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I'm not sure what to do when creating a club, I'm creating this club specifically to let other people write their own poems here, not necessarily to be judged, but simply to be read. First, I want to let the reader know that I'm no poet, I have little to absolutely no experience in writing poems for pleasure, if you are a reader of my blog, then you'll know what I mean, but if I become inspired again to write about something, I will post it here.

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  2. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg Yes, I suppose so.
  3. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy I see you're quite a particular case, I did notice that before but now it's much clearer. You are indeed a unique character.
  4. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg I have very little hope in anything or anyone and I prefer to keep it that way. However, in all honesty, I am both sides of the spectrum when it comes to people ... I dislike people, generally. However, I don't really believe that most people are "bad". I see almost everything in grey, rarely ever do I see black and white, because life is just not like that. Those who others may condemn and hate, I often times refrain from condemning because there is always another side to things. There is always another point of view, another thought, another secret and we never truly know anything. I am a complete skeptic and believe around 1% of the things I hear. Why? Because most everything we "know" is what others say, what others think. We know what we're shown and what we're taught, we don't know the secrets that lie beneath everything, nor the mind sent of everyone. We know almost nothing in this world and that is why I have so little hope, or faith, in anything. I am cynical, skeptical and completely unbiased at the same time. If I don't know everything, I will not judge. For judging based on what you know, is judging based on what you're taught and judging based on what you're taught is just following the crowd.
  5. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy Anything's possible, it's okay if there's no actual fixed and certain answer. Having that little hope in humanity is wrong though, as a whole, yes, it's terrible, but it's imperative to learn to rely on those who are different, to make a different of what's yet to come, for the sake of all.
  6. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg Or perhaps the person describing it felt as if they never had anyone and never deserved anyone, so when this person who actually cared came along they ... kind of felt like it was a miracle someone finally cared.
  7. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy So you're suggesting it's because of a lack of understanding of the situation? That the behaviour of the person who helped is way too good for it to be real and hence it's necessarily divine and not human?
  8. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg I think for some people angels are the way of describing someone who's helped them so much they don't know any other way to put it.
  9. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy That's one way to interpret it, but I don't think I'd make that big of a deal out of it, I'd just be glad someone came to help, no matter how angelic or not they appear, help is help. I doubt I'll ever be that desperate though, knowing my optimism, it's only been one time in my whole life that I was truly depressed, and I came over it by myself, so I may just be an isolated case, so I do want to help those who don't have my luck.
  10. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg And I'm not saying their perfect, or magical, or anything like that. I'm just saying that if you do find someone like this, someone who gives you hope again when you'd lost it all and really makes you enjoy being alive, then really, aren't they basically a guardian angel? They came into your life at a time you needed them, they saved you, they continue to save you and they're always there. That's how I view it.
  11. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy And who wouldn't, after all? Good to have interesting arguments like this from time to time, I'm sure it helps your depression to talk about it this way and share thoughts.
  12. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg I completely agree. I absolutely hate it when people brush everything off as "God will take care of it." or, "You don't have to worry, God's in control." because honestly, there's no use in doing anything, ever, if that was true. Yes, I do believe in God and yes, I do believe he guides our lives somewhat, but we have to stand up and work for it. We have to push towards our goals and our dreams in order to get to that point. Those who brush everything to the side and act as if we need to do nothing because God will take care of us, I find wrong, completely and utterly wrong. Now, you seem to have taken my other statement the wrong way as well. I do not cover up the facts of life or try to hide from my depression by saying people are like guardian angels, no, not in any way am I trying to give myself something to hold on to in order to keep my depression at bay. In all honesty I think most people are stupid, childish, boring, wicked creatures who, for the most part, make me want to stay away from human beings all together. However, there are those people who can really impact you and save you, in a way ... I'm not trying to say that because I have depression and I have to act like everyone's wonderful and people are all amazing, beautiful things that I can hold unto in order to not feel so alone. No, no, no, it's the exact opposite. I really quite detest being around people, I can barely go an hour before I get completely fed up with them and need to be by myself, with my thoughts. People are exhausting things ... they're often times stupid and get on my nerves so quickly. My opinion on people being like guardian angels is the fact that some people come into your life and make it better. They make you smile again. They give you hope. Some people, very few actually, have the ability to really help people ... and these people, the ones who can do this, seem like angels to me and not because I need something magical and beautiful to hold unto, but because the world is so utterly disgusting and completely abhorrent that when you find someone like this, who can actually do something good and save another person's life, then they do seem a little angelic.
  13. Now I Have You.

