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Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

  • AKA: Nagi no Asukara, 凪のあすから
  • Aired: 10/03/2013
  • Episodes: 26

Long ago, all humans lived beneath the sea. However, some people preferred the surface and abandoned living underwater permanently. As a consequence, they were stripped of their god-given protection called “Ena” which allowed them to breathe underwater. Over time, the rift between the denizens of the sea and of the surface widened, although contact between the two peoples still existed.

Nagi no Asukara follows the story of Hikari Sakishima and Manaka Mukaido, along with their childhood friends Chisaki Hiradaira and Kaname Isaki, who are forced to leave the sea and attend a school on the surface. There, the group also meets Tsumugu Kihara, a fellow student and fisherman who loves the sea.

Hikari and his friends’ lives are bound to change as they have to deal with the deep-seated hatred and discrimination between the people of sea and of the surface, the storms in their personal lives, as well as an impending tempest which may spell doom for all who dwell on the surface.

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It took me like 3 tries to finish this anime. As far as I can remember this anime consists of about 26 episodes or so. For me, the anime had times where it wasn't that consistent in the interesting section thus making it a bit boring in some episodes. I do understand that those happened because the anime likes to explain itself more making it a bit uninteresting but even so I do recommend not skipping any parts of the anime because no matter how uninteresting it may seem it all adds up at the end and creates a bigger impact if watched completely. It's a simple tale about a group of friends and their growing feelings towards each other and a sudden appearance of a mysterious guy in the picture. Will it destroy their friendship or will it lead to an unexpected turn of events that neither one of them had in mind? I think everyone can pretty relate in this anime. The feeling of uncertainty about a certain confession you would like to make towards someone, the feeling of being left behind by your friends, that feeling of chasing someone who is also chasing another someone, that feeling of being torn in choosing between your family and the one you love or just that simple feeling of having friends. It stirs up all your emotions until you can't take it no more.

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Beautiful Original Anime

When I started watching Nagi no Asukara, I didn't know quite to expect. After watching the first episode, I was completely hooked. The opening sequence was wonderful and so beautifully made. The whole People of the Land and People of the Sea rivalry was executed quite nicely. 

This anime made me feel so much emotion. It keeps you guessing who's going to end up with who. To be honest, I was really surprised with some of the outcomes. 

Everything about this anime is beautiful from the music to the character designs to the detail that went into the world under the sea. It's truly a work of art. 

The plot takes unexpected twists that I found delightful and in no way expected. I just can't express how much I love this anime and how beautiful it truly is. 

I would highly recommend this anime!

The Good 
Amazing Music
Original Plot
Amazing characters
Beautiful Artwork
Surprises with how the Romance ends up

The Bad 

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