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Episodes: 13 Start date: End date:


* Based on a mature action seinen manga by Takeda Sun.

Kagaya Shuuichi is an ordinary high school kid in a boring little town. But when a beautiful classmate is caught in a warehouse fire, he discovers a mysterious power: he can transform into a furry dog with an oversized revolver and a zipper down his back. He saves the girl`s life, sharing his secret with her. But she`s searching for the sister who killed her family, and she doesn`t care how degrading it gets: she will use Shuuichi to accomplish her mission...

Source: Kodansha Comics

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Like: Early on fan service with a bit of gore.

Dislike: Leaves the targeted audience wanting more.

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What they basically did in this anime was find a way for a woman to penetrate a man, without it being gay... Despite it being creepy, it was clever and action was good. BUT STILL! very creepy......

Even Spee-I mean, All Might is afraid! | My Hero Academia | Know Your Meme

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