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An average day of the "real L Lawliet". 1/???, maybe.

L Lawliet


Go to school (virtually), eat lunch, play some Terraria or something, then fall asleep.

Pretty boring, huh?



I'm obviously kidding. This isn't my entire life. I do more than just do that over and over again... Here's what I do.

My alarm is set for 6:05. I wake up after about... 3 minutes, so that's at 6:08. Then I quite literally faint back onto my bed and fall back asleep until 8:00. I don't know what it is, but I always feel... extraordinarily tired. Exhausted. I don't know if I have [bad virus name here] or if it's my anemia. Either way, that's not what y'all are here for. Y'all want to hear my life story. Anyways... After I wake up, I have to restart my computer once or twice because the internet doesn't like me very much. After I do that, I go onto Google Meet, go to my class website, and enter the class.

Now, my first class is either ELA or Science. I absolutely love ELA. There, we get to... type a lot. Write a lot of things. You know, things people like doing... kind of. Partially. So, I do my ELA stuff, then we go to our next class - Theatre or Gym. Now, let me tell you about theatre.

Theatre is the best class. Nobody can convince me otherwise. Improv, uh... talking... working in groups... We're, uh, doing Jack and the Beanstalk... yeah... that's fun... I can do good voice acting, I mean. If sounding like L sounds counts as voice acting. Anyways...


I'll probably continue this... later...



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