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  1. As the title states I'm going be doing things differently from now on and do some things that will change myself for the better. I guess you can call it a lifestyle change or sorts so here's whats going to happen. First off I'm going start of by starting and doing the Keto diet program like my parents have started in late December of last year. I have to say it will be good for me plus I have seen with my own eyes changes for my mother the most when she started this diet program last year. She's lost weight and since she has Fibromyalgia and in pain a lot of the time plus no energy to do anything since's she's also tried a lot when doing some things. She has had more energy and feels less pain when being on this diet on what's she's been telling me. No it is not a cure for Fibromyalgia since it is different for everyone who has it but I think this is really good for her since she's had it for some years now. She is also pleased with herself she lost weight as well even though she was never really heavy ( I thought ), just didn't like the weight she was at. So I'm truly happy for her and I've deiced I wanted to try it to also help me lose weight more and get energy to do things plus eat more healthy as well. It's a really BIG thing to deiced on since this diet I read about some things you cannot eat no more and other factors.. But I'm truly and willing to do it since my mother had awesome results from it, plus still having them happen for her. So yes I'm going be starting the Keto diet program and see what it does for me. 

    I have also read some studies if you are on pre diabetic medication  ( Which I am and for many years now, sadly.. ) you can be off it since this diet will help you with that since it has benefits because being on it. I also heard that from a women who does my hair says her friend has been able to be off that medication as well since doing this diet program. So I REALLY want to get off my medication for it and hope it helps me as well, so I don't have to take it no more. I've always wanted to get off that medication and every check up I ever been on the doctors never said I was diabetic so I'm lucky for that but been stuck on the medication since I was at least 14 years old. So if this deit can do that for me then it's worth a try. But I'm not just doing it just for that but to improve my health overall since I'm taking more better care of myself and sadly I used to not care for myself at all in the past growing up. Now since I'm older, wiser, and changed as a young women I want to live life to the fullest and live a healthy lifestyle life from now on. So yeah I want to take care of myself since I do love myself more even though sometimes I think of the past and how I used to be and I don't want to EVER go back to that since I was depressed and ashamed of myself so much.

    I've changed for the better and still have support from my family and others through all my hardships in my life and I've also just got so sick and tired of feeling what I was feeling so I have to say I gave myself tough love and asked myself: " Do I want to be like this the rest of my life and just give up? " and my answer was NO I don't and I want to change and get help. " I " think personally if you truly are wanting to change and get better the first thing to do is ask for help and you wanting to change. You cannot change if you don't want too. ( I think and have heard other people say to me ) Also true it is and can be tough for some people since a lot of people might not have support but really there are people out there that can help you and will since they do care for you. So please do NOT give up if your struggling with hardships in your life. If I can do it and trust me I was really messed up and going through hard shit I have to say then YOU can too. Your NOT alone and please know you ARE loved and people DO care for you, If it's not family or friends. The choice is yours if you truly WANT to change and are sick and tired of how your feeling and the first step is to ask for help and just know there is NO shame in asking for help. ( This is all my opinion of the matter and you DON'T have to listen to me if you don't want too.. just saying what I know of the matter and yes I can be wrong and I'll admit that. since again no one is perfect.. )

    Lastly for my birthday yesterday on the 20th of January. I have to say it was beyond a fantastic day for me. Heck I didn't have a birthday cake at all this year, since really all my wishes have come true and I don't need to wish for anything. So that's good I think at least for me I think, heh. That's pretty much all I wanted to say for this entry so I hope everyone is doing well and as always sending everyone one good and positive vibes your way~ 

  2. Killing Bites is based off of the manga of the same name. People have created human-animal hybrids called jujin, and powerful businesses bet on the outcome of their duels.

    The show wastes no time explaining things and I could wrap up the first half of the episode pretty fast. Hitomi Uzaki, while walking down a street late at night, is forced into a car so that the passengers can have their way with her, but she kills everyone but the driver, Yuuya Nomoto, who didn't know that this was what his friends wanted him to do. He is then told to drive her to a place that turns out to be a graveyard of human bodies, which causes him to flee in terror but he accidentally stumbles upon a open arena for the Killing Bites death matches, here he meets a man by the name of Leo and doesn't question what he might be doing here, but tells him what happened as he pleas for help. Leo tells him that Hitomi is likely a jujin and explains what that is.
    After Yuuya calls him stupid, he transforms into one himself, but Hitomi comes to his rescue and transform himself. The thing about jujin is that male ones are fully covered in fur while female ones only have their limbs and ears change, another thing to note is that she only has her bra and underwear on at this point. In other words, fanservice.

    Now the fight itself is pretty well animated, but apparently their bodies are made out of steel since they can withstand being thrown into cars multiple times but still rip off eachother's appendages with ease. Yuuya is grateful of Hitomi and wants to take her to a hospital so as to get her wounds treated, but she tells him that she can't go there and ends up treating her wounds himself.
    The next day, they go out for pancakes because she wanted some and that is where we are properly introduced to Reiichi Shidoh, who Hitomi has been calling since after they arrived at the graveyard because he wanted her to protect Yuuya, and now says to be his bodyguard. He recites all the information he has about Yuuya, I wonder if he how long it took for him to get it memorized? So Reiichi is the director of Killing Bites and tells him that there are four zaibatsu that still have dominion over japan's economy and they use this death match as a proxy war with each having their own representative, and he further states that he wants him to be the investor for Hitomi and that's why she has to protect him, otherwise she won't be able to participate in any more matches.

    Hitomi acts pretty moe and not like herself at all around Reiichi, she adores him pretty much. After getting into his limo, Reiichi's secretary states how it doesn't make any sense to entrust some random guy with their money and I agree, can't these type of shows come up with better reasons for a character's harem existing?
    When they get back and Yuuya counts the money he received until night falls, Hitomi tells him to go out and buy her some stuff. I'm not sure why she told him to do this when she's supposed to be protecting him, but maybe she realized this and that is why she appeared later.
    On his way back, another jujin appears and flashes him in order to gain the upper hand and force him to talk, do you really expect this show to give a reason why she would need to do this when he didn't even notice her before? And do you expect it to give a reason why she didn't notice Hitomi even though she was right not to her the whole time she was lying in wait to ambush him?

    All in all, this show doesn't have a very good plot, it might not even have very good characters. The action is well animated, but will simply be fast paced and not contain too much logic. This anime is clearly geared towards people who like adult content though, so it won't be enjoyable by people who don't. That's it for now, please be sure to check out my look at Beatless. I will return in a week on february the 4th for my last two impressions, I promised to do Clear Card-hen but unless I can find it somewhere online, I'll likely have to give my impressions on the manga instead unfortunately. Thank you for reading, and have yourself a wonderful day.

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    Hej, allesammans!

    It's been awhile, I was hoping to be on here more consistently than I have been, but my health has had other ideas. Despite winter being my favorite time of the year my illnesses just aren't handling it well. It didn't help that I got both terrible bronchitis and a cold. My asthma has significantly worsened and I'm spending many nights unable to sleep due to constant wheezing. However, it's given me plenty of anime time, at least! Along with rewatching favorites I also watched several for the first time:

    • Code Geass
    • Days
    • Log Horizon
    • Denki-Gai
    • Princess Principal
    • Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero: Washio Sumi Chapter, A Sunny Place, and The Hero Chapter
    • Death Note

    I also finished the autumn season anime I was following, started the winter season, finished my rewatch with my sister of Naruto, and started rewatching Boruto with the same sister (INTJ).

    Speaking of my sisters, today is a snow day and to make it more special I begged my sisters to watch Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) with me. They've been hesitant for a while, especially because we have a list of shows we're trying to watch together. But, the snow put them in a good mood and they agreed! They loved it just as much as I hoped they would, which made me so happy! It quickly became my favorite movie and I've now seen it so many times, I'm happy to finally share it with them.

    Yesterday I started Sound of the Sky, and while I've not had a lot of time to watch it today I have watched a few more episodes and will probably finish it tonight. I'm finding it enchanting! I just loved the first episode and the magical feel of exploring a new village during a festival. The show just gives me good feelings. 

    Anyways, I hope you all are doing well, I look forward to catching up! 


  3. Good day to everyone, in this moment I'm going to share my views on being alone in general, at home, at school, in the street... and what I've learned from my experience.

    Starting off with the basic context, I'm an introvert, I'm not necessarily comfortable with large groups of people I don't know, sometimes it's worse if I do know them and what I think of them is negative, either way, I've learned in the past year how to be by myself. Not going to lie, I used to think that being alone meant that I wasn't good enough to hang out with others, obviously that's stupid, and it's something I contradict every time someone brings me up the subject. When I'm at home, of course I feel more comfortable when I'm alone. I have my own schedule and no one interrupts me or tells me what to do every hour and a half. I can become more independent and more autonomous, that's a large bright side of it. The issue here comes from being alone at school. I just started being truly introverted half-way through the last schoolyear, and I started spending way too much time by myself, and paying more attention to the behaviour of my classmates, I finally noticed I was surrounded by young criminals, and some of them started to believe I was antisocial or that I was probably acting depressed to get attention (which sounds ridiculous knowing how optimistic I am 24/7), this was strange to me, but what could I do about it? It's not like it really bothered me, at least they'd leave me alone to my own business.

