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WHY WAS THIS CLUB CREATED: This club was created to be a resource for it's members. When you're a anime noob just starting off and you need a new starter show to watch to get you going into the hobby this club was meant for you. Or whether if you've been watching anime for many years and feel like you've watched everything and need people to get you out of that slump and continue in the hobby with our suggestions we're here for you. Or if you´re just here to see interesting art, writings, or edits. All of these reasons are why this club was created, for a dedicated group of strangers to help each other out.


HOW TO BECOME A LEADER: To become a leader, or dedicated member it's actually very simple. Just make sure to try to answer any unanswered questions on forums, and give ratings of writings and arts. As well as inviting members who you think this club could benefit. Want to go a step further and become a moderator? DM @hereismynew (The club account) or email: [email protected] and a moderator will explain the guidelines and hopefully accept you. Please try to reach out so this club can get to new heights!


WHAT ARE THE RULES OF THE CLUB: To make this club a success rules need to be in place. If you break a rule you'll be warned , then removed from the club. They are as follows: 

  • Keep foul, or hostile language to a minimum*
  • Keep your political party standpoint to yourself*
  • No sharing of links. Ex. Zoom Meetings, Skype Calls, etc.*
  • No sexism, racism, homophobia, fat shaming, or shaming of religious beliefs*
  • Only mention Hentai that is mild-mannered*


WAYS OF CONTACT: This club is present on a few other anime forums as well so here's the club email : [email protected]

Feel free to shoot us a email asking anything!

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