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Black Desert Online Remastered



Hi to all! Ever heard of the game Black Desert Online? It's one of the most visually stunning MMOs that came out. Recently the remastered update was released wherein the game has been improved on once again.

This MMO is a buy to play game; it means you need to buy one of their "packages" so you can have full access. I had bought the most affordable (read cheapest lol) package they have and so far I am enjoying myself. I hope you get to try it too. I encourage you to give it a try. It's free to access right now until the 5th of September.

Now while I am gushing about this game, like all else, there is no perfect game and there are also flaws that I would be discussing on. If you have some insight, please feel free to share it to me, too. 

So here we go. I'll keep it short and sweet. 🤩

Graphics: 3.5 out of 5 stars

As I said above, it is visually stunning, especially now that the remastered update was released. The world (and Black Desert Online is an open world game so you can expect it to be quite wide) is lovingly rendered that you can waste time just admiring the scenery. The characters and costumes are well detailed too. In fact, you can design your character to look like a famous character. This may eat up your time when you're designing your ideal husbando or waifu. Lol

With that said, the remastered graphics will only work with high-end PCs. So if you're using a potato PC (I find that expression cute 😂) then you might want to think twice about upgrading. The graphics can be intense at times too and I find my eyes watering from time to time. 😎

Audio: 4 out of 5

The soundtrack is simply amazing; sometimes I just close my eyes and listen. Depending on the situation it can be relaxing (during peacetime) or adrenaline-pumping (during battles). 

Gameplay: 3 out of 5

Battles are dynamic; skills can be done by pressing a combination of keys (shift + right click for example) or you can be assigned to a skill slot (press 1 to throw a bolt of lightning). 

Grinding exists here too! Yes, there is no escaping the grind, no matter what MMO you are playing. The good thing about Black Desert is there are a lot of things to do: I go AFK fishing while reading a manga or watching an anime at times. I can go on a joyride on my horse or boat, I can stay at home and cook food.

Quick warning: in-game currency has weight. So your character cannot be a walking storage with a hundred or more silver coins inside the pocket. You have to store everything in the warehouse which is available in every town.

Cash shop: 3 out of 5

Yes, there is a cash shop too. Games need to generate revenue too or else it will close. While Black Desert Online is not blatantly "pay to win" (there is no uber powerful weapon in the cash shop that I can buy with a swipe of the card) there are items, pets, and costumes that can make life easier. Not necessary as you can go by without it (like I do) but yeah who wants to tough it out?

Enhancement system: 2.5 out of 5

Like every MMO game, you need to enhance your equipment. While Black Desert Online is forgiving (your armor and weapons won't go bye-bye if you fail to enhance, but the durability drops) it's still a pain to enhance your gear to the level that you want. Like all games, you have to farm for the materials. Keep a pad of Stresstabs near you.

Story: 3 out of 5

Very linear, rarely any plot twists, can be skipped if you just want to grind but not recommended as completing a certain storyline or mission will give good rewards.

Overall: 4 out of 5

While not flawless, I would still recommend this to all my friends. You can get satisfaction just about everywhere, whether if you like battling against monsters, engage other players in duels, or just admiring the overall scenery and ambiance.

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Good review!!. I've heard much about BDO, but haven't played it. The character customisation is really good from what I've heard. I'm a guild wars 2 player, gear in gw2 isn't an issue, since gear grind is pretty much non-existent. It has a cap to it, the highest being ascended, there is legendary however that is ascended stats but with more flashier skins and changeable stats on the fly. But yeah so agree, to get ascended or even legendary (which is the biggest mat and time sink), farm for mats is or can be a chore.   

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