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For those who are literally obsessed with anime/manga.
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  2. Okay so hi everyone, I'm Vezea. basically Im just a lonely weeb who really wants people to talk to. 14 yrs old. you can just go check my carrd or some shit and decide if u wanna talk with me from that- yeah
  3. Danganronpa is great! it is really different from harem anime - like literally whenever you start to ship someone they ar killed! i loved it - the first season was the best - definatly should try out if you want a change in type of anime!
  4. There’s this one anime on AnimeBam called Kemurikusa I’m really into, but after paying close attention to the artwork, I realize it might just be a Japanese cartoon. Anyone here seen it? It’s so good! And even if it is a Japanese cartoon, I’ll still finish it. I just wanted to know, is it considered an anime? Cause some of the stuff on AnimeBam definitely isn’t anime.
  5. There are 2 anime I'd recommend. 2 anime that I really enjoyed and consider top tier, but are no where near as popular as they deserve to be. First, Shoukoku no Altair (or Altair: A Record of Battles). It's a solid story with a lot of clever strategy, comparable to Code Geass. The main character might come off like a Mary Sue but I find him quite compelling. The second is Bungo Stray Dogs. I see it as a very good mix of basic shounen and some seinin. Each season gets progressively better. There are some kick add fights, really sweet animation, it's very funny, has a really likable cast of characters, and has some good mystery sub plots and other interesting plot threads that would almost make you feel like you're watching Dark Knight or The Winter Soldier. .
  6. i will list some good ones radiant a certain magical index fairy tail konosuba when supernatural battles became commonplace black bullet
  7. Yona of the Dawn is pretty good. If you haven't watched the classics like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Big O, to name a few I would definitely recommend them.
  8. Yeah, information on what sorts of stuff you like is always useful. For now though we'll mention Baccano!, which is about a bunch of gangsters, thieves, monsters, immortals, and other stuff on a train in the 1930s shooting each other; Barakamon, which is a really warm comedy about a calligrapher who goes to live on a rural island; and Natsuyuki Rendezvous, which is a romance about a guy who can see the ghost of the (deceased) husband of the woman he's in love with.
  9. What have you seen before that you liked? I could make suggestions but I don't like wasting my time naming stuff you've already seen. Any genre you absolutely hate?
  10. So I've been having a hard time finding new good anime thats not mostly about harem and boobs?
  11. Tsurezure Children was an awesome series had a lot of twists as they say. Its not for the light heated.
  12. So yeah misunderstood the post by Reynard Fox. Anyway MAL'd it and still going to take a pass based on the synopsis and genre. Sorry, will have to take your word for it. But I will go ahead and give it because you liked it and I'll trust your judgement.
  13. Well never seen you before but welcome to AF. I mean if you like you’re welcome to chat with me too. Just put that out there.
  14. umm.. cant find you try to add me KimLee#2691
  15. Do you mean Tsurezure Children? That series was brilliant. We really recommend it @Oakmi, it was incredibly sweet and fun.
  16. Hi!! if you want to talk to me in discord, write me ur discord name, and we will talk! wanna talk on discord!??
  17. I have already seen monster, and I agree it is really good
  18. Don't think I've seen that title...but apparently from what your saying, probably a good thing I didn't. Thanks for the warning.

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