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Current Anime Addictions



So for the past few weeks I've been really into a few animes. I finished watching Goblinslayer with my dad, but we've also just started watching Overlord . . . I'm also in the process of catching up with Black Clover!

1.) Is the anime worth watching? (Let me know in the comments)

But I'm still in love with "The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo", it has become my all-time favorite! Oh! I can't forget about "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" . . .

2.) But are there any more good animes I should keep an eye out for?


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I've heard bad things about Black Clover. Mainly on how annoying the main character is. haha  I haven't watched it though.

Have you watched Cells At Work? It's quite popular even if you're not into biology
Or A Place Further Than The Universe? Heard really good things about it
Violet Evergarden. A must watch anime for me. If you want something about mature romance.
And Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Senpai. Heard good things about it too

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I just couldn't get into Black Clover.  Yes, the main character is too noisy.  The rest don't make up for it.  I got about 10 or so episodes in, looked at the (at the time) 40 or so episodes to go, and decided it just wasn't worth it.  At least not for me.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll turn into another 500+ episode Naruto.  I kind of doubt it, but either way.. I'm out. 

Goblin Slayer, on the other hand, was pretty good.  If you liked that one then you might try Grimgar .. different, but it had a kind of similar vibe for me.  FWIW, I also liked Overlord, and the first season of TenSura (the "slime" one.. I binge and am saving the rest for later.)

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I think I made it to around episode 6 of Black Clover. While I'm not opposed to watching more or it someday, it's nowhere near the top of my list. It looks like most of the series you listed are isekai or at least fantasy world inspired. You might want to check out the currently airing Rise of the Shield Hero, though I have mixed feeling about it at the moment. The final season of Fairy Tail too. There's also Radiant, but I dropped it after about 3 episodes because it's pretty generic. Some older series I would recommend from the genre include: GATE, Claymore & Broken Blade.

I haven't watched Saiki K, but seems to be a comedy with psychic powers, so maybe check out Mob Psycho 100, Hinamatsuri and Zombieland Saga.

Finally, some personal recent faves that don't have much in common with the series you listed

SoL/Healing: My Roommate is a Cat, Yuru Camp, A Place Further than the Universe, As Miss Beelzebub Likes

Comedy/Parody: Asobi Asobase, Konosuba, Ms. Kobayashi's Dragonmaid

Sports: Hinamaru Sumo, Megalobox

Scifi: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 & 2202, Planet With

Shonen: My Hero Academia, Ushio & Tora

Romcom: Recovery of an MMO Junkie, ReLIFE (make sure to watch the OVA aka eps 14 - 17)

Hard to classify: Golden Kamuy, Beautiful Bones

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Okay kiddies, here's a bit of an update!


My Roomate is a Cat - Currently watching, I love Haru! She's freaking precious!


Miss Kobayashi's Dragonmaid - I live for Ms. Kobayashi! I literally breathe Fafnir and bleed Kanna . . . definitely would watch again and again!

Shonen: My Hero Academia - I've definitely seen this . . . I have several ships sailing in the OTP race right now. AND FUCKING KIRIBAKU IS CANON BITCHES!!!

Romcom: Recovery of an MMO Junkie - That woman is literally everyday of my life! I love her and want nothing more than her happiness. The story is absolutely precious and I have wanted to watch it 10 times over

I need to catch up on Fairy Tail, I stopped watching after they revealed Silver Fullbuster . . . I'm really behind. Claymore doesn't really spice up my tea, but I will give it a second sip. Mob Psycho is definitely a must-watch on my anime bucket list . . .

ZOMBIELAND SAGA IS FOREVER IN MY HEART! I LOVE THEM ALL! Lily is my beloved child, Sakura gets all my love, Tae-san gets all the noms just because . . .  and everyone else just needs my love and devotion. That show is fucking fantastic!!!! 


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