    Spending that much time alone I got to know myself deeper and better, I learned who I really was, what I thought about others, what others think about me, how I was feeling like, all that stuff. It's also extremely immersive for I can dive into my imagination while no one bothers (except of course someone comes by somtimes and asks something dumb, slightly breaking my concentration), I make up stories in my mind, I learn from them, I remember them one year later, and I even feel nostalgic about them sometimes. However, recently one of my best friends, the one I used to spend the most time with in the past 3 years all of a sudden began hanging out with a new group of people, I was shocked by it at the beginning, but I just came to the conclusion that someone of that group might be leaving soon and they wanted to spend some time together, but that wasn't the case. I felt my friend was letting go off me, and when he tried to introduce me to the new group, I immediatley felt uncomfortable. A medium group of 5 people I knew of nothing, basically ignoring me, my friend included, I just had nothing to add to their conversations, they were not as I used to conversate with my friend. This made me a bit sad. My friend knows that I'm not into getting that many strangers at once, and less to be with people I don't appreciate, but until today he keeps going every morning to meet with them instead of me as he used to for 3 years. Again, I don't complain about the fact that he left me alone and 'bored', because I don't get 'bored' at all when I'm alone as I've said, it's the exact opposite. What disturbed me is the little consideration he's had lately, even forgetting plans we had made for the following day, plans we had planned weeks ago. This is what really annoyed me.

    But I can't blame him of much, after all he's very extroverted, pretty much the opposite of me, and we're not that alike as I thought we were, I learned that during many introspections. So what I can try to teach you from all this, is to let yourself be bored alone from time to time, it's not unhealthy to be bored sometimes, it can teach you great things, and make your mind clearer. Something which happened to me in my mind and I won't speak about here, happened purely because I started spending ten times as much time alone than in company, and so far I feel much more 'real' and good, as it should be.


    Without  burning your eyes any further, that's where my argument ends.

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    This is not a review. It looks like one I know, but it's not.

    So If you've seen Space Dandy you will probably remember the episode where Dandy's ship is fined for a parking ticket. As a result he has to find other means to register a little alien kid to pay for his ticket.

    This little alien kid(see below)

    5a5c39d14732e_Screenshot(6).thumb.png.97a9fd5d5461d4c79e55d7474b324339.pngThis Is Adelie 












    So Dandy ends up in a sort of fatherly role for this young girl since she's all alone. 

    There's a heartwarming 2 minute montage of their trip. 

    All round this is probably one of my favorite episodes.

    But there's a bit of a problem...

    I was really enjoying this episode, had me feeling all warm and fuzzy. But then... then the ending came. I think Dandy says something pervy like 'you can come see me once you have big tits and curvy hips'. which is fine. That's totally something he'd say. Adelie kinda just scoffs (coz yknow shes used to his shit by now.) What I have a problem with is what she says to herself (/the audience) after that. She basically says she wants to "grow up as fast as she can" so she can be seen as a woman by Dandy... What?






    THEY HAD A BEAUTIFUL PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP WHY DID THEY HAVE TO RUIN THAT??? (Because the author can't write past his own dick)

    Now I remember why normal people cant fucking watch anime. Why's that? you ask. 70% of female characters are fetish tropes that's why(not an accurate estimate). God I'm so sick of this shit, and it's not even the characters themselves. Fetish characters are fine in fetish shows, I know okay I watch that shit. But it's when they shoehorn that shit in where it ain't supposed to be, that really pisses me off. This was the first time we got to see Dandy be sincere and genuine. But no it had to be undermined by this crap. It's not like I don't expect something like this from Space Dandy. The show is usually pretty straight forward with It's priorities.

    5a5c596aa290c_Screenshot(7)edit.thumb.png.1235a2847c0af8b73848faf9d8743786.png<<<<(Not from episode 5)
















    It just wasn't the place for it. I was so impressed with the episodes lighthearted maturity because at first I was all like "let me guess this little girl will develop a crush on Dandy" (which I wouldn't be mad at) But instead I was pleasantly surprised by a sophisticated relationship. (or at least more sophisticated than 'Lets mak viewer dik feel gud!') Hell I even felt bad for judging the episode before it had really started. And then the show spat in my fucking face all like 'NAH JK SHE ACTUALLY DOES WANT HIS DICK tehe~'

    What I'm trying to say is Fuck you Space Dandy... fuck you.



    I know I'm overreacting but I'm just mad that it tricked me that's all. Ultimately it was only one line at the end of the episode. It doesn't really affect the overall quality. I'm just so done with this crap. It's especially insulting because the show made it so clear it was a father and daughter relationship.(The show is not subtle about this) Adelie never had a father and so Dandy begins to fill that role for her, if only for a short period of time. Then at the end they just pull this romance bullshit out of their ass to keep the dicks in their audience warm, like no just fuck off Space Dandy.

    And that's about all I have to say. I just thought I'd put this out there since I don't feel like the Kissanime comment section quite understood how I felt.


    Outro: uhh 3 things actually,

    First of all 'Hi'. I'm James. (I know SeaOfRed doesn't quite roll off the brain tongue, so feel free to call me by my name :) )

    Second, content to expect from me in the future includes subjects like: art; anime; games; stories and just life in general.

    Finally I'd like to thank you for reading. Tell me what you did and didn't like and your opinion on the subject.


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    Yesterday I met a man who, while giving me some pennies, started to make some derogatory remarks about the character on the pennies. Now, his camo overalls and other aspects of his appearance led me to assume he was one of many rednecks who live in my area, the majority of which I think are decent people. But after the remark about the pennies I knew this guy was on a whole different level.

    I told him, "That's Abe Lincoln, you know."

    Then he says something like, "Oh, I don't pay any attention to that stuff. It's all stupid!" And goes on to show me a tattoo with 'A' for anarchy. 

    He went on to say justice was for wimps, and after that I stopped paying attention.

    I'm nothing close to a history buff, but I thought knowing the political figures on American currency was basic knowledge for American citizens. 

    I guess I was the stupid one for setting my expectations so high.

  4. You know, I never realized how jealous I am as a writer of other people of the arts.

    Like, I know a lot of people write, and I know people still make books, I know that. I know a lot of people enjoy writing, and I know any people appreciate writing and understand what a task it is to do. But I don't get why it's kind of... pushed aside compared to the other arts. 

    Liike, there's drawing, sculpting, painting - you know, the visual arts where you can see things, and perhaps feel something. You gotta really give it to these guys because it's so hard to blend different colors and find good color schemes.. all that stuff, y'know? And then if it's well drawn, then they get a lot of recognition and positive vibes coming from their classmates and other people. Everyone really recognizes their talents at a glance, and they really get appreciated - which is great, really! The more attention each community gets, the better, right? It's wonderful they get the recognition they deserve. 

    And then there's the preforming arts - you know, music and all that jazz. I'm in this, too, actually! People listen, and if you're good, they congratulate you and give you a lot of support and recognition. If you play in public, a lot of people are amazed you can even play a clean, crisp note. I might have exaggerated that last bit, but you get what I mean. You can write music in your book, or compose in public, and a few people could come up to you and chat you up and say how cool it is to be able to understand music. You can carry books that teaches you how to harmonize well or how to create emotional melodies, and no on really judges you. You can come up with catchy beats that hook people in an instant, or maybe preform and earn a lot of recognition. Again, props to everyone in this community. I know how hard it is to get good at your instrument, and how passionate you gotta be and all that jazz :D 

    And then there's writing. For a while, ever since I started, I always felt below everyone else in the arts community. Sure, I've got my pros, like not having to carry around an instrument or big art supplies to create things- just a small notebook and pen, that's all. And I don't have to deal with people crowding around me when I'm working, which is really good because I like to concentrate. But of course, like every other thing, there are cons. I don't immediately get recognized because writing isn't exactly eye catching, you know? There aren't any colorful things going on, or any soothing music coming out from my ink worn pages, just words on the surface. Nothing to see. And in a way, it's good, and it shouldn't bother me all too much, because why should it, eh? But it does, because you see all these young, very talented visual artists budding and getting a lot of "wows" and "you're os good", and a lot of gifted musicians being praised for their work, and then, you're kind of.. there. Notebook and pen in hand, with a lot of people thinking it's your diary because you don't let anyone read it, hehe. A lot of kids, including my teachers, think it's my own personal diary since I hate it when people touch it, and I'm always writing in it. That shouldn't bother me either, but it gets kind of annoying when you realize that a lot of people in your class think you're super emo and edgy since you've got a "diary" with you at all times, y'know? And when teachers come around and your friend is drawing, they're always congratulating them and saying how good they are, and when they look at me scribbling ideas in my writing journal, they always assume I'm working on homework or classwork, or I'm documenting my feelings for the day. Which is extremely annoying, since they give me that look that says, "Wow, no need to tell us you've got problems, sweetheart."

    I always carry a writing help book with me. They're what they are, books that help you with writing, like creating characters, making good dialogue, all that stuff. I'm young and I want to be able to understand good methods and a good process for writing, so I read them often whenever I can - usually in public. When people ask me what I'm reading, the chuckle a bit and say how stupid it is to be reading a book about writing, how silly it is to read about something that everyone know how to do. Once, when I told a younger kid on the bus what I was reading, he thought I was reading how to have better hand writing, which was really stupid, so now he thinks that I read books that teach me how to perfect script. I get a lot of different reactions from people when I tell them that. A lot of them say it's silly, and it's really bothersome, because how can they just assume that writing is just.. is just an intro, body, and conclusion? How can they think that and expect themselves to be great at writing. I once told a girl I was reading a writing help book, and when I explained to her why I need to read it, she called me stupid because writing was so easy.  She said all you had to do was come. up with a character, a story, a beginning middle and end and that's it. No heart, no nothing. No emotion. When I asked her what about emotion, she said to write whatever the character was feeling, and she added, "No one reads anymore, anyways." 

