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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket
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After the death of her mother, young Honda Tooru has been secretly living on her own in a tent. Her life changes forever when she stumbles upon the secret of the Souma family, whose land she has been living on. The secret is a curse that changes some members of the family into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex. Now, living with the Souma family, Tooru is in the middle of ancient conflicts between Zodiac rivals as she wears the burden of the Souma family secret. Despite this, the members of the Souma family find peace thanks to the presence of Tooru.

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I actually kinda have a borderline relationship with this series. I love several aspects of it, yet a lot of the dark elements are way too personally familiar these days. I honestly love listening to the theme song on occasion, but I have yet to re-watch the series. There's a lot of cuteness in here, but there's also a lot of emotional trauma explored throughout. So, I do recommend FB, just go in with caution.
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