerate is carelesness towards them.
        I declare one thing : Any who will threaten them, will severely regret it, I no longer fear holding back my grudges or stacked up hate over the years. 
        The universe is warned. I am small, I am easy to kill, but what I would do for them would be remembered indefinitely.

        Very special thanks to them, (⌒▽⌒)
        -The inimitable (code names used) :  *My companion of adventures   *My long-time rival and friend   *My real history book   *My flaming flower   *My binary speaker
           *My will to question things   *My instinct   *My shadow



      Done at last. Heck, it's 0:33 now, it took two hours to write this.

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    • EnviousEnvy -
      Attack on Titan

      One of the best anime I have seen in a long time. It feels like more and more anime being released are beginning to center on one thing these days, comedy. I hate to say it but it definitely feels that way. When I seen AoT, it hooked me from the very first episode. It has it's slips of humor but it doesn't lose focus on its story like most seem to do.
    • Beocat -
      Uta no Prince Sama

      This first season of Uta no Prince-sama delivers quite the cast of handsome men weaving a harmony on the screen.  First off, as a Reverse Harem, Uta no Prince-sama is certainly not hurting for men, and there are some strong undercurrents of desire that pump through this series veins.  The story provides a fairly good introduction to the cast.  Haru is a young woman who, inspired by Hayato Ichinose, applies for the school to become a composer, even though she doesn't even know how to read sheet music.  The men all have their own reasons for joining, whether it be a family obligation, the desire to reach true stardom, the desire to recreate one's self, or whatever it may be.  Add to that a few professors of eccentric backgrounds and you have quite the lively show.  Add to that even the rule against idol and composer students dating...you have plenty of romantic tension to boot!   From a Graphics perspective, the colors are bright, even outside of performances at times.  In consideration of the "idol" pursuit, the colors make sense although Haru is the kind of girl who has no pupils.  At first...I thought she was blind...  >_>  Yes, I know that's bad, but literally everyone, girls and guys, had pupils in their eyes!  Apparently, this is just the style that they chose to draw her in.  In a way, those pupil-less eyes actually do help in some ways with being able to project onto her character.  She has emotions and responses, but it is certainly easier to project yourself onto her in the heat of the moment.  So, while the graphical style can be somewhat of a detractant at times, it also carries certain advantages as well.    From a Sound perspective, this anime delivers big.  The songs are J-pop boy band all the way and can be quite addictive at times.  Harmonizing is played up big throughout the series (and in subsequent seasons) so you can expect to hear many songs featuring various characters.  All the songs are in Japanese with English subs (I believe it is a sub only show - not altogether uncommon for a Reverse Harem actually) so if you have trouble with keeping up with a show while reading subs, you are likely going to falter in following this one.   From a Plot perspective, I believe that this particular season has the best plot of the entire series.  While in school, the plot is focused on Haru and the various men getting to know one another through various assignments.  A choice where she is required to pick just one is even forced upon her by the end of the season.  You see the men first brush her off, then become pulled back in by her sincerity and her music, even while they struggle with their own demons and insecurities.  She becomes the glue that binds them in a brotherhood.  Without saying anything more specific to the plot, the focus on this inner circle and their developing feelings towards Haru made this particular season my absolute favorite.   If you enjoy J-pop, K-pop, or music in anime, you won't be disappointed in this Reverse Harem.  As far as Reverse Harems go, I would rate this first season a 10/10 based off of character development and focus.  This season alone would be a good introduction even to Reverse Harems, if you are able to look past Haru's eyes...  If you haven't seen this one yet, put it on your list!
    • Nono -
      Ergo Proxy

      Although hard to understand at times, Ergo Proxy keeps you entertained and has your attention for all 23 episodes. Overall, the show is very dark, in a literal sense,  which adds to the suspense causing you to constantly feel like something is about to happen. The main plot is easy enough to follow, Re-l and Vincent are so different yet alike, they make for a great on screen duo. But there are a couple of philosophical themes explored through the series that really make the show stick with you even long after you've finished watching.  Well worth the watch.
    • Decimo -
      Steins;Gate 0