    I've always been on my own, since I was a kid Not like the other kids, I just did what I did They never understood, I was kind of morbid Always calling me names so sometimes I just hid ... While I was growing up, I thought I'd get better in this new lane Spending time deducing other students, so maybe a friendship I could maintain But still they just hated me, no matter how hard I tried, time and again Calling me names, hating my skill, but I didn't need friends when I had cocaine. Sentimental stupidity was not something I needed And the warnings of drug abuse went unheeded Only now that you've come along has my mind conceded ... For I started out wondering what was wrong Why was I different? Why didn't I belong? But as I grew up, I became very headstrong No longer was I about to keep playing along. I became the man you see today Standing here in this fray Solving crimes like child's play Already solved four by 8 A.M. on Monday. But when what I never knew I needed showed up at my door You helped me, I helped you and all with just a little gore Saving each other, what's this feeling? I've never felt it before ... How come you just walked into my life and now you, I really truly adore? I always did it on my own, by myself I got through it Now you show up at my door and now I've got to review it 'Cause you think I'm a genius, now I'm going to prove it With you by my side you somehow improve it And now 'cause of you I'm even more ready to pursue it ... Used to try to figure out normalcies Tried to make friends, but they wanted enemies ... Now, instead of calling me "freak" like all the others do You get mesmerized call me "Brilliant" and "Fantastic" too ... It's odd having someone say such things, things I've never hear before you I'm getting quite fond, although I'll try not to be see through. For I was always alone, with my shadow, self made Everyone else was a copy, I was handmade Now I don't try to make friends, I face this world unafraid For I didn't try to find you, you just sort of ... stayed. You're so soft and caring Yet equally daring We make the perfect pairing And I don't mind sharing. Although you think I know everything, I still can't figure out How you're so perfect, everything about you is grand, no doubt You're fascinatingly brave and skillful, clever and devout I can't find a single thing of you I'd go and change about ... Now I'm not so lonely, not so lost in my own mind Now I know this is what I needed but couldn't ever find Now with you, my dearest friend, so pure and so kind I no longer need the drugs when our fingers are intertwined.
  14. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy Metaphysically, yeah, you can call all kinds of phenomena in whatever way you want, I won't judge you for that. I do understand your points, giving your own meaning to whatever happens around could be a way to put away depression, however do be wary fot it shouldn't be a defninitive solution, living in a bubble is safe from the inside, but as people change we must evolve as well, and accepting new ideas is the beginning, it all finishes with accepting reality as it is rather than making up beautiful meanings when reality itself must be changed by us instead of putting make up over it. See it this way, instead of hiding how the real world is, without magic and that stuff, you're alone, and you can rely on other human beings for certain activities, and it is a somewhat terrible place, where selfishness and corruption rule, of course saying it's "evil incarnated" and "a test from God" makes it sound like a good excuse to just let it be, right? Wishing for it to end is very common, but most of the time people just don't do anything about it, and it remains that, a wish, never accomplished because of the lack of motivation. Now I see it this way: The world is as bad as it is because we allowed it, we allow selfishness to grow in us and take control of our actions, even the most insignificant ones, but it happens, and it expands, and no one dares to face reality as it is, it is human after all to think for oneself, so it's not really something to blame for, but we do have something special, called empathy, it's our guide and we make good use of it like many have over the course of history. A guardian angel to protect each one of us sounds good, but instead of troubling others, why not protect yourself, take initiatives, a leadership role, a step into the future that's yet to come for all of humanity to share? We cannot leave the future in the hands of 'fate' and 'the Almighty wanted it to be so, it must be right', that's the past, we have way too many ways to prove that we are alone indeed, and we cannot risk to go backwards even further (because at this rate, we are already going back into the Middle Age mentalities, only with futuristic "unholy" technology. That's what I think, anyways.
  15. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg A guardian angel really isn't that far fetched when put into terms ... in my religious opinion I do believe in actual guardian angels, I have ever since I was a child, since I grew up with my religious beliefs and although I'm so completely and utterly against worthless hope and pining for something that is most likely unreal, just for you to have reason to believe in something that makes you feel better, I can't say that I don't believe in guardian angels. Now, on the other hand ... I also believe guardian angels aren't always as the name makes them sound. I think people, normal, average, every day people can turn out to be guardian angels. For me, someone who can give you hope, who can make you smile, who can teach you something new, who can make you want to keep living, those people ... even if they're just your friend, a normal person who doesn't warrant looking twice, I think they can be a sort of guardian angel in a way that most people may not understand. It may be that I look at things differently than most people, often times stripping everything away from a situation and making my own impressions of people, things and meanings. I'm not one to take everything as it is, to just accept what we're shown and go along with it because everyone else does. I enjoy ignoring everything that's blatant and obvious, I instead push that aside, the rules we're given before hand, the boundaries we're not supposed to cross, the labels given to someone based on what others have seen of them and what we're expected to take as gospel ... those things are, more often than not, a hindrance to actually discovering anything real. So, where some people may see a friend who makes them smile or a partner who gives them meaning, I see a sort of angel ... Where as most people never see it this way. I look at everything differently because I see things differently, I understand things differently, I take things differently and I process things differently. To most people, having a friend who can make them smile is a normal every day thing they take for granted and honestly, probably find that it has little to no affect on them in the long run. I however, see this completely differently since I've never had a friend. Perhaps it's because my depression and anxiety are such massive roles in my life that make every day things so tedious and agonizing that I can see a mere friend as an angel. Perhaps I'm just an utterly sad human being with nothing to hold unto so I see the smallest things as being god-sent ... Even still, my view on guardian angels is drastically different than most peoples, because I know what it's like to be alone. I personally see a friend who can make you smile as an angel because ... well, isn't that what they are?
  16. Do Not Mourn.

