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What is The Ruthisian Codex About?



The story is about a woman who discovers that she has supernatural abilities after kids in her city begin to go missing and must locate a book called The Ruthisian Codex to gain mastery over her powers and find the people responsible for the kidnappings. 

The lead character's name is Phia and the first chapter explores her seemingly normal life as a budding caterer. Throughout the book, I will describe certain dishes that she makes in detail and include the recipes at the back of the book. I may also include pictures but I'm not 100% certain yet. I'm also considering starting a Discord & hosting monthly virtual brunches where people can create their favorite foods from the book & we can all show our creations & hang out for a few hours. Making recipe videos for YouTube or live streaming myself preparing the dishes is also another idea I have.

Phia's abilities and back story all center around Ancient Egyptian mythology and religion. Her love of cooking, her romantic interests, and some of her other hobbies are all tied into the Egyptian deities that she identifies with the most. 

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Awesome, I really like the premise. Let us know how it goes and when you finish your first chapter. It definitely sounds like something I would read. 

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Thank you @CSR1980 !

I'm actually spending this weekend working on character outlines because I want to avoid as many plot holes as possible. 

I'm doing this RPG style, so I'm breaking down each character by strengths, weaknesses, & importance to the story. My main goal this weekend is to outline everyone's powers/abilities & how they tie into the story. So I'll be exploring questions like What limitations do their abilities have i.e. does it drain them physically, can they only use certain abilities once, etc.? Do they need to be triggered by an event or are they always accessible? Are there conditions that have to be met before they can be used i.e. full moon, during storms or a certain time of day/night, etc.? Do their abilities tie into or work in tandem with the abilities of other characters & if so, how does that shape their relationships? An example of that last point is that Phia's father & one of her love interests have an ability that they each use in a different way & this brings them together & helps them to form a bond. This bond will dramatically impact the outcome of a battle at the end of the story. 

My goal is to make these characters as alive as possible & I want to help readers really see the world through each characters eyes & share their experiences via their progression, struggles, & triumphs. I want their abilities, the process of their mastery of them, & their use of them to be reflective of not just their personal moral code but also how these abilities play into the larger story. There will definitely be points of moral conflict where a character has to go against their nature in order to obtain a specific outcome. 

There are two abilities that Phia possesses & I'm finalizing how I want these abilities to manifest throughout the book & one of them leads into her ability to control the elements. It deals with music & chanting & I'm so in love with the idea that I've decided that in the book trailer that I will have done, I'm going to be chanting one of the spells or incantations that Phia uses to fight enemies & the trailer will only be a few minutes long but I'll basically chant it a few times with Egyptian music playing in the background with my chanting & the music getting more & more intense as the trailer goes on & then the end 'The Ruthisian Codex' will appear across the top of the screen in flaming letters with the book beneath it & where people can buy it next to it, & links to the website & Discord icon & stuff beneath it. I've even found an Italian musician who I"m going to reach out to & see if he would honor me by doing the music. 

I'm very excited about this project. 


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Wow! Sir ur project sounds very cool , where do plan to publish this project of urs? I'd really like to read it soon. Also do u have a youtube channel irl?

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@0mega0_0 thank you for the lovely comment! No, not YouTube channel yet but I will need to start one when it gets closer to publishing time. I'm giving myself about a year to have my final draft done & ready to be reviewed by an editor before publishing. Working full time limits how much I am able to work on it but I try to spend at the very least half an hour a day either looking up technical aspects like tips on character design or plot structure, working on my outline, etc. I'm still working on the outline & getting the 1st chapter done. 

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I've revised the first page again to strengthen the hook at the end of the last paragraph. I'm also in the process of filling out more of the character backstories and I've even written the lyrics for a song that Phia will whisper into the ear of the main antagonist at the end of their fight. I like the song so much that I think I'll use it in the book trailer and I will be doing the vocals for it. I've recently begun chatting with a composer here in the U.S. and have sent the song to him to get his thoughts. Oh, and I'm deciding on other special foods that will be in the story at specific points. As I've stated, I'd like to have these recipes at the end of the book & if I do plan to do a YouTube channel or Discord, I'd like to show people how to make these. 

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