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Our community guidelines for AF, and also tips on using AF.

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Changing the Forum Theme

To change the forum theme, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Theme:   Many themes also have different background images you can choose from:



Advertising Guidelines

Hi everyone, To those that are reporting advertising SPAM and unsolicited messages, thank you - please continue to do so. See below for clarity regarding advertising: YOU CAN: advertise in your profile and signature. advertise your project/channel in Creative Corner (after meeting the minimum 10 post requirement). Only 1 topic please per channel and do not bump it unnecessarily. YOU CANNOT: advertise in forum topic discussions outside of Creative Corner - DO NOT circumvent the 10 post requirement by advertising in other areas. create a blog or club advertising your website or channel, because recently updated blogs and clubs are featured on the front page. directly advertise to other members via the Messaging feature unless it is solicited. do stealth advertising in forum topic discussions via inline links. Drive by advertising (registering just to advertise) with no interest in participating in the community will not be tolerated and will result in you being flagged as a spammer. We appreciate you may have your own website or channel and want to be fair in allowing you to promote it as long as you participate in this community. If this continues to get out of hand then we will be forced to ban all advertising. Please be respectful and mindful of this.   Thank you.



Content Editor Tips

Hi everyone, Some general tips below when you're using the content editor: You can adjust image size and align images left or right by double-clicking the image once you've inserted it in the editor. Linking to other content on AF will insert a "Rich Embed" - this includes an excerpt and preview image (if available) of the page you are linking to. There is no more BBCode plain text view. You can still use BBCode tags (such as SPOILER) but the next time you edit your post they will be parsed. To embed a YouTube video / SoundCloud clip or Vimeo video, just copy and paste the link and press ENTER. The video should automatically embed. 1. Screenshot of image editing options (after double-clicking an image in the editor)   2. Example link to an AF topic (after copying and pasting a link in the editor)



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