      I don't really do reviews, so bear with me since this is my first one. (I'm also intending to keep it spoiler free) As a long time fan of the original series since my freshman year of high school, I've always adored Stein;Gate. It's world building, characters, and premise captivated me right from the beginning. It would become one of my favorite series of all time and still is to this today. It would take around seven years for a sequel (mid-sequel) to air after the original show did back in 2011. Many fans, including myself, were excited to see more S;G be animated. As more S;G is never a bad thing right? Well, after completing Steins;Gate 0 I can say with confidence that isn't entirely true. S;G 0 in comparison to the original S;G is unable to reach that highs the original was capable of. It also reaches new lows for the series. One of the biggest issues S;G 0 has is it's writing and pacing. As someone who's played the Visual Novel for 0, I knew that it would be a challenge to adapt and that the writing was already sub-par in comparison to the original to begin with. These issues become clearly apparent when it changed things up from the VN and started creating anime-only scenes and scenarios. This causes events to not make much sense and different plot-lines to be completely disregarded later on in the show. This is also true for a few of the characters.  One of the most glaring examples of this is a character named Reyes. She had a lot more involvement and importance in the VN and while this is indeed the show and not the VN, the show still displays glimpses of her plotting or preparing something of some sort. Yet, never acts upon any of it. It's jarring to show these moments, yet never explain anything about her or other events that are never discussed again. Another was when Okabe and another find this secret facility that seems to have major connections to certain characters. Yet, after that episode it is never discussed or mentioned again. One of the positive points about the show is that the character interactions are done fairly well when done right. It's nice to see Okabe and the rest of the Lab Members interacting with one another, even if the tone is much different in comparison to the original. Introducing characters like Maho and Leskinen was a treat as they brought something new to the table, even if isn't anything groundbreaking (Plus Maho is a Legal Loli, C'mon now.) Another positive is the music, I can't say it's as captivating as the original ost overall, but it get's the job done well when it needs to. However, there are a few tracks that really do stand out and make themselves known which is nice. After looking at the staff, I noticed that the directors of the original series, were not listed in the staff list for S;G 0. This was very apparent from the first couple of episodes due to the camera composition throughout the episodes. Character interactions, scenery shots, and even other scenes all seemed much more generic in comparison to the original show's camera composition. 0 had many simple back and forth shots between characters that weren't nearly as unique in comparison to S;G. I know I am comparing 0 to the original quite a bit, but it's hard to avoid such a thing when the original series set the bar so damn high. Steins;Gate 0 isn't bad by any means, but I wouldn't call it good either. Most of the episodes are just okay and episodes that actually exceeded expectations are far and few (maybe a total of 4 episodes.) If you are a big fan of the original, I recommend that you give 0 a go if you want more Steins;Gate in your life. Just keep your expectations low if possible. If you weren't a fan of the original series, there isn't anything here for you that I would call enticing. TL;DR It's okay, if you like S;G, give it a go. If you didn't, 0 is a pass. 7/10 (I'm too much of a biased fanboy to give it anything less) If this review sucked, lemme know, I'm open to criticism.
    • awesomedude20 -

      I can't even write a proper review of this the way I like to I remember so little. But my memory doesn't fail me where it counts!   Do not watch this anime.   It is garbage. A giant, flaming heap of pretty garbage.   Its redeeming qualities? It looks gorgeous. What makes it bad though? Literally. Everything. Else.   "It's an anime original, so at least it has an ending right?" NO. It doesn't even END. FOR SOME REASON!   Are the characters likeable? No, my favourite character was a chicken that was there for some reason. And as far as character development goes, one of them went for a jog to deal with their emotions and they never came back, some say they're still on the run.   TL;DR: Watch Nagi no Asukara instead.
    • awesomedude20 -
      Senki Zesshou Symphogear

