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For anime fans who are new to the community! Meant to be a place to help one another understand different genre of anime and or anime communities.

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  2. its not that were inactive, its just that, well, life's been kinda busy ykno', i mean we have an event going on right now ^_^, assuming you can draw (or cant) you can join in there and have fun #totallydidnotgetpayedtopromotetheeventatall #iwantmycasharchiekun but yea, jokes aside, welcome to AF-forums fredericksedrick
  3. Welcome to the forums Sedrick. Any favorite anime?
  4. come on, let's be active, hahaha im a newbie here.
  5. Tennis no Oujisama - great sports anime Code Geass and Gundam 00 - from mecha genre Lucky Star and Gintama as awesome parodies One Piece from shoenen genre and on top of all my favourite titles - NGE. I can rewatch it at any time and may never be bored
  6. Lucky Star, Gintama op 5, Soul eater op 1 (just can't skip it!), Bleach op 2, NGE
  7. I thinks it is SAO. To be honest. i LOVE the romance in it!!!
  8. They dont watch it themselves. like none of my family does. and i mean this includes aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. But they allow me to talk about it to them even if they have no idea what im talking about. they have also tried getting me anime merchandise but never know where to look. lol its quite funny. Right now and im not sure why but i am currently obsessed with Deku Midoriya. just the anime itself i love but deku.. i dunno.. somethings different lol.
  9. My mother found K-ON! to be fricken hilarious, so that answers that question. My father is indifferent to anime. At work, I do try to avoid talking about anime unless of course my colleagues like anime.
  10. My mom never liked anime but she didn't care if I loved anime more than she does.
  11. Hajime no ippo. Greatest sports anime of ALL time!
  12. Hajime no ippo opening 1. And also slam dunk opening 1 and ending 1
  13. Lucky Star, Pokemon, DBZ, Beyblade, Cowboy Beebop, Hellsing, just too many. (As you can see I'm a bit old school)
  14. Oh man... so many come to mind. Kyoukai no kanata, Aldnoah Zero, Sidonia no Kishi, Owari no seraph, Clannad - After Story, .... could go on but I need sleep and if I get started I'll be streaming all night trying to find my favorite.
  15. For my all time favorite, I would have to say it's a solid tie between Toradora's Pre Parade and Re:Zero's Redo.
  16. My girlfriend recommended Your Lie in April to me, and I really enjoyed the art style. From there, I watched Re:Zero, and I've been watching ever since. As an athlete and bodybuilder, people don't really see me as the anime-watching type, but I believe that it can be for everyone.
  17. Back in 2010 someone I had played Tennis with recommended I try watching One Piece. I loved it. But this was right around the time before the time skip. Once I was caught up I wanted more, which got me into manga. Read up to the beginning of Fishman Island. Then I wanted to read more, so Berserk it was. One Piece started it all for me.
  18. Way too many to choose from... I'm going overboard and listing all my favorites. This is gonna take a while... Rurouni Kenshin- Freckles, 1/2 Fate/stay night- Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni, Brave Shine Air- Tori no Uta Azumanga Daioh- Soramimi Cake Monogatari- ambivalent world, dark cherry mystery, Platinum Disco Ghost Stories- Grow Up Berserk- Tell Me Why, Inferno Cardcaptor Sakura- Tobira wo Akete, Platinum Durarara!!- Complication Elfen Lied- Lilium Ergo Proxy- Kiri Nadia: Secret of Blue Water- Blue Water Gunslinger Girl- The Light Before We Land Inuyasha- I Am Kare Kano- Tenshi no Yubikiri Kimagure Orange Road- Orange Mystery Kyousougiga- Koko Magic Knight Rayearth- Yuzurenai Negai, Kirai ni Narenai, Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta mama Maison Ikkoku- Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa, Alone Again (Naturally), Suki sa, Hidamari To Love-ru- forever we can make it! Neon Genesis Evangelion- A Cruel Angel's Thesis Welcome to the N.H.K.- Puzzle Noragami- Goya wa Machiawase, Kyouran Hey Kids!! Spice and Wolf- Tabi no Tochuu Oreimo- irony Princess Tutu- Morning Grace Ranma 1/2- Omoide ga Ippai, Mou Nakanaide, Zettai! Part 2 Samurai Champloo- Battlecry Serial Experiments Lain- Duvet Revolutionary Girl Utena- Rinbu Revolution Slayers NEXT- Give a Reason Steins;Gate- Hacking to the Gate The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- Super Driver Gurren Lagann- Sorairo Days Escaflowne- Yakusoku wa Iranai Diebuster- Groovin' Magic WataMote- Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- BLAZE xxxHolic- 19sai, Nobody Knows Gintama- Pray
  19. I was just wondering what kind of anime openings the people on this forum like. I'm still kind of new to this website and I just wanted to create my first topic in this club Sooo... What is the best anime opening (in your opinion)??
  20. My mom is Japanese and when she was living in Japan she would read manga and watch anime such as Yu Yu Hakusho and Hajime no Ippo. My dad doesn't really care probably because he married a Japanese person
  21. it's kind of always been there. my brother and i grew up watching DBZ, pokemon, digimon, and other shows on tunami. i started reading manga when i found cased closed (i was 7 so arguably too young to be reading it). I kinda left it for a bit in high school, but started watching HunterxHunter and dove back into anime and manga. I even caught up with Naruto Shippuden right before it ended, though i cant say my schoolwork benefitted.
  22. Some of my friends at school watched it and I really like Dan Howell and Amazing Phill and they did some videos on it. So thus started the intrest
  23. Sorta, my mom and dad are the only ones who know about me watching anime. My mom is ok with it (except for hentai), and my dad doesnt really mind . I haven't told anyone else DERP
  24. I've been watching anime every once in a while for almost a year now. The first one I watched was Attack on Titan on Netfilx because my younger brother, who was 13 at the time, told me it was actually pretty good. After I finished AOT I loved it but didn't watch anything again until about a 1 & 1/2 years later when I randomly had the urge to watch Death Note. I literally watched all 37 episodes in less than 3 days and I kinda fell in love with anime after that. My total anime watched is 9.3 days worth with 22 shows completed though I still consider myself an "anime noob". While I have heard of a lot of titles and have been keeping up to date with what's new, I still feel really inexperienced. Well, I joined this club and there's that. Nice to meet you all.
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