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I don't think there is already an art club, and since I don't have anywhere else to confidently share my drawings, I feel like there might be other people in the same boat. Please feel free to share your art and discuss whatever you'd like.
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  2. Well, I like both. I prefer digital. but its easy for me to draw out some things on paper, then put it in an app and finish n stuff. I draw with my finger so- :,)
  3. i prefer to draw physically or digitally but since i don't have my own tablet for drawing i more used to drawing physically on paper more ^w^ example of one of my good drawings on paper to show:
  4. i personally use clipstudiopaint for drawing my arts, wacom should have it's own software/driver when you use it though, probably, not sure, dont really use wacom o_o
  5. thanks for the hair tip. i personally use a wacom (not sure what model) and it works pretty well but the software is pretty garbage so i cant really get stuff to work right. is there a good software to use that isnt trash?
  6. the template (above image) [by template, i mean the + on her face, not the eyes/nose, drawing eyes/nose is just a preference i like doing before hair, the + can also be a huge guide for eyes, soo >.>...] and yea, using the + template just use it as a distance on how long (height-wise) you can draw hair, for width wise, just make sure its within her shoulders, could go a bit beyond shoulders, but shouldn't go toooo far from the shoulders and then yea, fix it and you will get nice hair? i just drew this quickly, still on the legs of the drawing tbh, and thats harder x_x im using XP-pen, its really old (like 2015? model i think, not sure, its pretty extinct now) which costed me 5k Php (more less around 100$) This is the tablet btw, excuse the mess on my table, im too lazy to clean it all up ~.~
  7. thanks for the tip, ill try it out when i get the chance. Also, do you use to draw? im thinking about buying a drawing tablet but im not sure what kind as for right now im just using a mouse
  8. personally, the way i draw hair is via just drawing a template few strokes/simple ones at first and then once you have a hair-shaped line, add a few details and voila it's kinda tricky? at start, but then you start to get used to the strokes, and can draw them simply ill post an example of how i draw hair, (on-going atm, will edit as i go) the template i mean hair on going
  9. ive watched so much anime and read so much manga trying to figure out how to draw hair but i just cant get it right, its either to big, to small, or just doesn't look like hair at all. I was hoping someone could point my in any direction to get better
  10. I can't see why not I'm barely active as well. Ahh, same, art school and color wheels and countless hours trying to get the pigments *just right* Also, agree with the realization that black isn't *just* black. Especially when doing things with watercolor. I felt the same with painting skin tones too....using blues really threw me for a loop in the beginning. hahaha It is interesting how it can take so many years to get to know things about your partner. I knew a guy who was color blind, and knew only because I tried playing snooker with him and a group of friends way back in the day. He couldn't tell which balls to hit and had to ask. I wouldn't have known otherwise. ALSO, that is awesome about the colorblind specs. I used to work in Optical and was asked about them but the only supplier I had known about was a city away. I like watching those videos on youtube, like reveal videos, where a spouse gets a set for their husband. (Higher rates of colorblindness in men). It is sweet that you were able to do this for him and witness that reaction first hand. Definitely a moment to cherish. I agree though, I do think people take advantage of how well they can see the color spectrum. Kind of reminds me of that gold or pink dress meme.
  11. I hope it was okay for me to join the club (I haven't been around the forums much...just been swamped with work X'D) I really enjoyed reading both of your comments on this. I recall when I was taking art classes, how we were given instructions on how to *kinda* mix purple/violet. I think magenta and cyan would make maybe a close to "pure" purple in pigments. Kinda. But it's a lot more nuanced, like you've pointed out. My partner is red/green color blind (there are a couple different types of color blind.) Because he can't see red, when he's looking at stuff we have around the house that is purple, he always calls it blue XD A couple years back, I finally saved up enough to buy him pair of color blind glasses. He had gone 35 years never seeing green, red, orange, or purple (or any of the mixes.) When he first put them on, I recorded the experience. I brought tears to both of our eyes. It was interesting, because of course he had just adjusted his life to work around colors (or always asked someone for opinions on what a color was.) It was so cool for him to have a close experience to seeing those colors :3 Something that I've always taken for granted. There are online color blind tests you can take that can *kinda* help someone tell if they are colorblind. I took one, as did my fiancee. It was interesting. Funny thing is, he and I went to school together (like, US 5th grade through high school.) We've known each other for most of our lives, but I never knew until about 4 years ago that he was color blind XD I just thought he liked to wear a lot of black (which he does.) _________________________ Talking about mixing colors, also reminds me of how we were taught to mix warm blacks vs. cool blacks, and how you could get a richer color by doing it yourself, as opposed to buying a tube of black paint. It was interesting to learn how to mix colors. I don't use it often, though, so I have to look it up from time to time when the spirit moves me to make traditional art XD (like painting or using inks.)