    And it honestly just pissed me off. Like, how can you say that - how can you say us writers don't need help because "everyone already knows how to write and no one reads anymore"? If a visual artists read a book about how to sketch better or been colors more vibrantly, not a lot of people would tell them they'r stupid for doing it because "everyone already knows how to draw." Like, no, not everyone knows how to draw. Maybe everyone knows how to draw, actually, but no one knows how to draw well. Same goes for writing. Some people like that girl just think they know how to write because they've gotten an A on a creative essay once. And it really bugs me. How can you say that? Writers shouldn't be treated like that. Shouldn't all people in The Arts be treated equally, despite their chosen Art? Why do a lot of people just assume writing is easy - why do they just assume that it doesn't take a lot of effort to write? Why do they think us writers aren't just as good and don't work as much as everyone else? Why do so many people just throw us to the side? We work just as much as everyone else to perfect our craft. We should be treated equally. 

    Why can't writers be recognized for their talents just as quickly as the other people in The Arts? I know everyone else works very hard, I know that. I know there are different pros and cons to each thing, but it's just.. it's so annoying, almost unfair that writers can't get the same recognition as other people. We can't just show anyone our manuscript and ask us to tell us what they think because it'll take too long, or no one would want to read it. Writers only get a handful of compliments here and there because it's just.. Ugh, how do I explain this? Oh, here's an example: 

    I once shoed one of my stories to a younger kid on my bus last year, and she started laughing at it because she thought I was writing about some with long fingers, when I really was just writing about someone weaving and sewing. I've been told that my writing leans toward the more descriptive and 'deeper' side, and I know each person has a different taste, but this same girl started oo-ing and ahh-ing at my artist friend's latest drawing. Her drawings are extremely detailed and intricate, very abstract. Almost like the visual representation of my writing. So it's kind of disheartening hearing that from a little kid, but seeing her run off and praising my friend. I just.. ah, I'm sorry. It's just really bothering. 

    Anyway, those are my thoughts and experiences. I'm not sure if it's just where I am, but that's how I've always been treated. there are of course a select few at my school who don't treat me like that, but you know, majority rules, eh? 


    It's finally 2018! Twelve Months ago it feels like the start of 2017 :P They say we should meet the new year with positive thoughts and positive vibes! :D On my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter my feeds were filled with 2018 New Year Resolutions and I was like "Here we go again!" xD The first day of 2017 didn't really go well for me since my dog died and I've been really depressed ever since. I didn't really picture out any of my dogs dying and this was the first. My mum woke me up on the second day of 2018 and told me the depressing news. She was like, "Dot Died" and I didn't really had the time to refresh my brain and I thought I really accepted it already cause the day before he was already pooping blood and the vets were closed cause it was a national holiday. He was suffering hard and I couldn't do anything and feeling that as an owner is the worst thing ever. I hugged my hotdog pillow once more and stood up. When I saw him lying over his bed with blood and my dad getting ready to put him in this huge black plastic bag and bury him in our yard I started crying and I felt stupid. Really stupid. It was a really dramatic moment for me and it felt a lot more painful than all those breakups. I stayed in bed all day and fell asleep. Funny thing is that I wasn't really ready for the truth cause in the moment I woke up I laughed at the idea and told my mum that I had such a horrible dream. When I was little I hoped my dreams would come true and now I take it back.

    Even if my first few days of 2018 didn't go exactly as planned I still hope this year will still be great! I have a lot of things happening this year and I'm hoping for the best especially for that entrance exams that I am hoping to pass! This year might mean me not watching too much animes as before since I am entering college. I still do hope that I get to watch a lot of animes though. I hope your New Year went fine and will be great! Happy New Year Minna-san and no matter what happens Just keep Breathing! ~


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    helloooo! welcome to my new blog, as you may have already figured out I have no experience in this kind of stuff, but I hope you can enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. as an introduction I'd like to say that I'm a cosplayer and my favourite anime is Charlotte (I'll make a review on that later). I have a normal life but I don't really have anyone to talk about anime (sad I know) I'll try to write something interesting weekly, make reviews and show you stuff I draw. please leave a comment, I would really like to know your opinion about this future blog. !

  6. I'm pretty sure you had a sleepless night at least once in your life. If you didn't and you aren't a dead guy like @Wodahs-oto sama, well, I envy you and you're sure to have a sleepless night tonight. Moving on!

    Sleepless nights are a pain in the butt. When you have a sleepless night and feel sleepy later in the day, well, anyone can get frustrated. Just like I am right now. I feel so sleepy that I'm practically yawning my head off. Anyway, sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. *keeps on repeating "sleepless nights"*

    Moving on!

    The reason people have sleepless nights is mostly because of high sugar intake right before bed or looking at your phone/computer/laptop/tablet computer right before bed. But there are times when you get sleepless nights from tension or when you think about something very...weird. Like sometimes before I go to bed I have a lot of weird thoughts. Sometimes i feel like I am the only on in this world who is real. Everyone and everything else is just an illusion. Whenever I think this way, yelp, hello sleepless nights! But sleepless nights aren't all bad. If you have had a sleepless night at least once in your life you'll be safe from the sleepless night I'll give you!

    So just remember, if you haven't had a sleepless nights even once in your life, I'll make sure to give you one! Always remember, if you can't sleep and are having a sleepless night, just get out of your bed and do something extremely boring. Studies show that you feel sleepy when you do something extremely boring. Oh, and never take sleep pills without a doctor's permission. And one more thing, sleepless nights aren't the same as insomnia. Now, have a very sleepy night! Unless you've never had a sleepless night before, that is...:naughty:

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    Been feeling fine for the most part these past couple days. Nothing has really brought me down lately, sure I do get times where I do feel down but those times are not many nowadays. Nice to have met someone new today and talk all day with them that was fun!

    School's been going well I guess too, kind of being lazy and not doing work which is bad because I won't pass if I don't do any work. Just a bad habit I have, still need to work on my sleeping schedule too that needs to be fixed. Health wise I'm good. 

    I just thought I'd start with something simple before I get into other things. So yeah this is my first blog here. 

  7. Well, here we are again...

    I would like to start this off by simply saying that at times being down really, really sucks. We've all been through it, since its just human nature.

    But tell me why it has to be such a great weight, huh? 

    Now, I always try to stay as positive as I can, but sometimes things get to me. Recently I have been going through some stuff, and in all honesty I just feel unhappy all the time. While its not exactly apparent on the surface, it feels as though there is a little part in the back of my brain that's rotting. Like a nagging doubt and decay.

    Either way, I just tell it to stuff it!

    I'm not giving in to some nagging mournful voice of doubt. I've had this before, and i sure as hell am not having it again!

    Anyway, regardless, the point in this was not for me to complain. In fact, I actually wanted to vent about why I love the anime forums so damn much. 

    Over the, well, I would like to say two years as a a cover, of being on this forum, it has slowly become much like a home to me. Everyone here is like family, and I wouldn't change that for the world. So, thank you so much Optic, and everyone who has been along for the ride. it's wonderful to have such an amazing community, and I look forward to seeing where we all end up in the next few years.

    So yeah, just know that you are all amazing people, and you all deserve to know that. Here, we are family.

    Anyway, like I said, thank you so much for allowing me to feel welcome in such a loving community. Without it, I don't think I would be as happy as I always am now ^w^

    (P.S: Don't worry about me either xD I will be fine in about a month or two. I cant stay unhappy for long. I'm too positive...... xD)

  8. Angle MoonShadow
    Latest Entry

    Hey! Its been awhile! Good news, I passed my finals, and I got my acceptance letters to both colleges I Applied to!

    So HappY!

    Lets go crazy!


  9. The 2017 Summer Anime Season started off strongly, with quite a number of shows that have gained my interest instantly; and quite a number that seem interesting enough to keep watching. So with the number of new releases dying down, I think that this would be the optimal time to get my first impressions of it out.

    As usual, my goal with these kinds of posts are to introduce to you some of the shows that I will be watching this season – for those of you who don’t have time to check all of the premiers out. Moreover, I will be explaining what’s to be expected out of these shows and why I like them in the first place, in order help you decide whether or not to check them out.

    This selection was made after viewing, and dropping, around a dozen or so newly released shows. So without further ado, these are the ones that stood out to me.

    Ballroom e Youkoso


    Source: Manga


    A professional dancer named Sengoku rescues Tatara, an introverted third-year middle school student who is being harassed by delinquents. Tatara ends up at Sengoku’s dance studio where he meets Shizuku Hanaoka, a schoolmate he comes to secretly idolize. From this defining moment when Tatara enters the world of dance. Sengoku is a free-spirited, dynamic international dancer who recognizes Tatara’s potential and begins to coach him. Through dance, Tatara meets another schoolmate, a dance prodigy named Kiyoharu. Through these new friendships, Tatara develops a passionate desire to improve as a dancer and be accepted by his peers and rivals, which nurtures his own native talent. And through interaction with Tatara, other dance members are encouraged to take steps to overcome their own challenges and issues.

