Written thoughts on anime, including characters and plots

Summer 2017 Anime - Nutty's First Impressions

The 2017 Summer Anime Season started off strongly, with quite a number of shows that have gained my interest instantly; and quite a number that seem interesting enough to keep watching. So with the number of new releases dying down, I think…

Spring 2017 Anime - Nutty's First Impressions

In this post, I will attempt to share my views on (what looks to be) the most promising anime series from Spring 2017.Spring 2017 is looking to become a solid season for anime. When I think of this season, the first shows that come to mind…

Kanon Character and Ending Thoughts - Spoilers

Ryuji's thoughts on the six main characters of Kanon 2006.

Thoughts on the Vampire Knight anime ending

Thoughts on the Vampire Knight anime ending. Contains spoilers!

Aikatsu | Thank you for all my precious days

One of my favorite anime ended this Thursday, I'm doing this as a farewell to Aikatsu, a show that has been a staple to my life for three and a half years.

Dagashi Kashi: First Impressions

Dagaski Kahi has a very captivating plot, though it is masked behind an enormous amount of forced and genuine humor, it still reminds you of the main objective its story.