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Ryan makes a webtoon #2: The story synopsis

Ryan Dave Jimenez


I wrote where I got my webtoon idea from in the last blog post. You can read that first before reading this one.

We can start expanding this idea into a full story.
It’s time to write!

Writing is really hard. It’s harder than drawing to be honest. It’s so hard that a lot of webtoon creators actually skip it.

They go straight to drawing instead. They do a very rough draft of their story and go directly to the fun part of making a webtoon. Which is drawing.

And that is why you get Anime, TV shows, or games that have crappy endings.

Because the story was a second priority. It was just made along the way.

However, it’s not practical to write a complete novel before you even start designing your characters. That is too extreme.

I think it’s best to be in the middle where you have the story done. It’s complete but not set in stone. You can make changes along the way. But you already know how it will go and even know the ending.

I am using a Microsoft Word template to do that. It works by asking me questions that will help form the story. I will have a complete story once I answer all the questions.



I made this template by combining things I learned from using Storyweaver and Dramatica which are very old software.

I used them in the past and I thought it was pretty cool that they helped you construct a solid story.


You will eventually hit a writer’s block where you run out of ideas. It happens to everyone so don’t worry about it.

What I did was I went to You Tube to do research. I searched for Japanese mythology or Japanese legends and watched a lot of videos.

I also used a Japanese name generator for my characters. This saves me time of having to brainstorm them names. Unless a character needs to be named something specific.




And here’s the first version of the synopsis. This is just the first version and can change over time.



“Yumi is a young geisha-in-training who is clumsy and incompetent. There is no way she is fit to be a geisha. One day she gets mistaken for being her clan’s best geisha and is sent on a mission to defeat an ancient demon. This webtoon is a story about friendship, love, and fulfilling your destiny.

It is feudal Japan and there are four warring clans all seeking to become Shogun. There are also women known as “geishas” blessed with magical powers from the goddess.

Not all women are born geishas. The lucky chosen ones are immediately bought from their parents and taken to a geisha school. Where they will be trained. Once they graduate, they can start their careers and do whatever they want.

But all four clans declare a truce when news came about of the awakening of an ancient demon. An evil long thought dead has returned. This demon ravaged the lands with his demonic army nearly bringing all of Japan into extinction.

It was only because of a legendary geisha and seven of the best warriors that this demon was defeated. The legendary geisha then sealed this demon.

But how did this demon break its seal in the first place?

Looking to the past, the four clans decided to send their best geisha accompanied by their best warrior to go forth on a journey to end this demon once again.”



Let me know in the comments below what you think. Is it too cliche? And do you have any suggestions to make it better?


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