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My First Webtoon

Ryan Dave Jimenez


About 3 months ago, I posted here in AF asking feedback for a story idea I had.  If you haven't yet, I recommend checking it out so this will make sense: 


So I went through with it and I finished chapter 1. I followed Archie-kun's advice of starting with a webcomic because it's the easiest. Compared to an animated short.

It's a huge milestone for me as I've never finished making a colored webcomic before. Farthest I got was about 2-3 pages.  

It's also the first time I made a webtoon (like a webcomic but different)

I think it's good but it can still be better. There are some mistakes I noticed but it was too late to fix. I will fix them comes chapter 2.

If you have free time and want to check it out (it's a very short read) you can find it at:

Webtoons: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/founders/the-routine/viewer?title_no=300915&episode_no=1

Or Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/Founders

How about you? Any creative projects you're working on? Whether it's a webcomic, webtoon, or whatever.


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I like it! I first thought it was looping, but then I got that that was on purpose 😂 But yeah, where's part 2? :) 

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Thanks for checking it out.

I said to myself, if one person reads this, just one. Then I have to make chapter 2. 

So I am gonna start making the next chapter. And I will blog about it here once it's done.

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