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About this blog

Supposing that I could one day head up my very own anime studio on the opposite side of the world to Japan, what would be the specs which would set my own productions apart from the rest of the pack? A hypothetical overview of exactly which elements I would choose to incorporate and what I would do differently and why; budget and time constraints not being an object. Keep in mind that these are opinion pieces and that my ideal specs may not be to everyone's tastes.

Although I will readily admit that I prefer the classic hand-drawn anime to the digital for aesthetic purposes, there are also many modern anime shows that were made in the last 20 years that I happen to like simply because they are very well written. The writing is something that ultimately makes or breaks any show. Writing also happens to be my department.

Entries in this blog

Greatest Entrance Themes From the WWE's Golden Era

I am going to preface this entry by stating that I am quite aware of the scripted, theatrical nature of pro-wrestling as a profession. Although people really do get hurt sometimes when doing a show, I am aware that it is not actual fighting in the sense that the premise of "Street Fighter" and "Virtua Fighter" would have you believe it is - if that were the case then Zangief probably would have been programmed to be able to whip every other character's arse very easily in the game as the final b
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