    Along with Kakegurui, this show probably had the strongest premier this season. The artwork is sharp and expressive while still retaining a very human, and down-to earth feeling; and the characters and story do seem to have a lot of potential. Given, the underdog story has been re-told countless amounts of times before and may be considered overused by some. However, it is still effective (from a storytelling perspective) to get the viewer automatically invested in a character, and is up to the rest of the show to build upon that investment. With Ballroom e Youkoso – I have the confidence that it will do so beautifully.


    Isekai Shokudou


    Source: Light Novel


    At the bottom floor of the building with a dog signboard, in the shopping district near the office street, there lies a cafeteria called “Youshoku no Nekoya,” that has an illustration of a cat on the door. It’s been open for fifty years and has satisfied various salarymen from nearby offices. Despite it being called a Western cuisine cafeteria, it also provides other varieties of menus. For the people of this certain world, it’s their one-and-only special cafeteria.

    There is, however, one secret to “Nekoya.” The cafeteria is closed to the public every Saturday in order to make way for special guests. When a bell rings, customers from different places of birth and races appear who ask for mysterious and delicious dishes. They are actually the same dishes served to the salarymen, but these special guests find them to be more exotic than to what they are used to. As the cafeteria aims to serve masterpieces, it is usually referred as “Isekai Shokudou.”

    This anime is a food anime at heart, but what makes it stand out is the little “twist” of having different entities, from different walks of life taste the delicious food prepared every week. There is just this light-hearted delight from watching other life forms gobble down a scrumptious looking plate of human food. Along with that, we are treated to their backstories, personality, and how they got to the restaurant in the first place.

    If you are looking for something episodic and easily digestible to watch, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up this anime.




    Source: Manga


    Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar curriculum. You see, when you’re the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy, it’s not athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s reading your opponent, the art of the deal. What better way to hone those skills than with a rigorous curriculum of gambling? At Hyakkaou Private Academy, the winners live like kings, and the losers are put through the wringer. But when Yumeko Jabami enrolls, she’s gonna teach these kids what a high roller really looks like!

    There was a lot of hype coming from the manga community even before this anime aired, so I just had to check and see what all the hype was for. And thank god I did, because this anime certainly justifies the excitement people had for it.

    I would recommend this anime to others as a “more condensed and refined version of No Game No Life” as it is able to instil immense amounts of tension, excitement and border-line fear into the viewer in each and every gambling scene. This anime may not be for fans of the more light-hearted genres, since it tends to try and invoke extreme emotions in the viewer through almost devil-like facial expressions the characters often put on, and the growing steaks each time the main character gambles. I am assuming that that the series will have an episodic format of storytelling – with new opponents each and every week, which is awesome, because that means more gambling; and gambling is what this anime excels at.

    Watch the OP, and if you don’t like the show by then, it is safe to say that you may as well just drop it. But if you loved the vibe from the OP – watch on! I know I will most certainly be doing so.


    Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e


    Source: Light Novel


    Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. Koudo Ikusei is a paradise-like school, but the truth is that only the most superior of students receive favorable treatment.

    Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its “inferior” students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. After meeting Horikita Suzune and Kushida Kikyou, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka’s situation begins to change.

    I am usually sceptical when it comes to light novel anime adaptations. Especially light novel anime adaptations that are set in high schools, and are solely about high school life. However, what sets this show apart from the multitude of similar ones is its premise. As a bunch of mismatched, lazy and even naughty students earn their pocket money each month based on the class’s performance as a whole. This is yet another underdog story of students whom have been placed in the lowest ranked class; but the characters are interesting and I enjoy how they play off one another, so I’ll be sticking around to see how the progress.

    “Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e” translates to “Classroom Of The Elite” in English, and I am definitely excited to witness D-class’s transformation into that.

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    Note: Before reading realize there are some spoilers in the second paragraph.

    Nisekoi is an anime that miraculously manages to take a large number of overused anime cliches and surprisingly make them enjoyable for both the new anime fans and the old. The anime takes these cliches and combines them with stunning visuals and animation and brings them to life in a rom-com that surprised me as well as many others.

    Nisekoi is set in a peaceful town where, Ichijou Raku, the son of a Yakuza gang leader, is forced to date a girl whom he has a grudge against for various reasons, because she is the daughter of an enemy gangs leader. They date in order to keep the two rival gangs at bay and maintain the towns peaceful aura. Of course they’re both against it, but, both comply with their fathers wishes and to keep their friends and family, as well as their town, safe. Raku, however, frets over his long lost “wife” whom he had promised to marry years prior, their only connection being held between a key she carries and a lock she gave him. However, after this twist of events in his life, Raku is thrown into a circle of events (arcs), where he manages to unwillingly seduce several more girls, ignorant of the fact each of them loves him (with one exception) while still looking for the holder of the key, his future wife.

    Anyways, this anime has eye catching animation and character designs, and is altogether fluent. Each character has a unique design and an interesting background. The soundtrack of the anime is catchy and the opening’s animation and color is just as, if not more, of an eye catcher as the actual anime, showcasing (however quick some of them might be) all the characters you’ll be introduced too over the course of the anime.

    However, I felt the script was the best part of this anime. As I mentioned earlier, the anime uses an absurd amount of cliches as it’s main source of humor and plot. Normally, an anime like this would go unnoticed by the masses and would most likely be ridiculed by the majority of those who did watch it all the way through. However, Niskoi’s script is well written and these jokes actually seem entertaining, regardless how many times you’ve heard them. The characters and plot are much like the anime’s script; they are cliche and overused. But once again, the writers keen abilities allowed him to write such a cliche, yet alluring script, characters and plot while still managing to entertain a majority of viewers.

    However, at 20 episodes, this anime can stretch itself out at points and most of the content, though funny, is overused. This overuse of cliche jokes can get people who are picky about what they watch upset, causing them to drop it. This anime also lacks a definite ending, as Raku does not pick a girl at the end of the anime whom he has decided to love (which, would be fixed if a third season is introduced).

    So should you watch Nisekoi (False Love)?

    If you’re new to anime or don’t mind watching a harem, go for it. I think you’d enjoy it as Nisekoi is quite a popular (which, for the most part, it deserves) harem and the cast as well as script is lively. However, if you don’t like cliche anime or unoriginal content, Nisekoi is probably not the anime for you as it is entirely comprised of such content, from it’s story to it’s jokes. Nisekoi is also not for people who want a definite ending. So far, the series (anime wise) has not finished (though I believe the manga has) and Raku has not made a decision on what girl to date. If you don’t mind the jokes, but do mind the indecisive ending, read the manga. I haven’t read all of it myself, but from what I have read, it’s just as enjoyable as the anime itself.

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    Since you are reading this article I will assume you are a horror lover like I am. The horror genre in anime and manga can be really good but we come into problems with the lack of content in the genre.

    Anime Horror Recommendations
    Here are some horror anime titles to check out:

    1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni


    If you are a horror lover this is the first show you need to watch. The show has great psychological elements and a mystery to keep you interested in the show until the end. THe show has a second season but only watch it if you enjoyed this one. However viewer be warned: The English Dub is absolute garbage. Do not watch the English Dub.

    2. Parasyte


    While this show focuses more on drama and action I do say that it definitely plays a lot with body horror. The way you see the parasites is absolutely bone shilling at times and is still a decent show all around.

    3. Shiki


    Vampires. This is a show about vampires. The show has a slow start but quickly turns into a gore torn show and it is absolutely awesome. The horror towards the end of the show is really good and with the drama it adds even more to the MANY deaths in the anime.

    4. Tokyo Ghoul (First Season)


    Again we focus on the theme of monsters but this show is more focused on plot and character at first. The horror is nearly there for effect at first but plays well into the show as it goes on. However two disclaimers for the show. Firstly the second season was absolute garbage and was a complete waste of time, don’t watch it. Secondly is that the show is currently censored on most legal streaming sites but an uncensored version is around and I definitely recommend tracking it down.

    5. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


    If you are looking for straight up horror this is it. This show is the finest horror and gore I have seen in the anime medium to date with every scene played to excellent effect. However with great horror you get only an average plot and kind of bland characters. THe show is not perfect but if you are looking for straight up blood, guts, and scares this is the show for you. Plus it is only four episodes so you hav eno excuse.

    Manga Horror Recommendations
    A list of a few horror mangas if you prefer to read your frights:

    1. Uzumaki


    This is considered a must see in the genre. Similar to Parasyte int he fact that it is body horror but Parasyte does not compare. The story is overall very good and the art is f****** scary. However during the later chapters I felt the manga got a little more on the ridiculous side and that may turn off some people so be warned.

    2. Franken Fran


    While focusing more on some comedic qualities this manga is absolutely still scary. It contains some of the best artwork in the genre I have seen and the characters are so much fun. WHile this is not straight up horror you will find moments where you gasp and amy stay up at night thinking about them.

    3. Hideout


    My personal favorite horror manga and it is for a reason. The manga is THE BEST because of its story and art. THe story is very well executed and the art it just adds so much to the story. I really can;t say how much I loved this manga but the only downside to some is that it is very short.

    4. Ibitsu


    This was my introduction to horror manga and if you were to start anywhere I would start here. THis manga plays a lot with talkers and the constant “I am going to get you” kind of plot. However Ibitsu makes the plot work withs some interesting character and an ending that will leave you wondering “Wha tthe f**** did I just read?”.

