Recommendations of anime!

Three great adventure titles

If you like the idea of a group exploring the world to achieve a quest, then check out these anime titles!

Three intriguing anime cyberpunk titles

Cyberpunk can be defined as Sci-Fi set within a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology. If you like the sound of that, check these anime titles out!

Three tear-jerking anime titles

If you're looking for an anime title with impact and drama, then check these out!

My Top 10 Romance Anime ( Part 1)

1. Kaichou wa maid-sama. Kaichou wa maid-sama or just maid-sama is one of my favorite anime. It is about a high school girl named Misaki who is sexist and is in no way looking for a boyfriend. Then along comes Usui ... the guy who every girl…

Anime that will make you rethink your life

So in my experience of watching anime I have been deemed a feels addict. I have been all over the battlefield that is anime. These are some of the titles I have seen that will make you think about things you never thought you would think about…

Should You Watch Nisekoi (False Love)?

Nisekoi is an anime that miraculously manages to take a large number of overused anime cliches and surprisingly make them enjoyable for both the new anime fans and the old. The anime takes these cliches and combines them with stunning visuals and animation and brings them to life in a rom-com that surprised me as well as many others.

The Anime and Manga Horror Genre

Are you interested in the horror genre of both anime and manga but do not know where to start? Well let me lend a helping hand to my fellow horror lovers.

Top 5 Survival Games That'll Make You Rethink Life

5. Death Parade Okay, I know this isn’t exactly what you would call a Survival Game, but it’s somewhat similar to it.-Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological Episodes: 12 Aired: Jan 2015 – Mar 2015 The anime plays in the bar Quin…

Top 5 Drama Anime

5. Zankyou No Terror -Twelve & LisaEven though this anime focuses more on the action and mystery, you will still be hit with a wave full of drama at the end – you will develop enough feelings for the characters to at least feel…

Jataku's Anime Recommendations

This is a little idea I came up with a while back.I've always been able to find my own way as regards to what shows I watch. Sometimes I watch it for the aesthetic (Nisekoi, Anohana, and Lain, all I really enjoy) but sometimes I tend to…