Summer 2017 Anime - Nutty's First Impressions

The 2017 Summer Anime Season started off strongly, with quite a number of shows that have gained my interest instantly; and quite a number that seem interesting enough to keep watching. So with the number of new releases dying down, I think…

Spring 2017 Anime - Nutty's First Impressions

In this post, I will attempt to share my views on (what looks to be) the most promising anime series from Spring 2017.Spring 2017 is looking to become a solid season for anime. When I think of this season, the first shows that come to mind…

Kanon Character and Ending Thoughts - Spoilers

Ryuji's thoughts on the six main characters of Kanon 2006.

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Three intriguing anime cyberpunk titles

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5 Reasons Why Living In Sword Art Online Would Be Amazing

If you’ve watched Sword Art Online or even heard of it, you most certainly have taken long hours contemplating what life would be like if you lived in Aincrad and how great(or bad) it would be! Well in this list, I decided what would be the…

History of Halloween

A brief history of the origin of Halloween.

Charlotte - Episode 1 Review

When Yu, a boy who can take over others for 5 seconds at a time, meets Nao, a girl who can make herself invisible to one person at a time, their destiny begins to unveil itself.

Thoughts on the Vampire Knight anime ending

Thoughts on the Vampire Knight anime ending. Contains spoilers!

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