    5. Doubt


    This manga has the main focus on psychological scenes but the tense atmosphere it creates makes the manga even scarier. I recommend this to people who are scared of the unknown and don’t mind solving abut of a mystery.

    Well those were my recommendations and I have not seen every single show or read every manga. If you felt that I missed something please feel free to comment them and I will be sure to include suggestions that I think should have been on the list.

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    Hey guys, and I was thinking about adding something, reviews!

    It was an ok episode, but has the same beginning, a dorky, clumsy girl trying to go to school, how about something new?

    The art and quality were fine, and the sound (especially the opening). The opening is beautiful, it’ll make you say: EVERYBODY JUMP, or something similar.

    You can also tell that the villain in this episode is pretty badass. And wait, cure happy, holy light?? She doesn’t look holy to me..
    Seriously tho, she doesn’t look holy.

    Miyuki personally isn’t my type of protagonist, but hey? She a cute, loveable character. And she’s pink, that’s like my favorite color!


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    This is a little idea I came up with a while back.

    I’ve always been able to find my own way as regards to what shows I watch. Sometimes I watch it for the aesthetic (Nisekoi, Anohana, and Lain, all I really enjoy) but sometimes I tend to delve into more unknown animes than the usual Naruto or Dragonball.

    So, here’s how this is going to work.
    I’m going to list off some well known anime titles and I will be recommending other titles for people who have seen them and liked them.

    #1: Death Note/Monster

    Well, this one doesn’t need any kind of explanation.
    Death Note, is by no means a favourite series of mine, but I can see why some people like it. However, there is another series that I have seen compared to Death Note all too often.

    Naoki Urasawa’s masterpiece, ‘Monster’.


    The man you see pictured is probably my favourite villain ever, Johan Liebert.
    ‘Monster’ tells the story of Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese brain surgeon living in Germany. One day, two children are admitted to the hospital he works in after they discover their parents murdered, one of them manages to escape, grows up, and becomes a notorious serial killer. It centres around Tenma trying to catch the killer known as Johan Liebert.

    ‘Monster’ and Johan are known throughout the anime community for being one of the best horror series and arguably one of the best villains anime has ever seen. Guillermo Del Toro, director of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, has shown interest in making it into a TV show or a movie. It has the same aesthetic and it’s a great gateway into deeper, darker anime.

    #2: Clannad/Anohana

    Ever get one of those shows that you thought you didn’t like but then, you re-watch it and you love it? That’s how I felt towards Clannad.
    The animation style was the only thing I didn’t like, the rest of it was amazing, especially After Story!

    However, there is an anime that, it being my favourite, I can recommend for any Clannad fan, that’s because a Clannad fan recommended it to me.

    Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.


    “We found you.”
    Well, this being my favourite anime ever, I can’t help but sing it’s praises.
    Anohana tells the story of Jinta ‘Jintan’ Yadomi, a teenager who is a hikikomori (someone who does nothing but sit in the house, play video games, and watch anime). During Jintan’s childhood years, him and a group of friends (Poppo, Tsuruko, Yukiatsu, Anaru, and most importantly, Menma) formed a gang called the ‘Super Peace Busters!’. The gang was struck by tragedy when their friend Meiko ‘Menma’ Honma passed on.

    10 years later, the gang has grown apart, and Jintan is playing a video game when the ghost of Menma visits him and tells him that she has one final wish. The series centres around the group of friends trying to figure out what that wish is and trying to fulfil it. It is the only anime that has ever made me stop the episode because I had to finish crying. The character development is great (because the story is mostly character driven) and the animation style is beautiful. It’s definitely a 10/10 in my mind but it sadly hasn’t gotten an official release in the UK yet. You can view it on the US Crunchyroll. The similarities to Clannad include dealing with the death of a love one, and friendship. The last episode of Anohana is probably the saddest episode in any anime I’ve ever seen. I ain’t gonna spoil anything, but from episode 4 right up until the end, it’s the saddest anime I’ve ever seen.

    Also, I made the entire character cast on Tomodatchi Life, THAT is how much I love it.


    #4 Sword Art Online/Log Horizon

    Data-base, data-base, just living in the data-base, woah-oh…

    Everyone knows Sword Art Online, however, not everyone likes it, and I can see why. It is very poorly written and the MC is very unlikeable. Which is why I’m saddened to see that shows such as Log Horizon, No Game No Life, and Btooom! are in SAO’s big shadow. Whilst Btooom! and No Game No Life aren’t strictly speaking the same as SAO, Log Horizon is the same, but so much better.
    The premise doesn’t need explaining but I’m going to do it anyway.
    Teenagers and adults alike sign up to play ‘Elder Tale’, a new game. They get stuck in the game and essentially have to try and find their way out of it.

    I’m going to leave it there, because I don’t want to go into too much detail about other shows as Naruto, DBZ, One Piece and Bleach should be easy to find recommendations off.

    Thanks for reading!


  10. I’ve noticed that there’s lots of anime fans who don’t know much about films outside of the anime.I’m sure and know for a fact that not all anime fans are like this but there’s some who do want to broaden their horizons but don’t know where to start.

    So,I thought I’ll make a list of films and compare them to some anime to convince some people to watch.

    Fargo is the first one I’ll talk about because it’s a bit more simplistic.
    PLOT:a down on his luck car sales man hires two criminals to kidnap his wife for money because her father’s well off.then,things go horribly wrong for everyone.

    It’s kind of funny that I compare it to cased closed but it’s the closes thing I could think of.there’s not much similarly between the two but I picked because if you love mystery then this is for you.

    Simply put it’s a really simple crime film.there’s not much “fancy” detective work going on but that only adds to it.since the plot is simple it gives more time to develop the characters and more time to spend learning about the environment the characters are in.the snowy hell and freezing cold weather just adds to the feeling of solidarity.

    Black Cesar belongs to a genre of films called Blaxploitation.it’s a genre that started off somewhere around the 70s and with films like shaft,coffy,and foxy Brown,ect.

    THE PLOT:the plot is very simple it’s about a group of black gangsters rising from the underbelly of new York to become a vicious gang.then,our main lead slowly watches the very same things that gave him his wealth destroy and corrupt everything around him.

    Coffy and foxy Brown both starred the extremely talented Pam Grier and it launched her into superstardom along with other actors in this genre and one of them is FRED WILLIAMSON this movie has other really talented actors but for the sake of simplicity we’ll just talk about him for now.

    Fred Williamson gives a wonderful and powerful performance as a gangster along with the ferocity that comes with being one.I recommend this film because this along with other gangster films of it’s time inspired a look and feel that things like gangsta,baccano,ect have.
    The big fancy Cadillac,clothes,and extravagant lifestyle are exemplified perfectly in this film.the violence subtle but leave impact that never leave your mind.
    d’urville martin is amazing as he plays a corrupt preacher pushing a Mafioso agenda.

    if you’re looking for a badass non-stop action film then look no further.if love the old school style of kung fu that anime like afro samurai and mighty have then you’re in for a treat.

    PLOT:there’s a competition for the best samurai of two villages and they both send thier best warriors to fight.soon enough over the course of the film the two main characters become friends.

    This movie looks and feels like a fight is about to happen.I love kung fu anime but the main problem is it doesn’t look right sometimes because their is no sweating,heavy breathing,the clanging of swords doesn’t sounds or feel right.The dubbing is really damn good too but some might find it cheesy or dumb.I think it’s one of the things that add to the overall atmosphere of a kung fu film.
    I’m not saying that mighty isn’t a great but at some points I thought it could have been better but comparing live action and animated movies on the feel and look isn’t easy.duel to the death along with the other films on this list Inspired me to write this list because it’s not an easy task to compare.

    Duel to Death gets so many things right in the fighting department but does something that’s really hard to do.what’s that you ask? It’s nailing the look.

    Long wide shots before a battle.

    Using environments to set a tone(feeling).

    Damn,choosing between the two was almost f****** impossible so why not both?

    PLOT OF THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN: the year is 1946 and their is a serial killer on the loose in Texas.then,the police send one their best to catch this killer who seem to disappear into night.
    These two films the town that dreaded sundown and the zodiac have two separate elements that make higurashi great.one is suspense and the other is psychology in nature.

    The town that dreaded sundown is down some what like a old style cop show like drag net.if you’re not familiar with the show think of those cop shows that reenact the crime scenes.I choose to call this one suspenseful because it’s a fear of the unexplained and how the film uses narration,low lightning and other techniques to make you afraid.
    The fear comes from the simple fact that the killer is from a small town and that he could be anyone.hell,he’s probably sitting down next door to anyone of us preparing dinner or simply going to bed.

    The zodiac is a movie basically on a real serial killer that called himself the zodiac.he’s still on the loose and has yet to be caught.

    This film is a bit longer than most of the film’s here but I have faith that it’ll grip you and never let go.I’ve said that these two films each have separate elements that I believe made the show great and the other half I mentioned psychological horror.
    While the things that made the film scary where fears of the unknown what makes this just FUCKIN SPOOPY! Is what we do know and facts not adding up.
    The film is very factual in it’s presentation and let’s decided what is true and what isn’t.the film follows the zodiac killer and his unpredictable patterns from taunting the police with notes with riddles and clues to his identity.
    The main draw of the film is the psychology and how it takes a toll on the main characters as they’re partially chasing a ghost.they’re restless pursuit for the truth leads to dead ends,clues that don’t make any factual sense.

    While the film isn’t a futuristic western like tri-gun and some what lean more on the anime coyote rag time their just so much too love.

