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Entry nº14 Final Boss Rush



Good day! (It's 22:42, but what gives...)

Fate tells me today to expose myself. The reason is... well... I've taken strong conscience of some truths, and now I am here to accept everything (at least part of it until I fall asleep).
Let's see, where to start... How about something light, eh? 

  • First revelation -> This year's Halloween is coming soon, and my costume is so close to be complete, I am ready to announce here with much pride and excitement that I am in fact going to cosplay as none other than Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Koumajou Densetsu.
    Yeh... I'm going to be crossdressing for the first time, and since this appearance (to me) reflects well enough my way of being (just my weird way of thinking, aye?) it's the most special costume to date, for me at least.
  • Remember my last entry where I stated I was growing a second identity? That did not turn out to be an issue. After long hours of introspection, I decided to accept this side of me (which had slightly awoken last year, curiously...) and embrace every bit of it. I am *nearly complete* again, since I'm still on it.
    So, this new part of me is really none other than my dark consciousness. It has all of my dark emotions in it; sadism, vengefulness, hate, and ruthlesness.
    I find it similar to poetry. It's beautiful, isn't it? A duality, light and dark in balance, that's how I want to be, and that's my road from now on.
  • This is something I only talked about with my closest friends. Loyal readers will remember that at some point I talked about how I lost trust in my ex-best friend. Well, it's inevitable to have those memories come back, eh? I do not feel any regret, but what does worry me a bit is that our common friends really see me differently now, and they used to be my best friends too. I have gladly found replacements.

Lastly, I'll finish with this ( ′~‵) :

  • My friends mean everything to me. They are fascinating, and extraordinary, and deserve much more than they have. One thing I will not tolerate is carelesness towards them.
    I declare one thing : Any who will threaten them, will severely regret it, I no longer fear holding back my grudges or stacked up hate over the years. 
    The universe is warned. I am small, I am easy to kill, but what I would do for them would be meaningful nonetheless.

    Very special thanks to them, (⌒▽⌒)
    -The inimitable (code names used) :  *My companion of adventures   *My long-time rival and friend   *My real history book   *My flaming flower   *My binary speaker
       *My will to question things   *My instinct   *My shadow



Done at last. Heck, it's 0:33 now, it took two hours to write this.

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