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Making poorly made Pixel art animations!



Well, hey all! ^w^

I have been working with pixel art models for a little while, and I have to say that while i am not exactly good at it, i have made a few GIF's here and there. Here is one of my newer ones:


While its not exactly smooth, I simply made it as a proof of reference for when I need to try and make another jump animation in the future. Regardless, If anybody is interested in knowing more about my Pixel art or other art stuff, then please feel free to ask ^^ I'm sure to post it regardless, since I really like sharing them :D

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Hmm.. I think its pretty good and cute to me to be honest in my opinion. I tried making them myself before, but was never good at them so I don't now more. Also true practice makes perfect, heh. But not sure If I can afford software for that to make them, but over all I like what you have here. :) 

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5 hours ago, SAO LILDOOP said:

Really cool actually, how did you do it though?

The magic of pixel art and Photoshop ^w^

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