    PLOT: a young boy watches his family get killed by outlaws and plans his revenge and waiting for the right time to strike!

    One of the things most of the film’s on this list have is a very simple plot compared to the anime that I’m comparing them to.it’s quiet easy to forget the joys that come with a fairly simple plot structure.
    This film is rather old but I hope that doesn’t scare some of you away because it has so much too offer.what made both tri-gun and coyote rag time show great was the vast landscapes and the bizarre and colorful characters.
    The film feels familiar because every character has a gun and a checkered past or an axe to grind.a town full of deceit and crime with the only solution is to bring justice one shell at a time.

    This movie is really dirty in every single way possible.and,yes that way too.

    PLOT:this film takes a looks at the daily lives of soldier’s in the Vietnam war from training to the actual battlefield as the war takes a it’s toll.

    With lines like “This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine.” I felt incredibly dirty and uneasy.I could sit and name numerous things and point out the geniuses of Stanley Kubrick but I won’t.
    From the beginning of the film’s icon opening in a boot camp the soldiers quickly learn that it’s another cog in the war machine and just made to spit out military officers who clearly aren’t ready for the Vietnam war.
    The trauma doesn’t stop there as our main lead finds out about lots of cover ups and fake news reports to lessen the work load and to keep us feeling safe in this losing battle.soon,the soldiers get use to this reality and it’s all they know.

    I hoped you enjoyed the reading I much as I enjoyed writting.also,tell me what you think?

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    After a year of being on here, I’ve noticed that more often than not, that many users might already have an idea on what anime they like, but haven’t a clue when it comes to manga. As such, there are some suggestions listed below based on what you might like:

    Do you like extremely long titles that get released rather frequently, along with a unique Shounen twist in it? If so, you might actually be more interested in Manhwa (Korean manga pretty much). Here are a few titles that you might want to start off with:

    Tower of God

    This is quite an interesting title as there are so many plot twists, and has great fight scenes and character development as well. As many titles that run for a long time, it does start to make quite a few of the characters more generic past around chapter 180 or so.



    The first Manhwa I’ve ever read. It has an excellent blend of adventure and action, and does quite well with world building. Like Tower of God though, it starts to make some characters more generic later on, but sadly, I would say that it does it more so than Tower of God. Ah, and I need to mention, don’t let the artwork at the beginning turn you off, it gets better rather quickly.


    However, maybe a long running action/adventure story really isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for something more relaxing. These few titles are slice of life, and are quite relaxing (and quite cute as well).

    Love So Life

    I’ve only just started reading this one, so I can’t actually say too much about it, but everything about the manga so far is really heartwarming. I think one of the main reasons why I like it so much is the MCs flashbacks are a lot darker than the story itself which helps contrast and explain certain decisions she might make during the present.




    A story about little cat people called Nukos who live with their owner Yuuya and their every day lives. Its a rather short manga as it has very few pages per chapter, and really doesn’t focus too much on character development, but rather just being an extremely cute slice of life.


    Finally, maybe you are looking to read a high school manga, but are tired of cliches that have been done before.


    This is an amazing manga. It starts out quite a bit different from your typical high school setting since the MC is ten years older than everyone else at high school. I found it rather enjoyable, and a bit nostalgic as well, as it does a much better job at creating a high school atmosphere than most other stories do. Not only that, but all of the characters are well developed and have their own realistic problems.


    Well, that’s it for recommendations for now. I’ll probably come around again in a bit and make another list that focuses on supernatural and romance next time. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    As the winter 2016 anime season is starting, multiple new animes are coming out that catch the attention of any type of anime genre viewer. Whether they deserve for you to anxiously wait until they are released in a week’s time is all up to you. This season I have choosen to anxiously wait for the premiere and run of the anime, Dagashi Kashi, literally translating to cheap sweets candy. The premise of this anime follows Shikada Kokonotsu and his father,owner of a rural sweets shop, and his plan for Kokonotsu to take it over one day. However, Kokonotsu drem is to pursue his manga career, to which his father believes is not the best path for his son. One day in the summer, a cute but weird girl Shidare Hotaru,the heir to a famous candy operation, comes to visit the Kokonotsus. Apparently, Kokonotsu’s father is famous and she wants him to join her company. The story of this anime begins to unfold with the contract of Kokonotsu’s father to Hotaru, the only way for him to join her is persuading her son to inherit the family shop.


    So far, the anime has a very captivating plot that although it is masked behind the enormous amount of forced and genuine humor, still reminds you the main objective of this show and this story. The plot doesn’t seem to let go any hint of any romance between any of these characters, but it is possible as many jokes were made about relationships throughout the course of the show. Characters seem to have room for development throught the course of the series.The animations are pretty good and the opening song is cute. As a result I award the story with a 4/5, animation with a 3/5 , characters with a 3/5, sound with a 2/5, and my personal enjoyment 4/5.Giving this anime a 3.75 , rating of watch it and await its release.This is definitely going to follow and await its release. If you enjoy slice of life, and comedic animes check this one out. And even if you don’t still check it out. Tell me your feelings about this anime in the comments.

  11. Hello and welcome to my Kanon 2006 Article! I can’t remember the last time I had enough time to write an Article for Anime Forums. Life has been crazy but it has slowed down for the time being for me. So here I am, back with another Article! This Article will be different from my previous Articles. (if anybody who has read those is still here xP) I will not be doing an episode guide. Instead, I’m going to discuss the main characters of Kanon 2006.

    Do NOT open the spoiler tags unless you’ve already watched Kanon 2006 as they contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

    Aizawa Yuuichi

    kanon-2.png.0fdfb6f97e0f1751d96c42df844cee6a.pngAizawa Yuuichi is the main character of Kanon. He used to visit the city but, after a terrible tragedy, he leaves and doesn’t return for seven years. When he finally goes back, he hardly remembers anything from seven years prior. He lives with his cousin, Nayuki and her mother. As he interacts with the people he met in the past, he slowly starts to regain his memory. Yuuichi is this fun guy who teases all the main girls but he has a good heart and often acts like an older brother and protects them. He does choose a girl towards the end which I’ll discuss later on.

    This whole person going to a city, leaving for seven years and returning with few memories really reminded me of the anime Celestial Method which I absolutely loved so that alone instantly got me hooked on Kanon. I seriously would love to be Yuuichi. All he does is go to school and then wander around talking to beautiful girls xP He’s a really great guy.

    Yuuichi’s Ending

    kanon-3.png.f065cde108dee239d5ad71ad47e60dd5.pngLater on, Yuuichi realizes he is in love with Ayu. They share a kiss. Ayu’s ending occurs and after lots of tears, heartaches and a miracle, they end up together.

    I’m not going to go into this too much since most of it involves Ayu’s route and I’m going to discuss it later. It’s really sweet and a good pair up for Yuuichi. (although not the best in my opinion but I’ll get to that later. xP)



    Nayuki Minase

    kanon-4.png.0d29aab5093a34867dba10b0e2e47734.pngNayuki is Yuuichi’s cousin. She loves strawberry sundaes. She’s such a heavy sleeper that she has to have a plethora of alarm clocks and even then, they don’t always wake her up and Yuuichi or her mother has to get her up. Even when she gets up, she is often in such a sleepy daze that, she can eat, get dressed for school and head out to school with Yuuichi before she even wakes up. Then she’s confused as to how she got to where she was fully dressed xP This often causes her to be late for school and she often ends up running. She runs to school so much that she became the school’s star runner and captain of the track team. She loves cats despite being highly allergic to them.

    Nayuki is an extremely fun character to watch. Her sleepy dazes are always so amusing to watch because she usually passes out again, often while eating or walking. xP  Her “neko mode” is pretty adorable as well. She easily has the best facial expressions out of every character in Kanon.

    Nayuki’s Ending

    kanon-5.png.e6dd2b3bbe676a0579b2420b17066d33.pngAfter a request for strawberry cake leads to Nayuki’s mother getting in an accident, Nayuki shuts down and completely blames herself for what happens. She tries to pretty much cut herself off from all her friends saying that she doesn’t deserve to be happy since it was her fault that her mother was in the hospital. It’s mainly due to the intervention by Yuuichi and some of her other friends that snap her out of it. Her mother survives the incident. It is also revealed that Nayuki is in love with Yuuichi.

    Seeing that expression on Nayuki’s face, in the above picture, nearly destroyed me the first time I was watching Kanon. She’s such a sweet girl that I just want to save her from the pain although that pain does make her stronger in the end. With this being based on a Key VN, I was soooo afraid Nayuki’s mother was going to die. I was so relieved when it was revealed that her mother didn’t die.



    Mai Kawasumi

    kanon-6.png.e26724dd8b63b7608c975c160f3ad065.pngMai Kawasumi is a mysterious girl. Due to her disregard for what’s considered “normal behavior”, she’s viewed as a delinquent by the other students. She can usually be found with her best and only friend Sayuri. She doesn’t talk much and even when she does, it’s usually brief responses. After meeting Mai in the hallway of the school at night, Yuuichi starts eating lunch with Mai and Sayuri and Mai slowly warms up to him.

    Mai is the cute, quiet type in Kanon. Don’t let that disguise fool you though because she’s a badass with a sword. She is extremely protective of Sayuri and let’s just say you wouldn’t want Mai to catch you being mean to or hurting Sayuri. It won’t end well for you xP.

