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Ryan makes a webtoon #4: Designing the characters

Ryan Dave Jimenez


I just finished the story.

Well, half of it is already done. So I guess it doesn’t count….

But at least the story is going somewhere.

I strongly believe in getting a solid foundation for your story right away. It doesn’t have to be the final version but your story should have a version 1.

I also moved on to the next step which is the script for chapter one.

What about the title? What’s the name of your webtoon?

I don’t know yet.

It does feel weird that my webtoon is still nameless.

I followed a screenplay format for the chapter 1 script. But I wasn’t too strict about it. Ignore the writing too because I’m not really a writer. I just wanted to get my thoughts on paper and decide what will happen in chapter 1.




What I like about using a script is, it’s preparing you for the next stages in making a webtoon. For example, this is already the dialogue. This will become the speech balloons.




And these descriptions of what’s happening will eventually be for the storyboard.




Story? done! Chapter 1 script? done! Now it’s time to draw. It’s time to design the characters.

The main character: Yumi Hashimoto.




Yumi is the youngest of the five main characters. I also wanted her to look a little boyish or angry to reflect her immaturity but still looking feminine.

Since they’re geishas, I also needed to give them accessories like earrings, ribbons, makeup and so on. Because that’s how a real Japanese geisha looks like.

Sachiko Takano is the oldest of the main characters. She is also a beautiful, seductive, sexy character. So I did my best to make her look more mature physically.




Miho Goda is probably my favorite character. And you will know why when she starts to show her powers. Miho is the strongest and scariest of the main characters. She rarely talks and she gives everyone the creeps. So I needed to make her look gothic. Like a Goth chick.




Eiko Maita was supposed to be the tomboy in the group but she didn’t turn out that way. She still looks feminine but not that feminine which is okay I guess. It can probably work.




And last but not least is Katashi. The only male in the main characters. He is going to be a badass ninja and hopefully be a cool character. And yeah, he will be the leading man but with who? Who will be his romantic interest?




So that’s everything I’ve accomplished so far.

Let me know in the comments which character are you most looking forward to?


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