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Uta no Prince Sama Legend Star

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  • AKA: Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star
  • Aired: 10/02/2016
  • Episodes: 13

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The anime's story will start where the third season left off, at the competition for who will open the Triple S international sporting event. Raging Entertainment's HE★VENS idol group had hijacked the competition between QUARTET NIGHT and ST☆RISH, causing chaos. However, after the QUARTET NIGHT members suggest a certain idea, the three groups aim toward a new stage, with HE★VENS swearing to get their revenge on the other two groups.

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Well, I think it's time I called it.  This anime has officially gone from a strong reverse harem....to a Bromance.  Yep, you read it right.  Haru has become a side character in her own harem anime.  Sad days I tell you, truly sad.  This has been an observation from this season and the last.  Considering it continued in this season, does not bode well for the series as a Reverse Harem.


From a plot standpoint, it was far more enjoyable than the last season and focused mainly on STARISH and HEAVENS idols.  Thankfully, the members of HEAVEN got a personality adjustment and were much more enjoyable to watch (they might've even seemed human!) but as usual, Haruka basically acted as a composition vending machine.  "Give me a soulshaking song" he says.  "Okay." She responds, then a few minutes later delivers, for example.  For a reverse harem lead heroine, she has surprisingly few lines.  In fact, the only "romance" that occurred was in the last few minutes of the final episode (it seemed like an afterthought, like "oh yeah.  We should include her in something, shouldn't we?").  Her most frequent word was "okay" and even those words were few and far inbetween.  How could she be demoted to a side character with zero personality?!  It's all kinds of wrong!


This anime almost entirely centered on the men and their evolving relationships with one another.  It's a Bromance.  In no way did Haru evolve or did their relationship with her evolve and reach new heights.  v_v  The ending opened up an avenue for a fifth season....if she's used as another vending machine, I'll probably drop it during that season.  Still, I'm rating it five stars because it was at least enjoyable to watch, even if it failed at the very heart of what it is meant to do.  Here's hoping the next season improves.


***An afterthought***  Some of the choreography on stage looked...odd.  I really wish they had maybe toned down STARISH's choreography in the climatic concert.  Some of their arms seemed to wave like a rag dolls arms might in a kid's clamped down arm....  Very odd and disconcerting...

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