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Ryan makes a webtoon #5: Designing clothes

Ryan Dave Jimenez


In the last blog post I showed what the main characters will look like.

After designing the main characters, I designed one more character. Since I already finished the script for chapter 1, I know what characters are needed for the debut chapter. So I realized I needed to design Atsuko.




She is the clan's best geisha a very promising prospect with the potential to become the best geisha in the country.


I wanted her to look cool and even a bit masculine. A cool chick.


She is also always smiling because of how confident she is in her abilities.

Now after figuring out how the characters will look, I needed to know how their bodies will look like. So I started designing their clothes. I mainly focused on chapter one. There are more clothes to design and characters to design but I decided to just think of the first chapter.

I'm no fashion designer but this is what I came up with. It's based on traditional Japanese costumes. This is what a Head Geisha will wear.




Head Geishas are like the principals of a school. They are in charge of everything. They start a Geisha school and they train them.

This is what Maikas will wear or "Geishas-in-training". Similar to students in school.




After designing the clothes, I did a trial drawing. Combining what the character looks like and the clothes they will be wearing.

Here's the main character Yumi.




Her magic is fire related. She can generate fire from her hands and use that to fight.

Here's Atsuko. Yumi's classmate who is the best student in their school.




Her magic is ice. She also generates ice from her hands and uses it to fight.

I also made the storyboard for chapter one.


A storyboard is like a blueprint to how something will appear. Engineers use blueprints to build machines and artists use storyboards to build creative things.


And that's everything I've got so far. I got my storyboard done so I can now start drawing for chapter one. That's very exciting. Thanks for reading. Take care!

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