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I don't think there is already an art club, and since I don't have anywhere else to confidently share my drawings, I feel like there might be other people in the same boat. Please feel free to share your art and discuss whatever you'd like.

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  2. Anime loveer

    My pictures

    pictures i drew
  3. From the album: My pictures

  4. From the album: My pictures

  5. From the album: My pictures

  6. Nyxnine

    Junko Enoshima

    thank you!!
  7. IIVIsouljam

    Junko Enoshima

    Lovely, wonderful work!
  8. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  9. From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    It's an old sketch I did of Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  10. IIVIsouljam


    From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    Mix of charcoal pencil and mechanical pencil.
  11. Nyxnine


    Sketch of my friend in Totoro outfit Copics/Ink
  12. Nyxnine


    Pixel Art Paint Program
  13. Nyxnine


    Darkstalkers - this sketch is very old (2016) Copics/Pencil/Ink
  14. Nyxnine


    Chobits <3 - This sketch is very old (2016) Pencil/Copics/Ink
  15. Nyxnine

    Sailor Moon

    Fan Art Copics/Pencil/Edited on Meitu (phone app)
  16. Nyxnine

    Junko Enoshima

    Pencil/Ink/Copics Just a quick sketch of a cosplayer.
  17. I love drawing physically and then making edits on the computer. HOWEVER, I used my friends ipad pro and I must say....I really want one. Its so natural. He uses procreate. I hope to get the same natural fluidity I have drawing by hand someday replicated on my tablet. Currently I use a Huion tablet with Krita. I would love to draw/see on screen though its still to unnatural for me. I feel more creative with a pencil and paper - like reading a physical book over an ebook.
  18. © MercyPiercings/WhenDevaCries

  19. © MercyPiercings/WhenDevaCries

  20. © MercyPiercings/WhenDevaCries

  21. © MercyPiercings/WhenDevaCries

  22. From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    Doing some animation work for my channel.
  23. IIVIsouljam


    From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    Been working on a red dress. Not sure if I want to make it a sheath or a mermaid, also doing a two-tone capelet that I just started. Should be fun!
  24. IIVIsouljam


    From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    Turned my friend's denim overalls into a mess. I had no idea what to do with my extra Genius Cat fabric, sooo. Now she can use them to get dirty in the garden and not throw these away from the massive holes she got in them.
  25. IIVIsouljam


    From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    I was coming home from an errand out of town and had to pull over on the side of the road because it started raining too hard. Then I just decided to use my travel paints for some costume work I'm designing. Really love this mini palette! Paints: Watercolors by MIYA Brush: Master's Touch (Round) #2 brush.

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