      Senki Zesshou Symphogear. My favourite series of all time. Out of all 330+ anime I've seen, this one comes out on top. Why oh why, does this weird little musical sent down from the heavens by Micheal Bay himself, sit at the top as my favourite anime? Well, read the thing and see why. Spoilers ahead, not that it matters though. Not exactly a plot-heavy show, you can still enjoy it even if you know everything that happens. Story: 6/10 I'll be 100% blunt here, Symphogear's story is pretty crap. It has been done to death time and time again, the MC gets powers that they don't know how to use, then they get better at it, then a big villain appears that threatens the world, and in the end, the good guys win. But the thing is... this anime isn't about the story. It's about how damn cool it can get. So don't even consider this iffy story score, because in every other regard, Symphogear is quite good. The 6/10 is because on top of it's miraculously generic story, it does do a lot of cool things with its own lore, and relates a lot of stuff to mythology quite well. Characters: 9/10 This is where the show begins to shine through. You have a main cast consisting of a variety of tropes that, aside from the main character, don't get used a whole ton. The MC is the usual genki "gotta save people, never do harm" types, but a la Symphogear, it goes nuts and has her one-punch the friendship into things. Coupled with the sheer determination she puts out when the time requires it, despite being the most generic character, she's an easy one to love. The rest of the main cast consists of the cool, silent swordswoman type, who due to her upbringing and the tragic loss of her only friend, literally defines herself as nothing more than a sword, and is just as merciless and deadly. Her progression throughout the show as she gets to know Hibiki is a heartwarming one, and the way she acts is entirely believable. It was an easy trope to force, but they didn't and it wound up working wonders in creating just the right amount of drama for the show. The final character worth mentioning is the angry tsundere, but for once in the existence of all anime, it's a tsundere that has a VERY good reason to act that way. Her parents were killed and she was sold into child sex trafficking when she was young, for 6 whole years, before being rescued by the government. She later ran from them as well. Why? She doesn't trust adults anymore. Her horrific childhood entirely contributes to her lack of manners and quick temper, and overall was an excellent, though very dark, reason for her to act the way she does. Much like the sword, she too undergoes positive change after meeting the main character. Don't think the MC is some godsend though, a lot of the things she does, she doesn't do by herself, extremely suddenly. Most of the characters come to realizations by themselves, perhaps with some assistance from side characters here and there. The MC is more of the driving catalyst for the change. Overall, a 9/10 because despite being a pile of cliches, they work perfectly, and all have very specific roles to perform within the show, all of which are done very well. Always remember: Cliches are not bad, poorly used cliches are bad. Art & Animation: 7.5/10 This one is hard to accurately display with one number due to how I format these things. The art itself? It's pretty meh The animation itself? Well the action scenes are all fantastically well done, better than a lot of shows, however the non-action scenes are comically bad at times. I can honestly say that while the worst examples are REALLY bad, you can't help but just kinda laugh at them. So bad they're good, so to speak. And with the quality of the action scenes, it's rather hard to complain overall, especially considering that this is an action show. Making their action scenes look great while sacrificing random walking animation was a great move on their part, because they made the most important point of the show a serious positive. As for the art itself again though, a lot of backgrounds are actually really well done, with the exception of this one, which has shamelessly copy/pasted trees. Music & Sound: 8.5/10 As per being a music anime, it has good music. Really rather good music. In fact, they have Nana Mizuki as a leading voice actress. As well as Yuuki Aoi. And Ayahi Takagaki. (she has a degree in opera). My point is, this is a music anime filled with all-star voice actresses, two of which sing as a profession and are damn good at it, with the third being a ridiculously popular voice actress that commonly wins awards. Good music. Less rambling though, the musical aspect of Symphogear is not one that a lot of people expect off the bat of hearing that the characters sing as they fight. Many people imagine cutesy j-pop awkwardly overlaid on top of the action and they hiss and skitter away, then I have to drag them back again. BUT in reality, the music is far better than that. Not only is every song rather far from typical "pop" music, wherever you may source pop music from in the world, every single song is made specifically for the anime, with lyrics that tie into both the characters, their motivations, and events currently happening in the plot. Here's an example of a rock track, as well as it's accompanying lyrics. And that's just ONE example. Every character in the series has 2, maybe even 3 songs per season. And also just mentioning it, because people love that stuff, this is ENTIRELY the type of show to play its OP during the finale and it's the most hype thing. Really the only flaw with the music is that season 1 wasn't the greatest at putting the music into the fights. It more than did it's job, but there are examples where a character totally shouldn't be singing as well as they are. Yes, they do indeed stop characters from singing as the music continues if they get hit hard enough to knock the wind out of them for example, or if a character throws a hard punch, they'll scream the lyrics into the punch, and so on. They following seasons are much better at doing this, and it entirely becomes a non-issue. As for general sound effects, there's nothing overly fantastic, but they get the job done as well. Everything sounds as it should, all is well timed, no complaints there. Effectiveness: 9/10 Now THIS is why you watch Symphogear. No amount of simple explanations can quite get across just how great this show is at performing what it does. It's extremely aware that it's a dumb fun anime, and it's sticking with that till the bitter end. Simple story? Doesn't matter. Great characters? Only makes the hype flow better. Wonderful music and voice actors? Keep pilin' on the hype. Because Symphogear is an action show. And oh man, does it ever deliver effectively on that front. Even with a terrible budget, they realized their priorities and made the action scenes look amazing, and the amazing cast of voice actors put the passion necessary into the characters to really hit the epic moments home. Symphogear is a show, where you know EXACTLY how it's going to end, and what's going to happen throughout the plot. They are 100% going to beat up the villain and save the day. Would this normally be a problem? Yes. But not here. You won't be saying to yourself "ah man, I know they're gonna win already, what's the point?" because you'll be asking yourself "oh man, how hard are they gonna win next time?" and it's that question that will keep you glued because it does indeed deliver appropriately, consistently. Never watch Symphogear for its story. That's a dumb idea. You wouldn't watch Nichijou for it's plot, and you wouldn't say Death Note is terrible because of it's lack of comedy. You watch Nichijou to roll around laughing because that's what it was meant to do, and you watch Death Note for a serious supernatural mystery. Much like them, you watch Symphogear to watch a peppy teenager punch things so hard they burst into flames, when they entirely have no reason to burst into flames, they only burst into flames because it looks cool. Overall: 8/10 Honestly, I covered the biggest reason in Effectiveness, but I'll recap once more. Symphogear is a fun show. Nothing more, nothing less. If you expect anything that isn't a fun, over-the-top action show, then you're watching the wrong anime. It will deliver greatness to your eyeballs in the form of giant piles of hype, so long as you're in the mindset to accept that that's what the show is like.
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