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I don't think there is already an art club, and since I don't have anywhere else to confidently share my drawings, I feel like there might be other people in the same boat. Please feel free to share your art and discuss whatever you'd like.

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  2. i like the artstyle, and the way you drew it, im jelous and wish to learn how you draw like this overall, 10/10 i rate
  3. Paiwii

    Paiwii Art ⊂((・▽・))⊃

    Gonna update constantly! PS: Changed my name from Paiwie to Paiwii
  4. XII360

    demon king.png

    drew this at around october 7-ish (or so checking properties says so), and was suppose to post this once i finish it, (which i still have yet to finish, but since i feel i wont be able to finish it anytime soon, id rather just post it now <.>) so yea, pretty much an "demon lord" of sorts, name is unknown for now (couse i clearly didnt think of one), and as stated above, pretty much incomplete state lacking shadows, and proper weapon drawing (incase you haven't noticed, i was designing a weapon, that could be hidden/easily taken out, but clearly couldn't think of one, and i so haven't touched this in a while...sooooo >.>) but yea, i babbled long enough, TLDR: EVIL LORD-KUN IZ HEREEEEE
  5. XII360

    demon king.png

    From the album: meow meow~

    © xii360

  6. XII360

    meow meow~

    mew~? pretty much my old artwork stuff mew~ pretty much where ill upload things now, figured having two gallery is meh, i aint touching the first gallery i made tho'!, so pretty much this is my old and new artwork stuff initially pure .png (no background) means its newly drawn (atleast not 3 years ago from whence i posted this ?!) just like my other album, ill leave a comment on each drawing about what its about or details about it ;o
  7. XII360


    my (original) artwork of Kiyohime Lancer, AKA; KYUTIHIME~ but with a twist -- which is halloween-ed spirit added to her mainly drew for a contest on AF, and got 4th place on, but i had fun drawing kyutihime~ (i even feel like making this my phones wallpaper, tbh >.>) was fun to draw this, like really fun, kyutihime, is best hime~!~!~!~!!!
  8. XII360


    From the album: meow meow~

    © XII360

  9. For me I like both for different reasons. I think digital is easier as I am one of those that mastered drawing with a mouse early on. Though it is also easier to edit quickly on the computer vs on paper. Though drawing on paper allows for a finer degree of control as long as you have a steady hand.
  10. KeilynLocke

    Keilyn's Folio

    Some drawings I've done over the years. Sorry for the quality of some of the images; large bed scanners are crazy in the details they pick up.
  11. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    The preferred form of a shape shifting Character
  12. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    The humanoid form of a Shape shifting character.
  13. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Another mount from the game concept art bible
  14. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    The character turn around for the concept art bible
  15. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Game concept character plus mount design
  16. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    random side ponytail character portrait
  17. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A self portrait for an assignment pre-transition.
  18. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Self portrait transformation assignment.
  19. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A muscle identification assignment from one of my drawing courses
  20. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A female character for an RP from a dead forum.
  21. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A steampunk game concept character design
  22. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Just a random male portrait
  23. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Villain Character for a Game concept
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