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For a assignment , i have to make a speech , a ted talk speech., and it is annoying. I usaully hate speaking in front of a lot of people even if it was just 30 people . It has to be about something you want to fix , a problem you want to fix . Just saying . Right now , i have no problems , no problems i want to fix , unless its problems like " i dont have enough money probelms " or " i want a new car " .... stupid problems.So i decide to do " how does social media affect us " in the negative way . How do you think social media is ..? negative or positive ?

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I took a speech class in university mainly because I too HATE public speaking. Make sure to practice your speech, it will make you more comfortable. Before you do your speech, take a moment to help get rid of tension in your body (such as squeezing your hands into tight fist and releasing them). Try not to fidget or cross your arms during your speech too :D its hard to do, but that's what practice is for. 

When you write your speech try to make sure you bring up points at least three times to hear your speech's goal. A well written speech is memorable. 


Social media influences people globally, there are a lot of pros and cons to it. How long does your speech have to be? Because you might need to pick a more simple statement to discuss that narrows down your topic. (Be more specific about what you want to discuss - then bring up 3 points almost are arguments or information, then conclude by re-stating those points briefly) 

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I was pretty decent at giving speeches. The trick was not to care what the audience thinks 😂 I also never rehearsed speeches for some reason. A lot of people say it helps them a lot though

I agree with @Nyxnine on the basic structure of a speech as described, and if it is structured well it is much easier to follow for the audience.

If you wanted to make a speech on a problem, you might take the problem of 'how to give speeches' 😂
As for social media, I think there are plenty of things you can find if you google 'pros and cons of social media'

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Thanks , i did the speech today , it wasn't so bad . But i think my was kinda bad comparing to some of the other student's speech in my class , one group's speech was so funny , they acted out a skit to represent their speech and they edited the video and everything , it was really good and funny :) 

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