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How To Do Anime Recommendations?

Ryan Dave Jimenez


So I just finished adding genres to all the anime on my website Anime Gauge

It took awhile because I had to do it manually. One by one. I also followed Beocat's suggestion and used Anime Planet genres instead of MAL.  Anime Planet just categorized anime better.

With that done I can now build an "anime suggestion" feature for my site. I have a vague idea of how it should work. But I would love to hear from you guys.

Currently I'm thinking it should go like this:

A user can put in anime that they like, for example I type in: Death Note, Case Closed

And it would suggest a list of anime similar to those two.

You can also type in genres, for example I type in: Isekai, Slice of life, Ecchi

And it would come up with a list of anime that are like that.

So do you think that's a good enough anime suggestion thingy? What else do you think is missing?

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I think this is a neat idea. A lot of people are gateway'd into anime through shows like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, so finding anime similar to what they enjoyed can slowly lead them into more anime. I'd imagine someone picking up Black Clover after My Hero Academia or Fairy Tail wouldn't be disappointed at all. (aside from Asta's screaming, of course)

One thing that might need to be considered is that some themes are just not connectable. For instance, mecha is a very broad genre, and recommending Neon Genesis Evangelion or Code Geass after watching Darling in the Franxx just doesn't make sense to me. Also, anime like Clannad and School Days have a scary amount of similar tags. This could be remedied with a user vote option that shows how accurate a recommendation would be. (Something like "56% of users agree with this suggestion.")

Another approach could be indicating why a show is being suggested. For instance, I would not say Katanagatari and the Monogatari Series are similar in aesthetics, themes, or even pacing. However, I could still recommend Katanagatari after someone has enjoyed the Monogatari Series because the source material for both of them are written by Nisio Isin. So, next to the suggestion would be something such as, "Written by the same author.

Overall, I still think anime suggestions are a good idea, but automated systems without transparency can be an issue.

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Yeah I was thinking doing this all via algorithms.

But you guys make a good point about bringing in human intervention. Whether it be via voting or what not.

I've seen how other anime sites do their recommendations. And they are definitely user driven. Sadly my website isn't that populated with devoted users yet. Many just pop in for a minute or two to check on an anime's score. Which is fine as I planned to create a reference site. Not really a community site where you stay for hours.

But I'm definitely gonna weave your suggestions in. Thank you for the feedback!

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So now you’ve reached the goal of sorting the anime by genre, have you also ranked them in those categories like you planned?

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Yup I will. It would be cool to see which show is the best in each genre.

I'm still working on it though. I tried to do it one way and realized it won't work so I have to do it a different way. haha

I hate it when I don't think things through

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