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Feel free to join, discuss about mystery anime, uncover new mysteries and such. Mystery events may take place once in a while, hop in and be up to date.
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  2. I doubt it, it’s been many years since the first season came out and I don’t think there’s really that much demand for a sequel.
  3. Victorique de Blois, Sakurako Kujou and L but Sakurako Kujou got some mad skills
  4. So I am working on a new project. A motion webtoon (motion webcomic). Think of it as a colored manga with some animation. Not 100% animated but not static pictures either. And here is the synopsis: I already discussed this in detail in a AF blog post that can be found here: Now I haven't watched Hyouka yet. Heck I just learned (thanks to this club) that Hyouka is similar to my story synopsis. I don't watch a lot of mystery anime but I do enjoy the genre. So I'm thinking if anyone wants to collaborate in creating a mystery that the four club members will solve? I have some ideas but I don't know which one to pursue. I also don't know how to write a mystery. I just know that you have to work backwards. Start from the end and work your way in reverse.
  5. same here ! curious to see the new side stories adaptated into OAV's or movies; you know, for example, the one where they explain how hotarou made eveyone hate him or something
  6. It's pretty unlikely. Hyouka ended with no source material to continue. I have also read the Light Novel and the ending was the same. I will just tag along with @efaardvark and say that I would rather see a movie. Maybe one where all of them are grown ups. I'm kinda curious to see adult Houtarou.
  7. Right ! hope they just think about it, given the fact that it has aired back in 2012, its been a while but dont give up hope haha :))
  8. I did like Hyouka, but I would be reluctant to see a second season. They didn't really leave any loose ends so any second season would have to be a new storyline, and I'm still working off issues from FLCL2 so... no, not looking for a second season. I might go for *an* episode that does a better ending though, or maybe even a movie. Maybe. I'd have to be convinced.
  9. so hi everybody i am new to this site, and to this club, and i hope we all have a good time talking about animes and stuff so had this question for a while, since im a big, and i mean HUGE hyouka fan ; will it get a sequel ? like a second season, a movie, or even OVAs or specials ? cause lots of other fans said "yes why not" as well as those who said " no that'd be boring" what do you guys think about it ? it really deserves a sequel even though the end was an end to the whole story as far as we all think
  10. Sakurako Kujo from Beautiful Bones is in many ways the perfect Holmes archetype: while intellectually brilliant with a keen sense of observation, she has a number of personality flaws & at times can be childish and petty. While most people assume her preoccupation with bones is morbid, she sees the skeletal structure as a miracle of nature that makes life possible. And also a testimony that remains after life, not only of how they died but also how they lived.
  11. Mines a bit of an old one, and not as well known a htouka and konan, but my favorite has got to be Ayamu Narumi from Spiral: Suiri no KizunaSpiral:
  12. That is an easy one to be sure for me. Shinichi Kudo. He is in my opinion not only one of the best anime characters at solving mysteries. He is by far one of tthe best characters ever at solving mysteries period.
  13. Hyouka has been on my list for a good while now. I honestly forgot about it till reading this. I'll have to pick it back up soon.
  14. I had plans on re-watching Hyouka soon, thanks for the info.
  15. While not exactly earth-shaking news, this makes me happy nevertheless since this one has been kind of hard to find online.... http://www.crunchyroll.com/hyouka
  16. I haven't seen that Anime yet should i watch it? For me it would have to be subaru from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. He always tries his best to change everything but keeps ending up failing and not going anywhere. Also he cares about what happens to people he loves very much. Even when the people he cares about don't see it at all, He's there to help in any way that he can. in a way he reminds me of me because right now i do the same in life, i care about my friends and family and i try my very best to support them. I also try and fight for what i love but i keep failing at that chance. But yeah he reminds me of me.
  17. We all have this one character we adore a lot and sometimes we happen to copy him. Whether it's the characteristics or the way he speaks, perhaps a well-known quote he repeats on occasion. Post below your favorite character of the mystery genre and share some common similarities you both share. For me, it's undoubtfully Houtarou from Hyouka. He's kind of reminding me to my current self, rather the slow-ass who's staying at home and conserving energy than going outside more frequently. And yet, he reminds me somehow to my younger self who was an excellent chess player in the middle school. Now it's your turn, what's your favorite character of the mystery genre and do you share any similarities with him. Let us know below.
  18. I don't know I always liked the mystery anime a lot.
  19. Erased is absolutely fantastic and essential viewing! I also really like Mayoiga and Chaos; Head/Chaos; Child!
  20. I saw Hyouka mentioned above.. liked that one. Last episode was a bit off, but overall it was fun. Wish I could find it streaming somewhere again. Not sure what exactly is considered "mystery" here so I'll just mention that I also liked Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (the end theme, Missing You is a favorite of mine ever since). Higashi no Eden (East of Eden). Another was more horror - nothing like starting off with an umbrella through the throat - but I liked that, and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia too while I'm at it. How about Suzumiya Haruhi (esp. "The Disappearance of ..." - almost made up for the "endless eight" arc.. almost)? Or even Mushishi? Sorry, not into Detective Conan.
  21. Death Note. I just love it!! Oh, and Black Butler too!!
  22. For anime, I would say it is Detective Conan hands down. It may not be the best show out there, or even that good of a mystery series, but there are good cases and one that I could definitely consider part of the mystery genre. I have seen Hyouka, and the cases there were quite boring, no matter which kind of era of mystery you are going for, as none of the cases were really that interesting. Gosick, on the other hand, had some cases that were interesting enough to get into, but ended up becoming terrible enough towards the end that it would only stand out well in Doyle’s time, but I would still kind of add it to the list. Erased though is a series that does not belong in the mystery genre. The anime starts out like it is one, but the criminal is obvious early on and is the only suspect, so it is more of a thriller, as opposed to a true mystery, where the culprit’s alibi must be broken, as they are already obvious, or a different style (e.g. whodunit).
  23. What was your very first Mystery Anime you've seen and which one you've watched over the years would you consider your unbeatable favorite? To me: Hyouka, Erased,Tokyo Ghoul and Durarara! Hyouka is not an action based mystery anime but honestly one of the best mystery animes out there right now. I'd agree adding Detective Conan but i haven't been able to keep up with all the episodes and dropped it back then. Tokyo Ghoul and Durarara are both good shows, couldn't identify them as Mystery animes because they're very action based imo but added them into the list. I liked Erased but things were too obvious between the 5-7 episodes even though it was one of the best animes in 2016 if we judge by the huge popularity. So what's your opinion to all of this? Write below and let us know.

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