    @ItsSammy That's right, that's what guardian angels are supposed to be, but I don't believe in that stuff myself, odds are what I use as a guide. To me anything that happens which affects me is just.. nothing special, the course of history, coincidences that happen. The concept of having some protector sure is intriguing, and I'd sure like it to be true, but wanting it to be true doesn't necessarily make it so (>﹏<)
  17. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg In all honesty I'm one of the most cynical people alive ... I rarely have optimistic, cheerful, hopeful thoughts on anything and when I do, I tend to quickly find a way to convince myself other wise because I hate hoping too much. However, I have always thought that guardian angels can come in many different forms. Perhaps they are invisible to some, just a step back, watching and protecting from the shadows. Perhaps they're a friend, a family member, or a partner who gives you reason to keep living. Perhaps a guardian angel can come in the form of a pet, or a fictional character, something that most would think is ineffective and an odd choice of angel, but honestly, I think guardian angels can be just about anything.
  18. Do Not Mourn.

    Interesting view
  19. For You.

    @Roxeg Awe, thank you.
  20. Do Not Mourn.

    @Roxeg I often times equate angels with people who've saved someone since guardian angels, to me, come in many different forms ...
  21. Black Dawn of Ink

    Black Dawn of Ink Art captured in a sheet of paper cannot be translated by anyone, A drawing has an explicit meaning, and an implicit secret, Your very pencil tells a story never told for fun, A shape finds itself a name, in the depths of Egypt. Thoughts and imagination merge into a creation of beauty, As the sharp edge of the pen's blade leaves the bloody trail of void, Light replenishes and fills with colour and joy, Emotions were once more expressed instead of destroyed.
  22. Do Not Mourn.

