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About this blog

Various information and tips and tricks in the games I like to play, ranging from Nintendo DS (the original), Nintendo Switch, PS3, and PS4.

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Ok, so, a good spot to farm AP is on the beaches of Balamb for Fastitocalon-F monsters which always appear in groups of 2 for a whopping total of 6 AP per fight. With the Card ability (best used after whacking a monster a few times) you won't need to worry about beefing up your party too early. It's a great way to learn GF Abilities relatively quick, but there's still a deal of grinding that has to be done using this method. If you get too many cards, just Refine them into Water Crystals, then s

Emotion Flux

Emotion Flux in FFVIII Remastered

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