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For anime fans who are new to the community! Meant to be a place to help one another understand different genre of anime and or anime communities.
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  2. Everyone has different tastes, so it's hard to say exactly what the best op is. I've watched just some anime, so I can't name the best oppening. But i have favourite. It's oppening «Happy Sugar life» https://youtu.be/3QvZYI00voE
  3. Hi. Welcome to the club, budy
  4. My favorite is probably Dragon Ball Z. It's been a favorite of mine ever since childhood.
  5. So many to choose, damn. Okay some honourable mentions have to go to Monster, Steins Gate, Madoka Magica Rebellion, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works second opening and Ergo Proxy. However my number 1 all-time favourite as got to be. Psycho Pass season 1 opening 2. The choose of song, presentation, and themes present are 10/10
  6. DEFINITELY Ghost in The Shell opening. Inner Universe by Origa (RIP) I remember first hearing it late at night on Adult Swim and becoming entranced by the song. Always gives me goosebumps and is on my Spotify to this day. Great song.
  7. For me : Inuyasha - Change the world HxH - Ohayou CCS - Catch you catch me One piece - We are One piece - hikari e Digimon adventure - butterfly Flame of Recca - Nanka shiawase heaven official's blessing but idk the title, shinchan, doraemon, hamtaro, even rurouni kenshin and naruto, woah all of the anime got a really nice opening tho, especially One piece and inuyasha and rurouni kenshin..
  8. Thanks for the reply I have watched AOT and I have to agree. I will definitely try the other 2, they seem quite interesting.
  9. Magi on netflix. I have frequenty thought that there was mostly fighting scenes. Also you cant go wrong with Aatack on titan, there lots of good action but also great character and plot development. I really enjoyed Btooom! It is big on strategy but with bombs.
  10. i like shows where someone is fighting and there fucktons of action give me some suggestions fellas
  11. Hello, im new in this forum. I hope to have friends with all of you
  12. I seem to personally like anime shows with a lot of action, and slice of life styles. I'm not really into to the romance side of anime as I'll watch that on a regular show on tv most of the time.
  13. well personally i started off with darling in the franxx and kinda sorta stayed in the romance genre.. I guess it all depends on your personal preference of what you wanna watch are you a romantic? or do you like horror or drama or etc..
  14. What's in you guys opinion the best anime for newcomers to the club?
  15. hi everyone I'm new to this anime forum i enjoy watching anime but as there is none of my friend and family is interested in anime ,manga or novel i used talk to sis endlessly but she don't understand it So i tried this forum and i actually don't what to do so pls advise and guide me
  16. It's a toss up between Hellsing & Attack on Titan for me
  17. My 1st place as favorite anime is a tie between My Hero Academia & The Promised Neverland.
  18. I don't even remember the first anime I saw. It was all just "TV" back then, and "cartoons". There weren't even any tapes to buy/rent back then, so no "anime" display section at the stores to help make a distinction. I remember the westernized stuff like "Tranzor Z", (Matzinger Z), "Star Blazers" (Space Battleship Yamato), and "Speed Racer" (Mahha GoGoGo), but also mixed in were not-anime cartoons all the way back to Felix the Cat and Casper the Friendly Ghost, and then later stuff like He-Man, Thundercats, etc. The whole saturday morning cartoon thing. As a kid I just watched it all. Only later did I start making the distinction between "cartoons" and "anime". Some of the westernized stuff was barely what I'd call anime these days anyway.
  19. Same! It was a good first anime. We were lucky Winning!
  20. i know exactly what you mean my first anime was kikis delivery service my grandpa got it at the video store because they ran out of toy story
  21. first anime I remember seeing was on toonami as a kid dragon ball

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