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Super Detectives First 30 Seconds

Ryan Dave Jimenez


So I was finally able to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. And here is 30+ seconds of my animated webcomic.

30 seconds is a lot of work for an animator. Although this isn't full animation just limited animation. And to be honest this is the easy part.

It gets harder from here.

It also feels weird as I don't know where to categorize it. It's a motion comic. But it's not Marvel or DC. There are no super heroes here.

It's not a web anime series as it's not 100% animated. It's not a web manga either as it's colored and has some animation.

It's not a webtoon as most webtoons have Asian settings. And focuses mostly on Romance. 

But yeah I think I've rambled on long enough. Here is the link to the first 30+ seconds: (Let me know what you think)



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