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The way it was.



I remember the days when all you had to do was worry about going to school and watching cartoons. Your elementary teachers who gave out hugs as much as they gave out candy and good advice. Maybe you had some homework that you threw off for awhile or it was easy and you got it done right away. Your teen celebrities that you had a crush on growing up. That summer camp you went to as a kid. When the only real issues you had to deal with was offline bullies and chores that you didn't really want to do but you did anyway. Friends you'd make. Or didn't make. Authentic people who truly cared about you and you them. 

Now everything has changed so much. The teen idols you grew with are either on drugs, considered obsolete, or dead. Rent and Bills are your indefinite companions. Bullies are now cyber as well as tangible. People seem either fake or unconcerned. Cartoons you grew up with as a child are considered old school. Music now sounds the same with no variety. Losing so much now than you ever have as a child. And now using nostalgia as a way of coping with a horrid future. 


I miss the way it was.


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Reality is a fickle thing.  I'm not sure how other generations have reflected on their younger years (namely the Generation X crew).  I'm sure they probably have and did, but perhaps the reason it seems like the younger crew is more nostalgic is because we have platforms that we reminisce on.  We're more comfortable using them.  I'd hate to think that something happened to make us actually be so forlorn about our younger (tweens/teens) than other generations.  The shocking thing about that is none of us who are in positions to make the changes to go back actually do so.  All they do is drive forward ignoring the "no bridge ahead" signs. 

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