  12. I wonder why you decided to make violet. It really is a pretty color and the psychology behind the color is rather interesting. I might be a bit biased though, I used to love reds. Violet is a bit more on the blue side but became my favorite color and is a lot more relaxed in comparison.. Anyways, hopefully you will figure out how to mix the colors properly. But, you shouldn't hold out on a perfect blend, the best combinations don't have an exact science and come from trial and error. Their sketch book probably had some pretty ugly blotches in it. I know mine does when it comes to paint swatches. I think people often look for an easier way to get to the same thing, but you're right in acknowledging the journey in the process while getting to the final piece. I think a lot of artists need to step back and stop over analyzing their work or they fall into an issue of overworking projects, such as in painting, muddying colors by accident because they just keep trying to fix something that is good enough as it is. It really is hard when timing is off. It sounds like you wanted to learn a lot more about this person. At least you know where the shop is. I think stumbling through a persons sketch book if it wasn't out in the open to be reviewed would be wrong. It sounds like this one was open for feedback though. It is interesting to see how people change and view themselves over the years and why this is important to them. I have something similar that I look at when I am feeling down or confused, it is like a home away from home to me. It is almost a reminder to the things I wanted to change, what wasn't changed, what had changed. Some of the entries are very short, some had been erased, and some I wish I could erase but think they are better reminders even if they bother me. Most of the entries are quotes for when I am depressed. Maybe the artist left them out because like you said, they are lonely, and are hoping someone will catch that or maybe they just didn't think anyone cared enough to look. If you really are curious about something you should inquire. However, you shouldn't dwell on it for to long or it can run imaginations wild...I don't know though, if their new note worried you, maybe you should ask, especially if you have concerns that something else might be wrong. By adding your presence into someone's life though....I don't think you taint their life, you can't color theory yourself in there lol, you might shake up how they go about mixing is all I think though, with a lot of people right now, especially because of how covid impacted a lot of us, are feeling lonely. Connecting with others helps this a lot, caring for others, reaching out to people....are all very important ways to deal with loneliness. Maybe reaching out and being friends with them is a good idea. Anyways, it sounds like you do need more blue though. Maybe you will see the shop owner again, or, maybe someone else will be working.Hard to say how this would impact your views on the shop. At least you can always go back and try catching up with them again. Anyways, I'd be curious if you were colorblind. Sounds more like difficulties seeing shade variations though. It's nice having such a large community of people to talk to on here though no? So don't get to lonely yourself.
  13. I haven't thought or written about colors in years, so this might be quite clumsy. I'll put it into a spoiler though since it is long and not sure if it actually makes sense to people or has a point really. Not sure if the art club is the right place even. More some thoughts about colors and an experience.
  14. I try drawing anime girl......is interesting too how about you????
  15. Quite witty I can respect that, and very good drawing by the way.
  16. I use digital .. is very simple to editing and coloring
  17. I prefer traditional because it feels more chill, will drawing digital feels more like work. ( I also feel more pressure to draw something "good" when i do it digitally. )
  18. I prefer traditional art because I haven't tried digital
  19. I love drawing physically and then making edits on the computer. HOWEVER, I used my friends ipad pro and I must say....I really want one. Its so natural. He uses procreate. I hope to get the same natural fluidity I have drawing by hand someday replicated on my tablet. Currently I use a Huion tablet with Krita. I would love to draw/see on screen though its still to unnatural for me. I feel more creative with a pencil and paper - like reading a physical book over an ebook.
  20. I never thought about materials being a barrier to art, but when you put it that way... yea! It makes sense why not use digital medium in a way to save on costs and be more convenient

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