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Entry nº1 - A proper introduction



Good day all, I would like to formerly reintroduce myself to everyone reading, since that should get your attention.

Roxeg is my nickname, and I'm from Spain, though I've lived for longer in different countries, I'll enter in more details below. I'm 17 years old and will be turning 18 the 13th of April, so there's my birthdate already. I was born in Spain, but I moved when I was 4 to Sénégal (west Africa) and stayed there for five years, I promise to give many more details in the future, in an entry of it's own where I'll talk about how I lived there. Later in 2012 I moved to Turkey and I've been living here since, though I plan leaving the country for my studies in 2019.

I currently speak 3 languages, Spanish, French and English (I have a mix of British and American accent) and I'm also learning German at school (I go to a French school). I also know a few sentences in Japanese and I can count up to 99. That's all I have to say for now concerning languages.

I am an only child (no siblings) and I have 6 cousins, two on my mother's side and 4 on my father's side, though I would have liked having a brother or a sister, apparently I've got used with being alone when I'm staying in foreign countries, since I only get to see my other cousins in Summer and Winter (which means soon).

I consider myself an optimistic person, always looking at the bright side of everything, no matter how bad the situation is, this has in actuality led me to become the person I am today and I do not regret refusing to give up in many moments of my life, when I could've. As I've said a couple of times already in my posts, I'm an introvert, and I don't feel comfortable when I'm in a group of too many people who are different to me (in personality), so at school I'm 95% of the time alone, walking by myself thinking about anything that needs to be thought.

Lately I've got the feeling that I'm slowly losing one of my best friends at school, he knows I'm not very open to meeting too many people at once and talking to them and however he still decided to spend more time with a new group of people that I don't find myself compatible with, fortunately at the same time I feel I'm getting slightly closer to my other best friend, who's been with me since the second year after I arrived here.

My favourite colour is red, since I was little it hasn't changed (I'm obviously not the only). WhileI was writing this part, I just out my name in Japanes equals: ジョージ , it's pronounced Jooji and  I think it sounds pretty funny, I might even start asking people to call me by that sometimes.

I'm incredibly fond of science, my favourite domains being astronomy, chemistry and biology. I'm really good in astronomy and a bit of quantum physics, so I dare say I have a scientific personality attached to me, it really fascinates me overall.

Now I'm staring at my laptop wondering what else I can add, well I suppose I'll let my readers decide on what they're curious about (if at all), so I'm going to end this here, and I wish you all a great day.

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Well I have to say that was a very interesting introduction about yourself and I'll be looking forward to reading more of your entres or learning more about you. I had that problem with one of my friends in school. They talked to other people a lot which was fine and I respected, but me being shy and somewhat and introvert myself I felt left out and tried to socialize with them as well. Though they wernt so accepting to me so I backed off when they hung out with my friend but still I was always polite to them. Me and my friend drifted apart more sadly and they changed as a person to something I didn't like so we parted ways since it was best. I wasn't so lucky in having another friend right away who was there for me and I grown close to till later on so it was tough for me in school for a while. But sometimes that happens between friends the grow apart or things change.

So far by reading all this about you I can tell great things will happen for you, sometimes struggle might acure along the way as anyone really would face but I have high hopes for you. Also it's a very good thing you are optimist about stuff now, that's wonderful to hear. Well I'm looking forward to your next entry so please take care of yourself and see you around~ 

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this is the first time that I've read your entry haha. btw r u a girl or a boy ? just curious 


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