    You often use Angels in your writing, do Angels have any specific meaning to you aside from the general idea of what Angels are and what they do?
  23. The truth (3 short poems)

    Very original (`-`)
  24. For You.

    Awesome as usual ヾ(^∇^)
  25. For You.

    Sometimes life is a struggle, sometimes living is a war Sometimes you get hurt worse than you bargained for ... Sometimes soldiers get injured, sometimes doctors need healing Sometimes wits and wisdom bow to feeling. In a game of deduction, mystery and skill I found out, my angel could kill ... In a game of love, emotions and fear I found out what I truly held dear. I had lived so long with no recognition Until, came along, my little physician And so quickly we connected, fire in the ignition Now I never leave him behind for a single mission. Into Hell I would go and walk right through 'Til death do us part and even then too, For I'd give my life for yours, if it was all I could do And I would die, in order to stay with you ... But you, my dearest, most trusted friend, always take me by the hand You're always so grounded and smart, in a way that's completely unplanned You're always there to walk with me, never flinching nor starting from what's at hand And now, holding you close, I know I'll love you forever even with no wedding band. You know how to save me, both physical and mental You teach me so much, always so grounded and gentle Unlike the others, you're neither ignorant or judgemental No, you're fundamental in my life ... even sentimental. I know, I know, I say sentiment is a disadvantage in this existence But I've become so attached to you and I can't stand even the slightest distance ... And although often times you feel I'm brilliant and genius, I really do need your assistance For I've gotten so used to your smile, your laugh, your little inputs and persistence. For you've broken down my walls and taught me things I never knew Even though you say I'm the genius, I still often learn things from you For wit and deduction are not everything, you've given me something new You've taught me to love, to feel, to stop hiding it away ... so that's just what I'll do! To Hell and back, right through the flames and fire 'Til death do us part and even after my love shall rise higher And I would die for you, only an instant of thought it would require For living without you would be worse than hellfire ...
  26. Do Not Mourn.

    Do not stand beside my grave, tears framing your eyes Those picture perfect blue diamonds that remind me of the skies Neither stand beside my grave, begging, pleading with cries But please, forget me not, forget me not, as away my life flies ... Do not turn away, returning to that dark place Neither stay here, yearning for another case But go on your way and forget the chase So you may find a smile upon your face. Forget me not, forget me not, but please don't hold too fast Forget me not, forget me not, but don't make your suffering last ... I may be gone, like your words in the air But your words were heard and heard with care So don't spend too long standing, crying there For I am here, listening close to your prayer. I once said I was not an angel, but I am on their side Since for your love and loyalty even the Heavens hath cried ... An angel, an angel, testament to my suicide An angel, an angel, in you I wish I could confide. For Heaven hath none better than you, I swear You were, are and will be my angel, however unaware For none in this world could ever truly compare No, not to my angel, my darling angel, now lost in despair. I wish I could go to you, tell you "I hate when you've cried, this had to be done and for you I have died. So wipe your tears and see I have tried, I'm sorry if you believed I never had lied ..." Go now, please, don't stand by my grave all alone I barely keep from crying knowing you're alone at my headstone ... I remember you standing there, vividly I see it, there you are at the curbstone Panic in your eyes as I jumped from the top, hurtling toward the unknown. Please, it kills me to know you're alone at home That home we shared, now so monochrome ... Your minds always a mess Constantly in distress Therapist progress But still trying to ignore the address ... I swear I didn't mean to hurt you as much as I've managed And I know, this can't be fixed with an apology or bandage For I've done too much and you're surely damaged ... But please, don't cry, don't waste away for me Deep down, in your heart, a spark of hope I see For you're a soldier, a warrior, meant to be free An angel, a doctor with so much more to be ... Don't give everything up just because of this endeavour Since this I really, truly, want you to remember forever You were the one who said I really could be that clever And doubt me? You? No, that you did never ... So, my dear angel, my saving grace Wipe those tears of your face And turn away from this place, For perhaps this isn't the final case ...
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