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Entry nº9 - Complete update



Good day, first things first: Welcome and congratulations for making it this far in my blog. I suppose not everyone has read the older entries, but it doesn't matter to me, those are the past, and no one should get stuck in the present for a regret in the past and fear for their future, so here I start brand new, fresh ideas and news.

Secondly, I want to celebrate that I'm turning a two year old member tomorrow, even though I had been inactive for most of that time, I have indeed taken a better position and I am rather active nowadays. I've met some really nice people here, I have hurt some people here too, I admit it, and some of those mistakes still torment me to this day, but I am looking forward to repair my past to build a pleasant future. Starting by formally asking forgiveness to any I have offended in the past, on purpose or by accident, to any I have hurt emotionally, as well as anyone I might have judged in every bad sense. None of you really deserved whatever I did wrong, from what I know.

Following this act of redemption: I have been following to make drawings every so often a promise stands, every time I enjoy it further, and it's really become a passion inside me, I won't let go of this new activity easily, for it has brought me quite some acquaintances and very large amounts of fun to myself. I keep drawing Pokémon from time to time but recently I'm more focused on drawing Manga-style, either existing characters or Original Characters, which are also very fun and complicated to make (^▽^) . I will post some of my drawings in the Art Club (https://animeforums.net/clubs/27-art-club/) soon enough, so if you're interested by any chance, you may have a look at them over there. 

Aside than in the forums themselves, I have made some new friends in a Discord server, I'm greeted by many and I feel very integrated, just like here, so I am glad to say that in this moment my friend count has grown a little, not by much, but still better than decreasing ヽ(ヅ)ノ. I also started listening yesterday to a radio dedicated exclusively to Touhou themes, it had to happen eventually, the soundtrack is way too immersive and has grown a lot in my mind, becoming my the longest playlist of them all in years. 

About my studies: They aren't doing that well, I really have to spend much more time dedicated to maths and economy, but in other school subjects I have become better during the past months, so that's my ray of hope there; as I'm used to say and never get tired of, keep going all the way. My future plan remains intact, study law in France, get to work for the Spanish government and then become a diplomat, little work compared to good rewards, live like a King, and whoever might come with me in that journey will indeed be lucky honestly, but not luckier than myself, optimism will be my lead.

Here I bring an end to my latest report, I don't have anything else to add, so I'll just leave it as it is. Good day to everyone and have a sugoi rest of the week (◑‿◐)

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