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Networking deuxième partie… the slightly more awesome edition

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It’s been some time since I wrote here, four months? My presence is fading a bit on AF. But, believe me, it’s been some busy times. There’s been some frustrations, excitements, and of course, some big changes coming my way. I thought it might be fun to share some of that, in case anyone happened to be curious about me (not that I expect anybody to be, but damn, I’d be flattered!) I'm sad to report that all attempts at putting a baby in me have been yet unsuccessful, but heck I’m still trying. I can’t wait to be able to actually break that news for real.

Instead, my latest involvement has been concerning my career, and where I’m taking things from here. Guys, I don’t want to be a dietician anymore. It wasn’t what I signed up for, I just ended up doing it. And although it’s not the worst occupation, it isn’t what I want to do. And I’ve been mulling it over all summer, but I think I owe myself better. I want to take the plunge and shoot for something I love. I need to try and be happy, and I’m feeling good enough lately to put my big girl pants on and do something about it. A few months back, I was offered a job at a dental office, but I ended up not taking it. I just couldn’t see myself back in that position.


I quit my second job. I’m worn out from the unpredictability and I just want to focus on other things. That said, for the first time in like, eight years, I’ll get to work a consistent schedule. And, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got something lined up. It’s a year or so out, but I am so excited about it I just can’t keep it to myself any longer. I’ve been in talks with one of my brothers (10+ years older than me, grows medicinal cannabis for a living,) and he’s been in the process of marketing himself to some investors. Once he gets enough money together, he’s moving south to start a supply business of his own, and he asked me to come work with him. He’ll even teach me the trade.


Move?! YES
Well-paying career? YESS

Am I banking a lot on this working out? Possibly. But what the hell, maybe this can be life-changing. What’s not to be excited about? I’ll take the slight pay cut for now. I think I know what’s more important, and that’s my mental wellbeing. Feels good to feel loved. And damn does it feel amazing to break away of my depression for once.

In other news, riding on my good spirits lately, I entered an in-person LoL tournament this weekend, and my team actually placed second. Not. Bad. Not bad at all. The prizes were pretty swell for placing top three, so I’m quite content with the results. I won a new Razer Trinity mouse, Kraken headset (which I’ll probably sell tbh,) some in-game digital goodies, and a cash prize. I even won a raffle prize, which was a TV (ummmm holy sh*t?) More importantly, I met some really awesome people there. Everyone was super cool to each other, and no matter who won or lost, everyone usually came together after their games and gave constructive feedback on their plays. I ended up adding everybody I played against and felt like I made some new friends. Overall, it was an exceptionally fun experience and I’m so glad I got to compete, even if I was the only woman playing.

And now, for the… bad news…

It’s getting cold here again.


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First off, keep trying on the baby. They are incredibly inconvenient you will find...so take this as a contest of wills.


Second, I completely understand where you are coming from about your career. My own plunge landed me in a bad spot (more so, my timeline needed another 3 months), but you sound like you are far more prepared than I was. Getting out of being depressed is the most important thing. A bonus...working for yourself means you can likely not have to send little Wedgy Jr off to the boarding nursery while you make the money to support your family when you finally get to baking. Bonuses all over.


Lastly, congratulations on being top three :) It is good to have you back!

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Thank you for the encouragement, love. It means a lot, especially because it's been such a long time since I've even tried taking so many risky steps forward. When you're feeling low, sameness and monotony is the only security you have and yet is also your prison. So when you feel good, the need to change something beats like a wardrum in the back of your mind. And then everyone around you calls you impulsive and tries to point out all the sameness and monotony as being a good thing, which I understand, but I still don't think it's what *I* want, yknow? 

I think I remember you telling me something about it before, but, you're in a fair spot now, yes? Aren't you a diving instructor or something of that nature? If so, that's neat. I wish I weren't so terrified of water. 😂 But from what I can tell, you're both smart and fearless all in one. 

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Thanks :) You are too. Taking the leap requires mental fortitude. There is no great reward without risk. And if you prepare properly, you can limit that risk a lot. Believe me, I stayed 4 years in a job I wasn't happy doing and 2 in another. Being unhappy was not worth the "job security" I had. 


I am not doing great but things are looking okay. I accepted another job that I would not be happy with (due to location...possibly the people...they are firing someone and hiring me to replace him after they train me....not sure how the close-knit group will react to that.) but needed to just diversify my resume. Now my dream job is interested in me (only ever after I start a new job) and I am again somewhere I don't want to be. I feel like this is a trend in my life lol...still, making the best of it. Going to study while I live apart from my family and get a certification that will basically check off a box on the list for future job opportunities.


My husband is the diving instructor (as a Divemaster, however, I assist with many of his classes). There is no shame in being afraid of the water. My mother nearly drowned as a child and she will not put her head underwater to this day (installed her bathtub with a hand shower extension so she could wash her hair in the tub) but she is the strongest woman I know. She even swam out in a rip current to save my siblings once, without hesitation. I should convince her to write down her life stories like my grandfather did. It would be a good read :)

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