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THK's Kind-of Serious/Obligatory COVID-19 Post

The History Kid


So, here I sit - after what we've come to know was a near-miss today in my county with Death-Virus 2020.  I've been reading a lot of posts and comments on social media the last few days, and just holding my head for most of them.  A few voice actors I follow are in full-panic mode "I worry for the future", and "I don't know how long things will be this way, we've never dealt with anything like it before."


I'll be blunt, I quoted Christina Vee and Erika Harlacher for those - and not only are they not leveraged in any sense of reason, they're also not rooted in any sense of fact.

But let me start someplace a little bit brighter for you all.

Things to remember

  • There is no reason to fear the future - any future.  If you can figure out the present, you are capable of figuring out the future - regardless of how unforeseen it can be.
  • Any bad situation can be turned into a good situation if you have the right mindset.  
  • Optimism is your friend.  There are plenty of positives that are around you, much more than the negatives.
  • Struggles make you a better person on multiple leaves.  It may surprise you that there is a hint of fact in the adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
  • It is not forever.  Nothing ever is, and there is no reason to believe this too will be forever.

Already, we are beginning to hear about fluxes in released/recovered patients being released from hospitals in meaningful numbers in China.  That's after they cracked down hard on quarantines and bit the bullet on health services.  They are well on the way to recovery, and their numbers do indeed show that.  That is to say, there is something on the other side of this virus - life returning to normal once again.  That's not to say that things may not get worse for you, or for the rest of us before things finally improve.  By no means should you believe this as a means that things "can only get better."  But it is to say things can always get worse.  That being said, it's up to you on how much you let that worse impact you and your life.

As for the quotes...

"I worry for the future."

Why?  Why would you worry for the future?  Why worry any more now than you have been?  If you don't concern yourself with the future, you aren't paying attention.  Suddenly presuming the future is dark based upon a current blip of pressure is easy to do, but it's also self-destructing and rarely-if-ever rooted in truth.  If I had a nickle every time I heard someone say "I worry about the future", I'd be rich right now, and almost never have those premonitions of the individual ever culminated in anything beyond a minor and momentary inconvenience.  Please don't sensationalize yourself, your future, or the future of others simply because of your immediate sense of dread due to your own misunderstandings and misconceptions.

"We've never seen anything like this before."

Um.  You haven't.  None of us alive today have.  But to say that this is unprecedented is absolutely false.  It is true that on a global scale quite of the same caliber it has not happened, but the following things have happened before:

  • Economic collapse on a global scale
  • Worldwide pandemic of an unknown pathogen
  • Worldwide pandemic of a rapidly transmitting pathogen
  • Shutdown of Western European commerce and business due to a pathogen
  • Shutdown of North American commerce and business due to a pathogen

This is not to say that you should not take things seriously.  You absolutely should.  But to assume that you are living in the worst possible scenario out of a series of outcomes is incorrect.  To assume this has never happened before which makes you inherently knowledgeable on the situation is also false.  What's more, almost all of those struck once upon a time, during and just after a massive world war had drained and depleted natural resources, destroyed homes, villages, families, and left thousands upon thousands homeless, living in worse-than-third-world conditions, and worse.

My point here, folks...is that these are interesting times.  Take time to learn.  Take time to enjoy life.  Take time to slow down.  Take time to disconnect.  Take time.  Just be.  Learn how to be human again, because what I fear more than the virus, is that this whole thing has revealed that many humans have forgotten how to just be.

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Death-Virus 2020 - lol ^^;

"Um.  You haven't.  None of us alive today have.  But to say that this is unprecedented is absolutely false"

This is not to say that you should not take things seriously.  You absolutely should"

I completely agree with this. 

Good post :D

This scenario definitely sucks. But, I can't think of worse.


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