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Azumanga Daiou The Animation (2002)

Azumanga Daiou The Animation (2002)
Episodes: 26 Start date: End date:


* Based on the 4-koma manga by Azuma Kiyohiko, originally serialised in Electric Shock Daiou.

A lively group of six high school girls, with colourful personalities, tries to master their daily life at school: there is the gifted 10-year-old Chiyo, the carefree klutz Ayumu, the shy but kind Sakaki, the mischievous Tomo, the short-tempered glasses-wearing Koyomi, and the extroverted tomboy Kagura. Together with their quirky teachers Kurosawa Minamo and Tanizaki Yukari not a day passes without some minor incident occurring.

— written by foo2

Main Characters

Secondary Characters

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This is a slice of life anime that pretty much has everything for a casual watch, or a short binge session. The humor is on point, there's loads of cuteness, and all sorts of subtext of relationships between the characters. Just the normal semi-daily lives of several high school girls and some of their teachers. If you want something fluffy and funny to watch on a short weekend binge, this is a great series do pick up.

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