    Mai’s Ending

    kanon-7.png.85b5b6b964f36f5e30c6ed592ca764b4.pngIt is revealed that Mai’s mother became ill when Mai was younger. After her mother is miraculously healed, we find out that Mai has the power to heal anybody and anything.  This power made the townspeople fear her and as a result everybody except her mother ostracized her. Mai was told that she would meet someone who would be able to put aside her powers and become a great friend and that friend was Yuuichi. Soon after, Yuuichi had to leave town and return home. This made Mai sad and, out of desperation, she made up a story about demons invading the field of wheat where they played together. Soon afterwards, a school was built on that field and Mai started walking the grounds at night, sword in hand, fighting off the demons. It is revealed that the demons are the manifestation of Mai’s power. Together with Yuuchi, Mai defeats each of the demons and afterwards, she tries to commit suicide but fails which lands her in the hospital.

    Mai’s ending is okay. You basically just find out that the destruction is caused by Mai not accepting her healing powers and the fact that she missed Yuuichi. Each time a demon was killed it hurt Mai. She survives her suicide attempt due to something I’ll discuss later.


    Shiori Misaka

    kanon-8.png.ee89e93e87c8ba5783bbeba0f62a9941.pngOne day, while adventuring with Ayu, Yuuichi meets Shiori, although during the first encounter, Yuuichi doesn’t get her name. A few days later, as Yuuichi is staring outside the window during class, he notices that Shiori is standing out in the snow right outside the school. When lunch comes, Yuuichi goes outside to talk to Shiori and learns her name and that she is outside waiting for somebody. He also learns that she is a student there but she is sick with a cold and that is why she isn’t in class. Yuuichi tells her to go home since she is sick and it’s snowing which isn’t going to help her get better. Nevertheless, she shows up every day waiting for somebody.

    Shiori reminds me a lot of Nagisa from Clannad (Nagisa’s character may have been based on Shiori since they are both Key titles) She’s sick, sicker than what she tells Yuuichi at first. She has a dream and that’s why she’s waiting for someone everyday at school even though she is too sick to actually attend. She’s a really sweet girl.

    Shiori’s Ending

    kanon-9.png.1f9cb7077f2b1f1d8077250560c51842.pngShiori is expected to die before her next birthday. We also find out that Kaori Misaka (Yuuichi’s classmate) is Shiori’s older sister but because she knows Shiori is going to die, she acts like Shiori doesn’t exist. Yuuichi eventually gets Kaori to acknowledge and to spend time with Shiori which makes both girls much happier. The person Shiori was waiting for was her sister Kaori. It was her dream to go to school with her sister. However, Shiori does not die and starts to get better due to the same reason Mai didn’t die which I’ll discuss later. This leads to Shiori returning to school and fulfilling her dream.

    Now you see why Shiori reminds me of Nagisa: the lasting sickness, potential death and wanting to fulfill her dream. I was so happy she didn’t die. Her playful personality despite the fact she knew she was dying was beautiful.



    Makoto Sawatari

    kanon-10.png.2936d6042b4e7890b6cdd0b1ec92a350.pngYuuichi meets Makoto when she attacks him out-of-the-blue in the middle of town. She was then carried her back to his cousin’s house (where he is living), where she lives as a guest for the remainder of her story. Despite having lost her memories, she eventually remembers her name and is sure that she holds a grudge against Yuuichi from the past when he visited the city back when he was younger. Makoto’s amnesia, is much more severe than Yuuichi’s or Ayu’s, but from an entirely different source. It takes her a while to warm up to a stray cat she finds and taking Yuuichi’s suggestion, names it Piro. Makoto loves Piro very much and will often carry the cat around on her head. Makoto has a mischievous personality which leads to her performing various pranks exclusively on Yuuichi during the middle of the night due to her strong dislike for him, something she constantly reaffirms. Her pranks vary in severity, such as simply dropping food on him or once even throwing lit firecrackers into his room. Yuuichi always counters them and as a result, Makoto is the one upset in the end. As time passes and Makoto starts feeling more like a member of the Minase family rather than a stranger, she honestly grows to like Yuuichi, effectively looking beyond her latent distaste for him. Makoto has an idiosyncratic expression, “auu~”, which she says when she is frustrated or sad. It has no real meaning. Another unique speech pattern of hers is that she always refers to herself in the third person. Near the end of her story, Yuuichi buys a present for Makoto, which she chooses. It’s a bracelet with two bells on it. Makoto enjoys the sound they make.

    Finally! I’ve gotten to my favorite girl in all of Kanon! Makoto is so adorable and her failed attempts at pranks usually in up with adorable scenes with her. Auuuu~ She’s so adorable when she says Auuuu~ I just LOVE IT!!! Her interactions with Piro are always super adorable too! She’s easily the best character in all of Kanon in my opinion. I don’t think I mentioned it earlier but she eventually becomes addicted to manga and meat buns and she eventually gets Yuuichi to read to her. So adorable I could die xP

    kanon-11.png.be7f64b60595648f529abdc72a40e294.pngMakoto’s Ending

    We find out that Makoto is not a human but instead a fox that Yuuichi found ten years ago when he came to the city as a child. Yuuichi first found Makoto, back then a young fox, injured on Monomi Hill and he took the fox back and kept it in his room for the rest of the summer. One day, Yuuichi tells the fox about an older girl that he had a crush on named Makoto Sawatari, which is where Makoto’s name is derived from. At the end of summer break, Yuuichi takes the fox back to the hill and he runs away soon after releasing her, leading her to be angry with Yuuichi. Her desire to see Yuuichi again was so strong that her wish was granted…..at the cost of her memories….and later…..after her humanistic qualities start to fade and all she can say is Auuuu~, Yuuichi takes Makoto to Monomi Hill and pretends to marry her,  making her final wish come true. Soon after, Makoto dies fulfilling the final requirement of the miracle.

    Makoto has the saddest route in Kanon because she actually dies. My heart broke and I hated that the cost of her miracle was her memories and later her life….Even now, I can barely type my thoughts on the matter because being reminded of it just makes me want to cry :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(



    Ayu Tsukimiya

    kanon-12.png.75156ccb87be0ec4dbc08975669d3069.pngAyu is a rather short, strange, energetic, and a very mysterious girl who literally bumps into Yuuichi early on in the story. She is easily recognizable by her winged backpack, and her red hairband. Ayu is left handed and loves to eat taiyaki. Ayu often takes out her frustration by using the idiosyncratic expression “uguu” much like Makoto with her “Auuu.” She is searching for an item that is important to her but she doesn’t remember what it is only that she’ll know it when she sees it. She has a severe lack of present day knowledge such as she doesn’t know what a cell phone is. She has memory loss as well.

    Ayu is really adorable and my second favorite girl in Kanon. Her “Uguuu” makes me die of adorableness just like Makoto’s “Auuuu~” did. Encounters with Ayu are pretty funny because she usually runs toward Yuuichi trying to hug him and he dodges which leads to her hitting a tree or falling over. She never stays mad at Yuuichi for too long though because he buys her taiyaki which she loves. And now onto the final ending of Kanon.

    Ayu’s Ending

    kanon-13.png.f6416f49b2b0164c9953405a84936c7a.pngSeven years before the story begins, Ayu falls out of a tree and hits her head on the last day Yuichi was going to be in town. At first, he believes she died, but Akiko reveals she is in the hospital and has been in a coma for the past seven years. The Ayu Yuichi has been meeting in town is actually an astral projection of herself (similar to Fuuko in Clannad). Later on in the series, with Yuuichi’s help, she breaks out of her coma, and gets her hair inadvertently cut too short when she goes to a barber shop, leading him to comment how much she looks like a boy like he did before. The item she had been looking for was a small angel doll that Yuuichi had given her telling her that it would grant three wishes as long as Yuuichi could make the wishes come true. She uses two of them and then her and Yuuichi bury the doll in a jar as a kind of time capsule. While Ayu is in her coma, she gains the ability to have one wish granted and she chooses for the one she cares deeply for to always be happy; that’s why Nayuki’s mother, Mai and Shiori didn’t die.

    I was heartbroken when I thought Ayu was dead. I was so relieved to find out she was in a coma and when she finally awoke. If Yuuichi couldn’t have Makoto, I would settle for him loving Ayu. I don’t know why Ayu’s wish didn’t extend to saving Makoto….maybe the cost of the Makoto’s miracle overrode the effects of Ayu’s wish. I just don’t know…..

    It was a pretty good ending to a great anime!



    I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey I’ve taken you on through the lives of the main cast of Kanon and I hope that you’ve either watched it or that this Article will inspire you to watch it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! I hope you have a great day!


  12. greek-carnival.thumb.jpg.fe37e211b7f27f3d80dbf0d2c768b4fa.jpg

    Over the years, I’ve heard one too many different opinions about the origins of the word ‘canival’. However, it appears to hail from the late latin words ‘carnem’ (meat) and levare (to remove/ take away) which actually sums up the purpose of the carnival period: to prepare yourself for the Easter fast. The greek word ‘απόκριες’ (apokries) also indicates an abstinence from meat.

    The celebrations that accompany carnival originate from ancient Greece and the Dionysian rites, that took place in late winter and symbolised the coming of spring. In Athens, specifically, a chariot would make its way to the city while being followed by dancers and singers, who were dressed up in costumes that resembled goats and sang satyrical songs. After the prevalence of Christianism, pagan elements were fused with the new traditions, thus indicating the beggining of the Lent.

