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Feel free to join, discuss about mystery anime, uncover new mysteries and such. Mystery events may take place once in a while, hop in and be up to date.

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  2. Your Favorite Mystery Anime

    I do agree with you here and yeah most of the mystery animes published these days don't offer alot of potential but the context of each episode in hyouka was promising to watch, at least for me. Indeed. As i stated above, after the 5-6 episodes things were getting pretty obvious and it didn't feel like a mystery anymore and yeah some could say it's just a well-made thriller but honestly, Erased is one of these animes you cannot really declare to whether it's genre belongs to thriller, mystery, seinen or even to supernatural.
  3. Your Favorite Mystery Anime

    Death Note. I just love it!! Oh, and Black Butler too!!
  4. Your Favorite Mystery Anime

    For anime, I would say it is Detective Conan hands down. It may not be the best show out there, or even that good of a mystery series, but there are good cases and one that I could definitely consider part of the mystery genre. I have seen Hyouka, and the cases there were quite boring, no matter which kind of era of mystery you are going for, as none of the cases were really that interesting. Gosick, on the other hand, had some cases that were interesting enough to get into, but ended up becoming terrible enough towards the end that it would only stand out well in Doyle’s time, but I would still kind of add it to the list. Erased though is a series that does not belong in the mystery genre. The anime starts out like it is one, but the criminal is obvious early on and is the only suspect, so it is more of a thriller, as opposed to a true mystery, where the culprit’s alibi must be broken, as they are already obvious, or a different style (e.g. whodunit).
  5. What was your very first Mystery Anime you've seen and which one you've watched over the years would you consider your unbeatable favorite? To me: Hyouka, Erased,Tokyo Ghoul and Durarara! Hyouka is not an action based mystery anime but honestly one of the best mystery animes out there right now. I'd agree adding Detective Conan but i haven't been able to keep up with all the episodes and dropped it back then. Tokyo Ghoul and Durarara are both good shows, couldn't identify them as Mystery animes because they're very action based imo but added them into the list. I liked Erased but things were too obvious between the 5-7 episodes even though it was one of the best animes in 2016 if we judge by the huge popularity. So what's your opinion to all of this? Write below and let us know.