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Uta no Prince Sama

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  • AKA: Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%
  • Aired: 07/03/2011
  • Episodes: 13

Haruka Nanami, an aspiring composer from the countryside, longs to write music for her beloved idol, Hayato Ichinose. Determined to accomplish this goal, she enrolls into Saotome Academy, a highly regarded vocational school for the performing arts.

Upon her arrival, Haruka soon learns that everyone on staff, including the headmaster, is either an idol, a composer, or a poet. To top it all off, she is surrounded by incredibly talented future idols and composers, and the competition among the students is fierce; with the possibility of recruitment by the Shining Agency upon graduation, the stakes are incredibly high. As she strives to reach her dream at the academy, one fateful night, a series of events lead Haruka to a mysterious man standing in the moonlight, and he seems a bit familiar...

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This first season of Uta no Prince-sama delivers quite the cast of handsome men weaving a harmony on the screen.  First off, as a Reverse Harem, Uta no Prince-sama is certainly not hurting for men, and there are some strong undercurrents of desire that pump through this series veins.  The story provides a fairly good introduction to the cast.  Haru is a young woman who, inspired by Hayato Ichinose, applies for the school to become a composer, even though she doesn't even know how to read sheet music.  The men all have their own reasons for joining, whether it be a family obligation, the desire to reach true stardom, the desire to recreate one's self, or whatever it may be.  Add to that a few professors of eccentric backgrounds and you have quite the lively show.  Add to that even the rule against idol and composer students dating...you have plenty of romantic tension to boot!


From a Graphics perspective, the colors are bright, even outside of performances at times.  In consideration of the "idol" pursuit, the colors make sense although Haru is the kind of girl who has no pupils.  At first...I thought she was blind...  >_>  Yes, I know that's bad, but literally everyone, girls and guys, had pupils in their eyes!  Apparently, this is just the style that they chose to draw her in.  In a way, those pupil-less eyes actually do help in some ways with being able to project onto her character.  She has emotions and responses, but it is certainly easier to project yourself onto her in the heat of the moment.  So, while the graphical style can be somewhat of a detractant at times, it also carries certain advantages as well. 


From a Sound perspective, this anime delivers big.  The songs are J-pop boy band all the way and can be quite addictive at times.  Harmonizing is played up big throughout the series (and in subsequent seasons) so you can expect to hear many songs featuring various characters.  All the songs are in Japanese with English subs (I believe it is a sub only show - not altogether uncommon for a Reverse Harem actually) so if you have trouble with keeping up with a show while reading subs, you are likely going to falter in following this one.


From a Plot perspective, I believe that this particular season has the best plot of the entire series.  While in school, the plot is focused on Haru and the various men getting to know one another through various assignments.  A choice where she is required to pick just one is even forced upon her by the end of the season.  You see the men first brush her off, then become pulled back in by her sincerity and her music, even while they struggle with their own demons and insecurities.  She becomes the glue that binds them in a brotherhood.  Without saying anything more specific to the plot, the focus on this inner circle and their developing feelings towards Haru made this particular season my absolute favorite.


If you enjoy J-pop, K-pop, or music in anime, you won't be disappointed in this Reverse Harem.  As far as Reverse Harems go, I would rate this first season a 10/10 based off of character development and focus.  This season alone would be a good introduction even to Reverse Harems, if you are able to look past Haru's eyes...  If you haven't seen this one yet, put it on your list!

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