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I don't think there is already an art club, and since I don't have anywhere else to confidently share my drawings, I feel like there might be other people in the same boat. Please feel free to share your art and discuss whatever you'd like.
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  2. I am currently working on this Toyohisa on the wall of my bedroom. It is far from finished and I will post it again when I am done. I was planning to paint the corridor with all the several doors in the background. What do you think so far? :)
  3. XII360

    meow meow~

    mew~? pretty much my old artwork stuff mew~ pretty much where ill upload things now, figured having two gallery is meh, i aint touching the first gallery i made tho'!, so pretty much this is my old and new artwork stuff initially pure .png (no background) means its newly drawn (atleast not 3 years ago from whence i posted this ?!) just like my other album, ill leave a comment on each drawing about what its about or details about it ;o
  4. Who are your favorite artists and who or what gives you inspiration? All are welcome! Even those that aren't artists themselves or don't have any sort of artistic pursuits but still admire art and artists. Does art ever influence any other aspect or activity of your life? Perhaps artists themselves, that inspire through their opinions or approach on life and various topics or beliefs? For me, Vincent van Gogh has been an endless source of motivation and interest. Thores Shibamoto had the biggest influence and ended up helping me find my own style alongside art school. More recently Junji
  5. I can't see why not I'm barely active as well. Ahh, same, art school and color wheels and countless hours trying to get the pigments *just right* Also, agree with the realization that black isn't *just* black. Especially when doing things with watercolor. I felt the same with painting skin tones too....using blues really threw me for a loop in the beginning. hahaha It is interesting how it can take so many years to get to know things about your partner. I knew a guy who was color blind, and knew only because I tried playing snooker with him and a group of friends wa
  6. I hope it was okay for me to join the club (I haven't been around the forums much...just been swamped with work X'D) I really enjoyed reading both of your comments on this. I recall when I was taking art classes, how we were given instructions on how to *kinda* mix purple/violet. I think magenta and cyan would make maybe a close to "pure" purple in pigments. Kinda. But it's a lot more nuanced, like you've pointed out. My partner is red/green color blind (there are a couple different types of color blind.) Because he can't see red, when he's looking at stuff we have around the ho
  7. I wonder why you decided to make violet. It really is a pretty color and the psychology behind the color is rather interesting. I might be a bit biased though, I used to love reds. Violet is a bit more on the blue side but became my favorite color and is a lot more relaxed in comparison.. Anyways, hopefully you will figure out how to mix the colors properly. But, you shouldn't hold out on a perfect blend, the best combinations don't have an exact science and come from trial and error. Their sketch book probably had some pretty ugly blotches in it. I know mine does when it comes to paint sw
  8. I haven't thought or written about colors in years, so this might be quite clumsy. I'll put it into a spoiler though since it is long and not sure if it actually makes sense to people or has a point really. Not sure if the art club is the right place even. More some thoughts about colors and an experience.
  9. XII360


    as you return home, you find that Mimi is no where to be found you call out for mimi, but there was only mere silence you then begin to look in every nook and cranny of the house, but fail to find her you then decided to check the library, in which you told her not to enter due to problem's in the light in the area you then find her laying there, staring at books in the dark .... Mimi: ...! ah, <PC>-kun... as she notices you, she stands up and turn's around... Mimi: welcome home~ you then ask her what she's doing here Mimi: oh noth
  10. I try drawing anime girl......is interesting too how about you????
  11. Quite witty I can respect that, and very good drawing by the way.
  12. I use digital .. is very simple to editing and coloring

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