    Modern carnival started appearing in Greece during the 19th century, after the Ionian islands were unified with the mainland. The Ionians, that were under heavy italian influence, contributed greatly in shaping contemporary celebrations.

    The duration of the carnival period can vary, depending on Easter. The opening ceremony always takes place on a Saturday night in mid January. The same doesn’t apply for the closing ceremony, though. The Burning of the Carnival King, that marks the end of celebrations, is exactly seven weeks before Easter. If Easter comes late, like this year, carvival can last up to two months!

    Different cities host different events and, honestly, there are too many of them to be written here. Therefore, I will only focus on those that take place in the city of Patras, where I live.

    In order to take part in the parades, you need to sign up in a crew. Crews can be found anywhere in the city and each of them has their own set of costumes for males and females (you can choose whichever you want). Sometimes, crews have more than one costumes to choose from (mostly for females, though :P). You need to pay for your costume (duh!) and price depends on quality as well as the number of members. (If you go with friends as group, you get discount, discount good! *said in russian accent* 😛 )

    Opening Ceremony
    One would think that the opening ceremony of such a grand series of events would be rather extravagant and it would feature a variety of shows but, actually, it’s more of a warm-up. It lasts for a few hours only and usually features singing by local singers/bands as well as dancing by some of the cities dance schools. A fireworks display couldn’t be missing of course (this time they went a bit overboard with it, making it even more gorgeous!). This year, we also had an acrobatics show that was a really nice addition

    It’s also the first day we can dress up, although most people go for a simple pair of animal ears or a mask rather than a full costume (at least I think it was, because I’m short and couldn’t see well ._.)

    Smoky Thursday
    After the start of the carvival period, no major events take place until the famous Smoky Thurday. Every meat lover lives for this day. Just like the name says, it’s a Thursday…. a barbequed one! Every store, wheather it is a hair saloon or a bookstore can set up their rotisserie (is this even a word? that’s what google gave me…) and roast dozens after dozens of souvlakia, selling them ridiculously cheap to passerbys, with loud music blasting out from the speakers.

    At schools, students and teachers can dress up however they want. In some elementaries, parents and teachers come and set up the rotisseries in the school yard and give children souvlakia for free, while they are having a party dressed up in their costumes. In middle schools, teachers usually order from a store and students have to pay a small price to get their souvlakia. In high schools…. well, they just let the students off much earlier without giving them any meat. It is a great chance to go out and eat with your friends, though.

    In the city center, certain events are organised for this day. This year we had a comedy wrestling show, in which various weirdos engaged in fake fights to win food. Later in the day, we have the annual ‘Marriage of koulourou*’ (*erm…that can be translated as ‘a woman who sells buns’ or something…?). It’s an old custom that presents a marriage and it takes place in the old part of the city, near the Roman Conservatory. It is based on a local myth, of a naive old woman who fell victim to the pranks of her fellow citizens and was lead to believe that the president of America, Wilson (1913-1921), was going to marry her.

    Hidden Treasure
    It’s a game played by the crew members. They are given hints and visit different locations in the city until they find the treasure and win the prize. Unless you have a ride, don’t participate, it’s suicide.

    Chocolate Wars
    People throwing chocolates. Just that… JUST THAT!!!!

    Children’s Parade
    Also called the ‘little’ parade. Hundreds of children in their costumes join a parade along with their parents. They dance to the music or board one of the floats and lazily wave at the crowd…. (my parents never let me go when I was young…..). The little parade happens a week before the end of carnival.

    Float Parade
    Floats designed by the city’s artistic workshop have their own time in the spotlight the last Friday night before the ending ceremony. They usually feature satyrical themes such as …..wait for it…… politicians! What else?

    Night Parade
    The Saturday night parade is the biggest and most important of all (Note that Patras has the biggest parades in the country 😛 ). You see people flocking downtown in large masses, only stopping to take a selfie or two with their friends. The center gets closed down so cars won’t enter and everyone is able to roam the streets freely. Colorful and creepy costumes flood the place, as everyone is striving to look unique. It’s a great opportunity for otakus to cosplay without getting any odd stares (ok, I take that back, I got a lot of odd stares 😛 ). It’s also not strange if a person completely unknown to you comes to chat or ask for a picture with you because, clearly, your cosplay is so awesome (it’s not like I’m bragging about myself here….). Alcohol is abundant and so are whistles and all kinds of trinkets that make noise. If you’re an old man living downtown, don’t even consider sleeping. Partying lasts until morning 😉

    Big Parade
    I don’t really get why they still call the Sunday parade ‘big’… It’s much smaller that that of the previous night for one simple reason: hangovers!
    Even so, it’s still pleasant to watch or take part in, whatever you prefer.

    Ending Ceremony
    The ending of the carnival period is signaled with the burning of a large gag-statue, the Carnival King. Every year, the artistic workshop makes a different King to be burnt, although it’s usually a famous (and hated) person…like……. wait for it….. a politician! What else? Once the King is on fire, there’s another fireworks display. And after that, it’s all over. See you next year!

    In between the major events, lots of others are being held like plays, concerts etc.

    Carnival, unlike the western Halloween, lasts for a long period of time, allowing people to live it to the fullest and take part in more events that they can count. You can look however you like and really be yourself without a care in the world. It’s also a huge financial relief to the city since tons of tourists come to visit.

    Obviously, all big events have their downsides. The night parade especially, can be quite dangerous. Lots of people means lots of perverts as well. Stick close to your group! And, for God’s sake, when will people realise you can have fun without getting drunk? The 2-3 months after carnival are the ones when the majority of abortions take place….. guess why…

    Carnival is something I both love and hate at the same time. I love the freedom it gives you but I hate noise and crowded streets. Still, if anyone asked me when is the best period to visit the country, I’d definately choose this (summer sucks). As long as you’re careful, it can be a most joyous experience.

    Stay safe and happy!
    Evil Bunny, signing off~

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    So in my experience of watching anime I have been deemed a feels addict. I have been all over the battlefield that is anime. These are some of the titles I have seen that will make you think about things you never thought you would think about by the end of them.

    1. Your Lie in April


    Without spoiling anything, this anime is about a boy who plays piano and the things he needs to overcome to keep playing. The setting is amazing, the art is wonderful, and the story it tells is one that you will remember. By the end of this anime, you will have rolled through so many different emotions that you won’t no what you are doing any more. I Highly recommend Your Lie in April.

    2. Say I Love You


    Say I Love you is about an outcast girl who meets the most popular guy in school and he falls for her. At this point you are thinking greeaaaat, another romance anime, but this title is more than that. It tells the story of how an outcast is able to make new friends, build trust in others, and forge new relationships and feel things she has never felt before. This anime will take you on a 13 episode emotional roller coaster and leave you smiling at the end.

    3. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!


    Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is a very light hearted anime that delves into some interesting topics to say the least. This anime starts off nice and easy and then brings you into the feels zone. You will laugh and cry with the characters and generally be glued to the screen. This anime will make you feel very happy at the end and it will also teach you some lessons, such as to accept people as they are.

    And so ends this list. If you like this list and would like to see another please let me know. I had fun writing this and I would very much enjoy writing another. See ya!

    Paladin Lunchmeat

  13. aikatsu-logo.png.72c36deba6e23f78446433d32ac10c22.png

    <spoilers ahead>


    Ichigo was a normal middle-school girl that was rope into the world on idols after watching Mizuki’s performance. It was then when Ichigo’s passionate idol activities started. For 2 season + a movie, we saw Ichigo’s journey from rookie idol to the #1 idol in the country. Her passionate idol activities, captivated everyone, and in the end, Ichigo became part of everyone’s life. The emotion of sadness when she lost to Mizuki at the s1 finale, to her finally achieving her dream of becoming the #1 idol in the Movie. Ichigo’s journey was shared by many and in the end everyone from /ai/ (a community in 4chan that started because of Aikatsu) loved Ichigo.


    In season 3, Ichigo was replace as the main character by Akari. Akari was obsessed with Ichigo, even using Ichigo’s named to introduce herself during her audition. Akari was different from Ichigo, Akari had very little talent, she sucked at dancing and was just horrible around. In season 3 she improved every step of the way to fulfill the promise she made to Ichigo during the Aikatsu movie, that she would meet Ichigo at the top of the Idol world. Was she able to fulfill this promise? In episode 177, the penultimate episode Aikatsu, Akari pulled off a Special A appeal, making her the only idol in history that was able to pull off that kind of appeal, thus winning the Starlight Queen competition. This scene said it all.


    Then the final episode, I woke up at 5:30 am est, to watch the livestream of Aikatsu with my fellow /ai/. The final performance by Luminas x Soleil, playing Calendar Girls, it hurts so much. Not only because Calendar Girls was Aikatsu’s 1st ED but its the last time Ichigo and co will take the stage. In the end Ichigo stayed true to her playful self and never changed during the performance.


    Now the show that officially started /ai/ and brought us all together is now over.

    It’s been a great 3 and a half years. Thanks to Mezashite for being the reason we could all get into a cartoon from Japan about middle school girls who sing and dance.

    Next week, Ichigo won’t be part of /ai/ or my daily life. Next week, Aikatsu Stars starts a whole new journey for myself and everyone who enjoyed Aikatsu. In the end, Ichigo and Aikatsu taught me a lot of things during that 3 1/2 years.

    So before I end this, lets do this one last time.