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Black Bullet

Black Bullet
Episodes: 13 Start date: End date:


* Based on the light novel series by Kanzaki Shiden.

In the year 2021, mankind was decimated by an epidemic of a parasitical virus named Gastrea; the survivors were forced to live within Monoliths, structures created from Varanium, a metal that is able to subdue the virus. People then discovered the existence of Cursed Children, children born with the Gastrea virus who are able to control it, which gives them superhuman abilities; due to the virus` intervention, however, the Cursed Children could only be female. Groups known as Civil Securities were formed to specialize in fighting against Gastrea; they operated by pairing an Initiator, who is a cursed child, and a Promoter, whose job is to lead the cursed child.

Ten years after the epidemic, Satomi Rentarou, a high school student who is also a Promoter in his childhood friend Tendou Kisara`s Tendou Civil Security, and his Initiator, Aihara Enju, receive a secret mission to prevent the destruction of the Tokyo Area.

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Could've Been Better

Positive Insights:

It has a fresh plot which is very unique to anime viewers. It can also be recommendable to new viewers that are still starting out there. 
The Character Chemistry is also lovable especially Enju and Rentaro
The anime is clearly raining with lolis


The Development and Hype was there at the beginning but as it gradually grew deeper in the story the development kind of runs out of fuel.
The ending is understandable and somewhat hanging (which is a good thing) but the reason why the ending leaves a bad impression for everybody is that the ending was unexplained ahead of time. It can make you wonder what the heck happened, why did it have to end like that, and where exactly did that kind of development grew?

Overall Impression:

Overall Black Bullet is a lovely anime. The plot isn't as cliche as other animes not to mention the lovely chemistry between the two Main Characters. The Opening Song is actually quite catchy too. Development of the characters lacks but it could've be better. 

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I Love It, I Don't.

It was great. I loved it how all the little girls fuss over Rentaro. Espacially Enju and Tina. But if they started at the middle in the beginning, they should've at least explained things a bit more. I had to watch it 6 times to understand the plot.

The Good 
I enjoyed Enju, Tina and the other girls having a liking to Rentaro as soon as they met him. I love it how it has humor in it, which I don\'t find in my fave anime. And the girls are adorable, which are very important to me.

The Bad 
This felt too quick. Like in the middle they\'re gong all nice and slow but then suddenly, BOOM! They have a war and they win, which returns peace to Tokyo Area. Dude. If you want a good anime, at least have a proper ending. I hate some anime because of their endings.

Hope that clears everything up. 🙂

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Something to Kill time with.

Overall, this anime was short and okay to watch. It is one of those situations; where you are looking for something to watch and not put much dedication to. The storyline had potential and so did the characters. Would I recommend it? If you're looking for an easy watch; just to feed your anime crave. Then yes; but if you are looking to binge yourself and become emotionally attached; then this isn't the anime.

The Good 
I enjoyed the whole concept of girls being used as weapons and the rankings system. The various characters introduced were also very fun and interesting to see how they would develop. The relationship between Satomi and Enju was cute as well.

The Bad 
I felt like both the characters and storyline was underdeveloped and rushed. They had a strong start and a decent middle; but in the end it felt rushed and sloppy. Although I considered the relationship between Satomi and Enju was cute; the overall factor of her wanting to marry him and the other girl caring for him. Just felt a bit lolicon to me.

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No real character development

I felt like this would have been an anime that would have benefited from holding off until an adaption. Many times when the source is not done, the anime has to create original content, and if the studio does not have enough money, only have a one cour anime for what could easily be a two cour anime. Black Bullet really suffered from this as it had a lack of character development that could have been prevented from a two cour anime, as well as killing off characters that should have been far superior to the MC.

The Good 
1) Both main characters were likable
2) Good action scenes

The Bad 
1) No real character development
2) Protagonist has obvious plot armor
3) Not enough Midori screen time

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Lost momentum at the end

Mankind is in a war against menacing monsters called the Gastrea. Their only hope is with the help of the Cursed Children who are lolis that are combat enhanced due to being infected with the Gastrea virus themselves. They're paired up with a partner called an Initator.

The battles themselves are really entertaining. The problem is, it felt very rushed. 

I have never read the light novel series but this series reminded me of Shakugan no Shana due the anime also being based off the light novel series, along with also having a wide scope of characters, lots of backstory and final showdown towards the enemy. The thing is, Shana had three 24 episode seasons... whereas Black Bullet only had 13 episodes to cover its backstory.

This unfortunately results in undeveloped characters and some very unmemorable character events. I want to stress though that what was presented was well done, it just felt rushed and really needed more episodes to tell its story.

The Good
Awesome action scenes., many funny scenes involving the adorable Enju!

The Bad
Felt really rushed. Unmemorable ending.

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