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I won't lie, I posted the Toilet paper feed because I started feeling sick 2 days ago XD

Stupid vacation =-= Its like my body knows I won't be busy...bittersweet luck haha.

I'm playing league of legends and watching Castlevania season 3 on Netflix ...I'm not sure if I like this show yet but, I've been watching to many emotional shows that make me tear up haha so its a nice change... I'm too sensitive @_@  

Here's a Riven picture I drew though ^___________^-



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Hope you get to feeling better. 

I think the Castlevania series has pretty much ran it’s course for me.  Snarky dialogue can be entertaining when it’s one or two characters, but when it seems to be a defining trait of every character it gets old fast. Also seems like they feel they have to remind you it’s an “adult cartoon” by making sure every sentence has at least one profanity. I don’t find it offensive, just tedious. I like Sypha & Trevor as a couple, but they didn’t seem to grow at all in season 3. And the whole subplot  with Alucard & the twins seemed pointless other than as an excuse to have a


MMF threeway

Again another hamfisted attempt to be “adult”. The graphic violence actually doesn’t bother me because if fits the horror aspect of the show.

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@Ohiotaku Its just a sinus infection lol, I was annoyed though because I have been using toilet paper to blow my nose, ended up going to the store to get more, couldn't because they had none... Ended up getting kleenex though :D

You'd think we were having a stomach flu epidemic. 

I agree with you, after the first season I was feeling annoyed by the series but I have a tendency to finish things (if I'm not that interested in it though I will watch well doing other things like chores)

TBH, it kind of reminds me of the Witcher series in the sense of how its trying really hard to be adult rated but is too...over done? Corny? I don't know how to explain...mashed story together that doesn't have any body to it and feels like a lot of filler? But you kind of nailed it on the head.  

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