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* Based on Kakifly`s seinen yonkoma manga series K-ON!, serialised in Manga Time Kirara magazine since 2007.

This is the first year of high school for the four girls, looking for that very special club.

The healthy and energetic Tainaka Ritsu (club president, drums) decides to join the school`s Light Music Club, only to find out that the club is about to be closed — due to the lack of members. Without much ado she drags along her childhood friend, the shy, mature, and sensitive Akiyama Mio (bass). That leaves only two more members, required to keep club from closing. Luckily the gentle, calm, warm, and cute Kotobuki Tsumugi (keyboard) stumbles into the club, only to be "convinced" by the pleading Ritsu to stay. The last member, the easily distracted klutz Hirasawa Yui, can only play castanets, even though the club needs someone on the guitar, but she is "bribed" — with cake — to stay anyway.

Will Yui be able to learn to play the guitar — the special one she just bought and loves so much — before the four girls graduate?

— written by foo2

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Again a top ten and probably top five most I would most recommend. This series was adorable, the songs were great, and I literally have re-watched this show on two separate occasions. GO WATCH IT

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The Music Never Leaves

This was one of my favourite animes, and I can't forget the lovable and quirky Yui. Each character demonstrates a unique and eccentric character, forming the perfect blend for a comedic anime such as K-On! Every season in my opinion was deserved, and overall I couldn't stop crying or laughing at this show.

The Good 
1. Cute anime girls are always a plus! 
2. Story was well spaced and thought out. 
3. Comedy in a school environment! 
4. Adorable character personalities.

The Bad 
1. ..? Bad?

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A Slice of Comedy with a Pinch of Moe

I really loved this anime. Comedy is clearly shown in the anime. I can't stop laughing watching from the beginning until the ending. Characters are very lovable especially Yui which I guess that was loved by almost all of the viewers! The Moe factor was really one of the main reason why the viewers love the anime. The songs were very catchy and good. The story was good and I'm glad to say I didn't got bored while watching this anime. It makes you wait impatiently for the second season.

The Good 
1.) The Characters are really lovable especially Hirasawa Yui.
2.) Music are very catchy and excellent
3.) Humor was CLEARLY found in the anime
4.) The story and plot was great. 
5.) You can really feel through the characters positions and roles
6.) The Moe factor! <3

The Bad 

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