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Is this my networking breakthrough?

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This is exciting, and nerve-wracking, and I just need to post something about it to get it out. I was playing tennis today (recreationally, the weather has been SO NICE,) and got to hanging out with one of the local dentists and we played some singles. My SO wanders over (he coaches high schoolers, knows the dentist pretty well,) and the dentist invites us out for some beer and games. We relocate, and it's in the middle of an advert break he asks me what I do for a living. I tell him, and my SO butts in and mentions to him that I used to do dental work. 

He straight up offered me a job.

Cue me being flattered but explaining to him I hadn't done the gig in about six years, apparently he's fine with this and can re-teach me. This is exciting to me because this is literally what I went to school for, and have all my certifications and (expired) licenses in. I fell out of the field after moving cross-country and finding myself neck-deep in depression and related life problems.

So now I'm in this weird position where I am weighing whether it would be worth it to leave my current employer, and all of its benefits and familiarity, to pursue a career I'd probably be much happier with in the scheme of things. 

This is going to be on my mind all month I just know. So much pressure to make the responsible decision.


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Still waiting for that magical moment to happen to me LOL


Well, best thing to do would be to make a list of the positives and negatives of each position, then assign a numeric value or percent value as to how important they are to you then compare them.  Consider your level of possible regret if you turn down the opportunity.  Would you always wonder? 


Best of luck!  :)

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