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* Based on the 4-koma online manga by Enokids.

Ever since Kotoura Haruka was a little girl, she was able to read the minds of those surrounding her. And even though this gift may be special, in her life so far it only had devastating results: Her innocent babbling led to the divorce of her parents, who then left her with her grandfather. And in school Haruka loses all her friends, since none of them would or could admit the truths Haruka was able to so easily read in their minds.

Haruka transfers to a new school, but has no hope of finding friends, and thus decides to keep quiet about her ability. That is, until she meets Manabe Yoshihisa, an imaginative slightly perverted boy, who becomes her first true friend, vowing to always stand by her side. Soon the enthusiastic Mifune Yuriko, president of the Paranormal Society (ESP) club, learns of Haruka`s ability and vehemently invites her — literally dragging her off — to join the club. There the club`s only other member, the under-tall, level-headed vice president Muroto Daichi welcomes her. Both Yuriko and Daichi readily accept Haruka... and for the first time she is happy, surrounded by friends, who do not treat her like a freak.

— written by foo2

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I really like this anime , it has a good story and good characters

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It's one of the first anime I ever watched. It really stayed inside me for a good while after so many years. My favourite character is Manabe-kun, which is ridiculously funny in my opinion. The story is also quite touching, and even if it's supernatural, it can defnintely be worth watching to learn one or two life lessons.
Not only that, but I also find common traits between Haruka and myself (though which ones are a secret), with this in mind, very empathic people might very well enjoy this anime.

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