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    • Muco -
      Violet Evergarden

      What do you think about a mannequin wanting to understand love? Let's take aside my biased rate for a moment and dive into this miraculous world. It's great graphics and story telling are certainly out of the ordinary. High Budget = High Quality All of my expectations have been fully satisfied. The story takes place in the early 20th century. Precisely in the aftermath of a war where the main character has been a part of. Unfortunately, the anime ended with a cliffhanger. What happened
    • EnviousEnvy -
      Soul Eater

      Soul Eater is one of my top ten favorite anime and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a series that has action mixed with tons of comedy. Every character has their own quirks and personality. The comedy doesn't take away from the action and the series pretty much sticks to the story instead of running all over the place like a lot of newer anime tends to do. The graphics are done quite well and again it's definitely a unique style of artwork that I don't see in a lot of anime. I will sa
    • Ohiotaku -
      Zombieland Saga

      Having finished this series earlier today,  I'm left asking the question "Is the glass half empty or half full?"  The premiere episode made me laugh out loud, but also made it seem likely that it's gimmicky sense of parody wouldn't stay funny through the entire season. In that sense the decision to explore the girls' backstories and personalities was definitely the right decision to extend the life of the series and led to some truly emotional moments (Lily's is the best example but Ai & Jun
    • Yanushi-Chan -
      Banana Fish

      I haven't fully watched the entire series, but I am in love with Ash x Eiji already! Ash is funny, he's trigger happy, selfless, and at times he's bratty and stubborn. But he's a cute blonde that knows what he wants . . . and clearly that's Eiji! Even the way the two have developed compared to when they first met to later in the series, their development truly pulled away at my heartstrings. Nevertheless, I still need to watch more of it so that I can better grasp the story itself. IRL keeps me
    • Mysteria -
      Tokyo Ghoul

      It's a neat anime, right up anyone's ally if you like this genre.
    • Mysteria -
      Date A Live

      I can't express how much I enjoyed watching this.
    • Mysteria -
      Black Butler

      Intriguing anime and interesting I watched the series three times
    • Mysteria -

      This is fantastic to me however it wasn't very long in anime.
    • Mysteria -

      This anime is a guarantee trip but it's a good trip.
    • Yanushi-Chan -
      A Silent Voice: The Movie

      This movie makes me cry every time I watch it. It is so beautiful. The characters are relatable, and the movie itself gives an amazing perspective to how people view the world in their own ways. For example, I can relate to Shouya Ishida because I'm the kind of person that likes to block out the world in order to avoid conflict or even conversation. Shouka Nishimiya's positive view on the world reminds me of my sister. Though she isn't deaf like Nishimiya chan, my sister does suffer from a
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    1. Banana Fish

      607    0   
    2. Wolf's Rain

      430    0   
    3. Megalo Box

      455    0   
    4. Black Butler

      186    0   
    5. Akatsuki no Yona

      170    0   
    6. Ao Haru Ride

      190    0   
    7. Blue Exorcist

      98    0   
    8. Chobits

      104    0   
    1. Sword Art Online

      1,029    0   
    2. Your Lie in April

      1,116    0   
    3. Attack on Titan

      703    0   
    4. 5 Centimeters Per Second

      944    0   
    5. Black Bullet

      914    0   
    6. Steins;Gate

      673    0   
    7. Angel Beats

      682    0   
    8. Attack on Titan Season 2

      882    0   
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