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How I Got The Idea For My Webtoon

Ryan Dave Jimenez


Single Since Birth is a webtoon that is currently uploaded to Webtoons.com (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/single-since-birth/list?title_no=401158

Here is the synopsis:


Nicholas is a guy who likes to play videogames, watch anime, and browse 9gag all day in his room. A nerd basically. He’s never had a girlfriend and wants to experience what that’s like. So he hits on women online but keeps getting rejected. That is, until he hits on a woman named Emmaline. Someone who will change his life forever.


I was on You Tube one day when I saw a video that caught my eye. The title read, What happened to the man who married a hologram? The groom in the thumbnail seemed familiar. Then I remembered a news article in the past about a Japanese man who married an anime character. Turns out, it was the same guy. So I got curious and clicked on the video.



I got pretty emotional after watching that. It wasn't really pity. I did not feel sorry for the guy as he actually seemed happy with his decision. Instead, I felt inspired. I wanted to make a story about a genuinely nice guy who would eventually find love. That they don't have to settle for an imaginary character. And there is no need to escape into fantasy. I know there are more guys like him out there and I wanted to let them know that it's okay. You will find true love.

So what do you think of the video? Or his decision to marry a fictional character?

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On 4/30/2020 at 8:24 PM, OtakuKid said:

Your webcomic is really cool!

Thank you for checking it out. 😀

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